Farm Spring/Sprung!


Party and Concert for Occupy The Farm

@3090 King St, Berkeley CA

Roll on in to celebrate the good word: One year later, Occupy the Farm is still planting and plotting!

Come ready to shake it, and enjoy curiosities of the beverage and delectable variety. You may even catch news on spring strategies if you’re lucky, as the fight for farmland across the Bay Area evolves.


VOYAJ kicks us off in the garden from 8:00-8:20: Hyper-colored textures and bass you can feel visually manifesting as a triple serpentine (or angular) synthetic mandala that tells a worthwhile story coupled with nonchalant vocals that play with your brain waves like a dark jester.

Upside Drown (8:30-8:50pm): rocks in a sublimely whimsical way, altering the mood in a room with vocal harmonies, lilting electric guitar and sparse yet charismatic percussion blend. Their voices evoke a West Coast lo-fi aesthetic~ seeped in the haunted, wet forests of the Pacific Northwest and deconstructed by the dingy whimsy of Oakland punkery

SHAKE YOUR PEACE! (9:45-10:30pm): A San Francisco-based band playing a celebratory and political style of music called Whup – combining stylistic elements of bluegrass, Afro-Latin, gospel, and folk-rock.

Future Twin (9:00-9:30) self-describes as sonic anthropologists, taking inspiration from brian eno, ganglians, animals and men, the atler set, royal baths, grass widow, dead eyes. Founded in october 2010 in san francisco, Future Twin was brought together by the all girl moped gang the Lockits.

Michael Zeligs (10:45-11:15pm) will close us out as only he can: a live performance as a way of activating communities of people to sing together, helping us all learn to stand in our voice. The genre is a kind of “new american kirtan”, and his studio songs are constructed using looping textures to enable big choruses of people to be joined in song.


poster by fema