Boycott Sprouts!


In response to community outcry in 2012, Whole Foods pulled out of the Gill Tract development project and instead built in an empty building 2 blocks away.  The UC is trying replacing them with a new anchor tenant: Sprout’s “Farmers Market”.  Sprouts calls itself a farmer’s market, but is actually a union-busting, big box chain store that ships in produce from all over the globe.  If a market is to be built at the Gill Tract, we want a real farmer’s market that is builds toward a more resilient local economy.

Help us put pressure on Sprouts to pull out from the Gill Tract! Join us in letting them know that we see through their greenwashing and demand better.

1) Join us in putting pressure on Sprouts to pull out from the Gill Tract! Come out to the #GillTractDefense Rally and Press Conference with Occupy the Farm

March 14th at 1pm.
Sprouts “Farmer’s Market”
1530 Geary Rd
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

2) Call and Email Ted FrumkinSprouts’ Senior Vice President of Business Development

Tell him: “DON’T BUILD YOUR NEW STORE ON THE GILL TRACT!”  Make sure they know that if they continue with their plans to pave over public farmland you will not shop at any of their stores, or invest in their stock, and will encourage others to join you in the boycott.

For more decision-makers to write to at Sprouts and more information about the campaign, please see:!contact/c1z0x

3) Join our social media campaign. Take a photo of yourself with your definition of a farmer’s market, and tweet it to @sproutsfm Don’t pave over the Gill Tract for your greenwashed, union-busting supermarket! #BoycottSprouts #GillTractDefense #OccupyTheFarm

At Eco Farm, we asked real farmer’s to define what a farmer’s market means to them. Please write your own and share them on social media.
Jose and Maria Cardenas, farmers, Ceres, CA
Joy Moore, farmer and educator, Berkeley, CA
Hyson Epstein, Farmer, Pacific Grove, CA