UC Cuts Down 60 Trees at the Gill Tract

This morning, 60 trees were cut down on the southern acreage of the Gill Tract.

The UC’s move to begin clearing the way for their proposed housing and shopping complex came as a shock to farmers and neighbors, as there is an active lawsuit on appeal in the county courts, contesting the development’s detrimental environmental impact.

Knowing the community would mobilize to defend the trees, the UC hired a huge demolition team, cutting down the trees with lightening speed. The last trees were in the process of being destroyed at 9am, as farm supporters arrived.

In response, students and community rallied outside the office of Capital Projects, the department in charge of property development, and we will be at the land tonight to hold space for grieving the loss of the historic arboretum, and discussing next steps.


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Gill Tract Farmers

Gill Tract Trees Cut Down