5/21 UC Regents: Produce not Privatization! 5/23 March Against Monsanto, and more

Esteemed farmrades,

Loads of gratitude to all who showed up at the potluck! We shared candid reflections of the Permaculture Action Weekend, and prepared ourselves to carry out yet another successful direct action at Sprouts Walnut Creek last week.

Many thanks also to Eddie Risse for producing this video on the farm-stand direct action. The video gives a deeper interview with an OTF organizer about the Environmental Health impacts of the development, and shares the perspective of Eduardo Martinez, newly-elected Richmond City Councilmember.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the hella important Regents Meeting this week!

*** UC Regents: We want Produce not Privatization! ***

Thursday, May 21st at 8am
UCSF Mission Bay Campus Conference Center, San Francisco

Join us this Thursday to tell UC President Napolitano and the UC Regents: Don’t pave, pollute and privatize our public land! We want produce, not privatization!

Carpools will be gathering at MacArthur BART at 6:15am. Screening and entrance typically begins at 8am. If you would like to give public comment, please email Vanessa Raditz at vraditz@gmail.com who will help you get on the list with UCOP.

UC Regents Capitalize on Environmental Injustice Despite Statewide Efforts

The UC Regents are mismanaging public resources on a wide-spread level, far beyond just tuition hikes. This privatization is endangering the health of CA students, workers, and communities.
For 20 years, students and community members have been calling on the UC to stop its plans to pave and privatize the Gill Tract Farm. This undemocratic decision by the UC Regents capitalizes on environmental injustices, sacrifices the health of vulnerable communities, and opposes the State of California’s policies and interests. If the UC refuses to halt the development of the Gill Tract, Occupy the Farm is calling on a broad coalition of supporters to pass SCA 1, which will give legislative control over the UC Regents so that they no longer have sole authority over such community decisions.

*** March Against Monsanto: REAL Food for All! ***

Join us as we March Against Monsanto!

Saturday, May 23rd
11:30 – Meet Up & Welcome at Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza
12:00 – March begins
1:00 – Reassemble at Lake Merritt Lakeside Park (Pergola) located at 550 El Embarcadero Oakland, CA 94610 for RALLY!


Occupy the Farm will be speaking at the rally following the March! Please join in the groundswell of people rising in defense of unadulterated seeds, protection of biodiversity, responsible stewardship of the soil, ethical practices, a toxin-free food system and the sustainable future we all want.

Homemade signs, costumes and strollers all encouraged. This will be a family-friendly peaceful protest.


Boycott Sprouts actions pop up in Austin, TX!

A team of food justice supporters hit up two different Sprouts retailers, labeling their products with #BoycottSprouts stickers that told people about Sprouts’s plans to pave urban farmland and directed folks to our website. Call your friends across California and the Southwest to encourage them to start up their own stealthy, powerful protests as well!

*      *      *

Bait-and-Switch Fools Sprouts, Wasting Time & Money

In the latest action targeting Sprouts (the so-called) Farmers Market last week, Occupy the Farm activists pulled off a bait-and-switch tactic, fooling the company into thinking we were targeting their Daly City store when instead we had shown up at the Walnut Creek location undercover. Down at Daly City, there were 17 cops and 10 Sprouts managers from across the area, wasting them them thousands of dollars of personnel time. Meanwhile, in Walnut Creek, we held a shop-in, mic checks, a rally outside, costumes and theatrical productions of environmental destruction! It was a good night had by all, and definitely one that will make it back up to Sprouts headquarters.


– Sprouts Action coming up! Clear your calendar for May 30th!


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