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Inspiration for Designing & Renovating Your Bathroom This Summer

Anyone who has ever owned a house or an apartment has probably felt the urge to renovate or redecorate at least once, but to renovate a whole place requires a big budget. The smartest thing to do is to start little by little and perhaps choose one room to redo first. The bathroom is a great opening project, as having a nice bathroom does a lot more for a home than many realize.

The bathroom is a part of the home that you will inevitably visit multiple times a day. It’s a room that will be seen by guests and homeowners alike, and by reinventing this essential area, you will find yourself feeling both accomplished and inspired to continue improving your living quarters. This is a guide to making your bathroom feel like a whole new room.

Benefits of Redoing Your Bathroom

Renovation of a bathroom Before and after in horizontal format

Before we do anything else, let’s talk about the benefits of renovating a bathroom! The obvious benefit is that you will feel more comfortable because who doesn’t want a nice bathroom? This is far from the only benefit you get, though, and others can also work as leverage when trying to talk the rest of your family into making some changes!

Increased Property Value

This might not be something on your mind right now, but you might want to sell your home someday – or at least rent it out. It’s common knowledge that homebuyers and those interested in renting will often go straight to check the kitchen and the bathroom. The reason for this is possibly that these two rooms are the ones you need to feel comfortable in, and it’s not usually something you will want to deal with redoing the second you move in. That said, renovating your bathroom now could pay off in the future if you ever decide to sell, as it could increase your home’s value.

Making the Home Your Own

Renovation of an old building bathroom in a panoramic view - 3d

If you have recently moved into a new home, it’s easy to feel like you’re just living in someone else’s, and you might need to do something to make it your own. What better way to make it feel like it’s your home than to redo a room? And why not start with a room everyone in the household will use, and that you will inevitably pay multiple visits to throughout the day? A complete redo is not necessary, and sometimes all it takes is a few changes.

Planning Adequately

It can be tempting to get started right away by ripping out anything old or heading out to purchase new towels, but this is not necessarily a good idea. You run the risk of ending up with a bathroom that looks messy and uncoordinated – as if little or no thought was put into it. This would be the exact opposite of what you want, as it will leave you right where you started with a bathroom you won’t feel proud to show off to your guests.

By taking a step back and planning properly before you start your renovation or redecoration, you will save both money and time and end up with a much nicer final result. Grab a notebook and a pen, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to start planning. Write down what you know you want. Use the internet to search for inspiration, and try to find a combination of existing trends and what you feel would go with your style.

Collages and Apps

Interior designer making hand drawing pencil sketch of a bathroom. Interior design projects concept

If you feel you need a little extra inspiration or you’re just not sure what you want, a good idea is to cut images out of magazines or print them off the internet and make a collage! Having it right there in front of you will help you visualize what your bathroom could look like, which will work as motivation to get a more composed final look.

Considering all the advances in the field of technology, it’s also worth having a look at available redecoration apps. There are phone applications that allow you to place virtual furniture in your bathroom, but also apps where you can take a photo, change the colors of your walls, etc. This gives you a unique opportunity to look into the future and straight into the bathroom of your dreams.

Tips for Small Bathrooms

Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t make some significant changes to the decor! Small bathrooms are often poorly planned, and they will often even appear smaller than they actually are. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, walk inside and stand in the middle of the room. Look around and try to visualize if there is a way you could increase the space in there.

There might be shelves or bathroom cabinets taking up more space than what you need, so look into smart storage opportunities for small bathrooms. You will be surprised by how much a little bit of reorganizing can do for a cluttered space, and perhaps you’ll end up discovering that your bathroom isn’t so small after all!

Sticking to Budget

Who doesn’t get carried away when looking at renovating a room? You should be careful, though, as you don’t want to go too far over the budget you’ve set up for yourself. It’s possible to redo a bathroom without a massive budget, so decide how much you’re willing and able to spend already before you start your project. Be realistic, though, and look up prices first to make sure you’re budget is possible to stick with.

Suggested Small Changes

Glass shower in small white bathroom with sink, mirror and toilet

Not quite in a place where you feel you can redo the whole bathroom? No problem! There are plenty of small changes you can do to this room that doesn’t have to cost very much, and that doesn’t come with an overwhelming commitment. Below are a few suggestions for small changes to make, making it feel like you’ve got a new bathroom.

