6/1 Colorful & Fruity Action Debrief

Warm greetings farmrades,

Last Saturday, in the latest escalation against Sprouts “Farmers” Market, OTF activists sprung direct actions on two more stores, likely leaving the management dazed. (Oh, and remember the awkward-looking grape costume slash jubilant bulldozer duo from the last action? Don’t get too excited, but they were there too.) Read on to see how it went!


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Action Debrief: Whack-A-Mole, “Sprouts v. Occupy the Farm” Style? You Decide

Guerrilla theatre: someone has to do it!

Last Saturday, May 30th, 2015, farmers and neighbors of the historic Gill Tract turned out to creatively disrupt business-as-usual at two Sprouts supermarkets. Their message to this corporate supermarket chain? “Don’t build a Sprouts ‘Farmer’s Market’ on our historic Gill Tract Farmland!”

Protesters descended on the Fremont Sprouts store at around 2:30 pm. After entering the store as undercover shoppers, they began chanting loudly in unison, triggering the management to call the police. In a one-two punch, which from the perspective of Sprouts management teams might be seen as a game of whack-a-mole, the protesters then trotted off (or burrowed?) to Mountain View Sprouts to up the ante with a rally, where their ranks grew.

In addition to this sonic disruption, amplified by the Brass Liberation Orchestra, protesters distributed leaflets throughout the stores, engaging shoppers and workers in dialogue about the struggle to save the Gill Tract (public farmland) from corporate annihilation. Fortunately, no arrests were made at these actions.

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