#BoycottSprouts Stores to Save the Gill Tract Farm

Protest Sprouts Stores With Us or Where You Live to Save the Gill Tract Farm. Please visit www.boycottsprouts.com and share this post by email, facebook, and whatever means you have.

Yesterday, March 14, 2015, over 150 people held a protest outside Sprouts Farmers Market in Walnut Creek to save the 20 acre Gill Tract Farm. The national grocery store chain intends to pave over a historic piece of farmland in Albany, CA, just north of Berkeley and Oakland, to build a supermarket that is not truly a farmers’ market. With continuous actions to disrupt Sprouts stores throughout the country, of which there are hundreds, we can get Sprouts to drop the contract with the University of California at Berkeley and preserve the Gill Tract farmland to create a community center for regenerative agriculture, education, and local, organic food production.

We need people to organize protests, boycotts, shop-ins, creative disruptions and direct actions at Sprouts Farmers Market locations across the United States to pressure the company to not develop the land.

After the 2012 Occupy The Farm action, Whole Foods dropped the contract they held to build a grocery store on the land, under community pressure that said, “We need this farmland for farming.”

Occupy the Farm trailer:


We need people-powered agricultural innovation, and we need it fast.

NASA’s senior water scientist was just published in Newsweek –http://www.newsweek.com/nasa-california-has-one-year-water-… – saying that California, which produces much of the food for the entire country, and much of the food for the world, has one year of water left within the context of the current drought and our current agricultural and industrial water-use practices. The Gill Tract Community Farm, which is home to three creeks, has the potential to a be a 20-acre research and educational farm to demonstrate the regenerative food growing techniques and strategies that can bring us into a healthy future where people eat well, water cycles are replenished, and soil and ecology is improved.

The same water scientist said that, “Today, not tomorrow, is the time to begin.” There is no time to allow for the current corporate and government structures to run their course. We need grassroots, people-powered, direct action now to create the future we want to live in. Join us in preserving this land and pioneering a center for regenerative food production, permaculture, and agro-ecology. It is through these methods that we can catch and store rainwater in the land, build topsoil, and produce an abundance of local, organic, healthy food for everyone.

This is an invitation to take action where you live. Look here –https://www.sprouts.com/stores/search – to find a store closest to you. Call your friends, co-workers, and extended network. Organize a protest. Hand out flyers calling for a boycott of Sprouts Farmers Market, found here –http://www.boycottsprouts.com/#!resources/cnsl – for printing. If you’re daring, organize a shop-in, disruption, or take other creative action to let Sprouts know we can’t let them develop this land. Here’s how we organized yesterday’s protest – http://www.boycottsprouts.com/… – and how you can organize one at your local Sprouts. Mimic this model, pull bits and pieces, or come up with your own. Every action, and every person, makes a huge difference.

Watch the video of yesterday’s protest here –

Through our collective action to stop the damage being done to our communities and the earth, we open the door to create the alternatives we want to see. Be a part of it.

Contact OccupyFarm@gmail.com for guidance in how to organize a protest where you live, or to get involved locally.

Thank you,
Concerned Gill Tract Farmers