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About us

Bill Allen

Occupythefarm was formed with the intention of spreading information about sustainable gardening and farming. While lack of information is one type of problem, over information is a bigger problem. To overcome the problem of over information, our team researches about sustainable farming and writes about the best lawn care tools.

Finding the right lawn mower, hedge trimmer, or power tool can be an impossible task. There’s a lot to consider with products like these, from the size to the different jobs it can do, to the technical specifications. That’s why our product specialists and tool extraordinaires at OccupyTheFarm have been tasked with helping you find – and understand – the right product for you.


Who Are We?

We are a team of product specialists, writers, and tool enthusiasts with the responsibility of finding the right products for the job. Our content team are located all around the World, mainly in America. With their range of varied experiences, it’s safe to say that they have the tools for the job.


What Do We Do?

Here at OccupyTheFarm, we research only the best tools and products. Our goal is to ensure the products we find are of the highest quality. We do this via a complex vetting process, enforced to weed out low quality products. Many products, and their manufacturers, make promises as to the reliability of their tools, and sometimes it can be impossible for you, the customer, to tell if what they’re promising is the truth. We aim to abolish customer insecurity altogether. Unlike other review sites, we aim to find the best products for you. Thus, we don’t just include product reviews that claim to do the job well; we want proof. This is why we only choose products with four stars or more, and plenty of reviews to back it up. Our tool enthusiasts can spot a fake from miles away, so you can rest assured that every single product we include on our lists is genuine, crafted by real, specialist tool manufacturers.


Our Product Guides:

At OccupyTheFarm, we research a wide range of tools. Whether you’re an avid gardener who’s looking for the best weed killer or hedge trimmer, a decorator who wants a decent ceiling paint, or someone who needs an automatic drill to finally hang up that picture frame, you can count on us to find what you’re looking for exactly.

As mentioned, we find the best products for you, but what does that mean? At OccupyTheFarm we understand that where one product might be the perfect match for one person, it might be someone else’s worst nightmare. This is true for any product, but with tools, it gets especially difficult. There are so many technical aspects to consider, from wattage to strength, to even the type of power cord. This can be overwhelming, especially if you’re purchasing your first tool. That’s why honesty is our number one priority. We’ll tell you why the product might be a good fit for you, highlighting all the great things about it. However, we’ll also let you know what might make it not such a good fit, so you know that you’re purchasing the product that’s right for you.

Not only that, but we always include a detailed buyer’s guide in each of our product reviews as an extra helping hand. If you’re new to buying a leaf blower, we’ll let you know all the things you need to look out for. We’ll tell you what’s good and also what to avoid, so when it comes to buying your perfect tool, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.