Farmers Occupy Proposed Development Site with Homegrown Farm Stand

Albany, CA—Following Saturday night’s occupation of the Gill Tract’s south side, a piece of urban farmland slated to become a chain supermarket, celebrations continue today on both sides of the farm. On Saturday 4/25 over 400 people joined the Permaculture Action Day hosted by the UC Gill Tract Community Farm. Bay area residents and UC students from across the state participated in an exciting day of farming, workshops and music.

Shortly before 5pm, Occupy the Farm, joined by community farmers, students and the East Bay permaculture community, marched down San Pablo Ave to the south side of the Gill Tract. Together, the crowd, in an act of civil disobedience, built a farm stand on the site of the proposed union-busting corporate supermarket, Sprouts “Farmers Market.” The private development would pave over 5-6 acres of the historic Gill Tract Farm.

Music, performances, storytelling, and an outdoor screening of INHABIT lasted into the night, as farmers and neighbors pitched tents to occupy the threatened land.

The celebrations continue Sunday 4/26.  From 10-2, the South Side Farmers Market is hosting local queer farmers and farmers of color, a local soup maker, as well as workshops and music throughout the day.

Meanwhile, on the north side, the UC Gill Tract community farm is celebrating the community farm’s one-year birthday party. Highlights include planting in the children’s garden, otherwise known as the Ladybug Peace and Justice Patch.

Finally, UC Berkeley’s Students for Engaged and Active Learning (SEAL) has called for an Inter-UC gathering at 1:30pm, including a panel on scholar-activism.

Join us for the second day of celebration of land, labor, life, and learning!

Join us for our REAL farmers market!

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