Developers have broken ground at the Gill Tract, the fight continues…

The southernmost parcel of the Gill Tract (south of Monroe Street) has been fenced off, and trenching and surveying has begun, in preparation for it to be bulldozed and paved for the high-end senior housing complex.  The shopping center site will surely be next.

Tenacious folks have been mobilizing around this terrible news, captured in this video titled “We’re Still Fighting!”.  In it, a group takes action to disrupt the development, and local elders explain why an over-priced senior housing project is the WRONG solution—both for seniors and for some of the last remaining farmland in the East Bay.

The struggle is far from over, and we applaud direct action to resist this latest attack on the land! Fill out this short survey to plug into our organizing from wherever you are, and…

Join us for upcoming actions!:

  1. Sprouts Supermarket Now In Our Own Backyards

We oppose Sprouts not only because they are the anchor tenant of the shopping center that threatens to pave the historic Gill Tract, but also because their greenwashing undermines *real* farmer’s markets and locally owned groceries.  Sprouts opened a new store last week in downtown Oakland, and we are UNwelcoming their arrival with repeated actions almost everyday.

Sprouts management has been sweating, and called out twenty Oakland Police officers last week to remove us, only to be informed that the constitution is on our side,  and we can’t be stopped from protesting on Sprout’s grounds. Help us keep up the pressure and inform neighbors about the boycott.  Ongoing dates and times will be announced on our FB event page.  The next one is: Wednesday Jan. 20th, 2-5:30pm, 3035 Broadway, Oakland

  1. THIS WEEKEND, January 23rd & 24th : Building with local communities through PeopleSkool, Music, and A Walk on the Gill Tract Sacred Land.

Saturday and Sunday in Oakland:  We invite you to join other OTF organizers and supporters in attending the inspiring two-day PeopleSkool, offered by POOR Magazine and Homefulness in East Oakland.  Through deepening our relationships and understanding of colonization and gentrification, we hope to build power together with POOR communities, especially around land liberation.

From PeopleSkool event page:  We Teach thru verse, prayer, talk-story, theatre, poetry and love.  As poor & indigenous peoples practicing what we call poverty skolaship/lived education taught, shared outside the institution we teach through the mulitple actions of poetry, verse, song,talk-story,theatre and prayer, all rooted in our own real life experiences.

Sliding scale & flexible tuition with proceeds supporting the important work at POOR.  Please register online and help us by sharing and inviting friends on facebook.

Sunday 3-5pm at the Gill Tract, San Pablo + Marin Ave, Albany:  Whether you’re able to attend PeopleSkool or not, join us for the culminating event, on the Gill Tract with music by RedStar and a walk, ceremony, and prayer on sacred land, lead by the Indigenous Land Access Committee. More info at

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Other Ways to Support:

  • Fill out this short survey to plug into the action and other support from wherever you are!  (We are especially in need of more videographers.)
  • Invite folks to watch the documentary, now available online.
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