Week of Success!

Dear Farmrades,

Thank you for all of your support over the past month. From our first Boycott Sprouts action at Walnut Creek at the beginning of March, to the third (and fourth!) ones yesterday, this month has been packed to the gills with success stories and community mobilizations of support. There are still more big days coming up right around the corner- thank you for sticking with us for this ride!

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* WEDNESDAY 4/15: HOP ON THE BUS! #Fightfor15 and #BoycottSprouts

On April 15th, urban farmers from the UC Gill Tract Community Farm, Occupy the Farm, other food and climate justice communities, and fast food workers joined together to challenge industrial agriculture and fast food corporations, build worker power, and fight for complete transformation of the food system.

FIRST STOP: 8am, Fight for Fifteen action at McDonalds in Oakland

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.41.36 AM

Fast Food workers, farmers, and UC students took action at a local McDonalds at 8am, in conjunction with Fight for Fifteen actions happening all across the country, to demand $15/hour and a union. Using creative street theater disruptions, speakers, a banner drop, and pickets, organizers shut down the corporate fast food outlet and supported workers walking out on strike.  At the drive-through shut down, we distributed free burritos made with veggies from the UC Gill Tract Community Farm.


12pm, Sprouts “Farmer’s Market” Grand Opening in San Rafael

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.39.04 AM

After morning actions, fast food workers hopped on the bus with us for the Boycott Sprouts action at the grand opening of a Sprouts “Farmers Market” in San Rafael to protest the greenwashing, union-busting corporate supermarket’s plans to pave the historic Gill Tract Farm. Sprouts is known for their low pay, labor violations and union-busting –these workers also deserve $15/hour and a union. The action included pickets, speakers, and music.

Check out more amazing photos from Peter Menchini and Kelly Johnson Revolutionary Photography!

During our jubilant ‪#‎boycottsprouts action, we caught wind of another protest against a Sprouts development, happening that same day out in a small town in Napa. Some OTF organizers headed out to the agricultural community, where local community members are also protesting a local school selling off their land to a Sprouts development.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 7.32.16 AM

Check out their website and sign their petition.

Here’s an example comment you could leave along with your signature on the petition: “I stand with the Napa community as an ally from the Boycott Sprouts campaign (www.BoycottSprouts.com). Sprouts is a big-box, commercial supermarket that calls itself a “Farmers Market” while paving over our historic farmland at the Gill Tract. I stand with all communities across the country who are protesting against this environmentally-devastating Sprouts chain, and undemocratic development projects.”


Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.35.33 PM
A Chance for Justice for the Gill Tract Farm

“Civil rights lawyer Dan Siegel, representing the community, argued that the point of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is to guarantee the public the right to information on the environmental impacts of development projects. He argued that the EIR’s failure to provide data on alternatives impinged on Albany citizens rights, prohibiting them from advocating for a project with less environmental and health impacts.”



Join us at the Gill Tract Community Farm as we recognize the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day with a two day celebration of farming, workshops, music, and fun in the spirit of the 45 year history of the Gill Tract Farm.


April 25 – Permaculture Action Day!

The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo and the Permaculture Action Tour return to the Gill Tract!

10am: Opening Ceremony and Morning Movement
11am: Sheet Mulching and Building A Resilient Food Ecosystem
12:30: Local Lunch & Music by Cello Joe
2: Creating a Just Transition: 
Featuring Art Ludwig, Dr. Gail Myers, Penny Livingston, Kirtrina Baxter, moderated by Gopal Dayaneni
3:30: Aztec Dancers: Calpulli Huey Papalotl
4: Music and Dancing with Splendor
5: Special Guest & Closing

All day: Sheet Mulching, Workshops on Energy Justice and Community Power, Edible Commons, Drought Land Permaculture, Caring for Potted Fruit Trees, Vocal Improv, and Solar Cooking!


April 26: Birthday Party for the Gill Tract Community Farm Project

10am: Decolonizing Yoga Workshop and Morning Movement
11am: Storytelling with Farm Elders: Gill Tract Oral Histories
12: Lunch and Speakers from Soil Not Oil Coalition
1:30: Gathering of UC Student Gardeners
3: Panel with Scholar-Activists
5: Closing Ceremony: Visioning the year ahead

All day: Farm Tours, Donation Farm Stand with produce from local Queer Farmers of Color (10-2) and the Community Farm (3-5), Planting Summer Crops in the Community Farm, Kid’s planting in the Ladybug Peace & Justice Patch


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