New Wall Color

It’s amazing what a little paint can do, so consider heading out to purchase paint, wallpaper, or anything else you might need to spice up the look of that dull bathroom wall. Paint is usually cheap, and you might not even need very much of it, making it a great option for someone on a tight schedule or a strict budget.

Installing Lights

A lightbulb is great for lighting up a room, but does it give that inviting feeling you were going for when you set out to renovate? Probably not. Choosing the right types of lights can alter a bathroom’s vibe in a matter of minutes, and sometimes it is – surprisingly – all you need. Don’t just get the first lights you find, and do some research first for how to use lights to make your bathroom look better.

Wall Decorations

For those who are renting, painting and repainting might not be an option. The good news is that there is a good alternative for those who can’t or won’t repaint, and that is to decorate the walls with suitable art. Perhaps a ceramic starfish would make the bathroom look a little more inviting, or why not hang a plant in the corner somewhere? If you can’t change the color of the walls, just change what you put on the walls instead. This is a good example of how a small thing can make a big difference in a bathroom, and how it isn’t always necessary to spend a fortune.

Updated Bathroom Hardware

Have you considered changing the hardware in your bathroom? The tap on sinks and showers will often start showing signs of corrosion after a while, and changing these can make a huge difference! You would be buying just the tap or other hardware instead of replacing your whole bathtub, reducing the costs significantly while also giving your bathroom a necessary update and a much more upscale look.


If you have a bathroom with tiles, the first thing you should do is make sure the tile is as clean as possible. Sometimes nothing more than a thorough scrub can be enough to make a difference, but not always. At this stage, you can also opt for changing tile – a procedure that usually isn’t too expensive – or to put tile in if you don’t already have it. You don’t have to put down tile in the whole room, and sometimes it will have more of an effect if you use it in moderation. It’s up to you if you think you can do it yourself or are better off hiring a professional contractor to do the work for you.

Changing the Floor

There is a lot you can do with the bathroom floor, especially if you have a very small bathroom! Putting in new flooring won’t take long, and there are many budget-friendly flooring options. Why not go from a boring old floor to something that looks new and updated? It might be all that it takes for your bathroom to feel like it has had its makeover.

Improving Storage

With a quick Google search, you will find hundreds of clever storage ideas that might not have even occurred to you! Throw out those old boxes and shelves and replace them with more practical solutions, as this will make your bathroom look better and give you more space if you plan accordingly.

Throwing Out Old Towels

Many of us tend to become a little attached to old towels and rugs, and sometimes we become almost blind to their declining state. You’ll notice how much nicer everything looks once you replace them, and you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to dry off after a shower, too. Consider what color will go with the bathroom design, and get matching towels and bathroom rugs for that final touch. Towels will cost you a bit of money, but nothing compared to having to redo your whole bathroom.

Additional Accessories

You can go even smaller when renovating. You might want to settle for purchasing a new stand for your toothbrush or a soap container. Perhaps some candles for while you’re taking a bath will do the trick. Anything small could make you appreciate the bathroom that you already have. One great tip is to purchase a pack of smooth stones or seashells and to place them in the sink. This will give your bathroom decor an instant boost, and your sink will look a lot more exclusive and classy than it did before.

Different Bathroom Styles & Ideas

Modern luxury black bathroom 3d render,The room has black tile floor and black mosaic wall, a clear glass shower partition,There are large windows nature light shining in to the room.

You might have been over to your friends’ homes and love how put together their bathrooms look, and perhaps you’ll feel tempted to copy the overall style. This could work, sure, but why not try to find a bathroom style that goes perfectly with your personality? There are many options out there, and a few minutes of research can help you find your dream bathroom decor. Below are a few examples to kickstart your imagination.

Beach Inspired

Not everyone is lucky enough to live by the beach, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach straight into your bathroom! You can do many things to give your bathroom that beachy vibe, such as redecorating with beige tones. Why not install cobble in your shower? A cobble shower is easy to keep clean; it gives your feet a little massage whenever you step inside, and it feels just like you are in some exotic location getting cleaned up after a day swimming in the ocean and lying in the sand.

Clean & White

Extravagant isn’t a look everyone is going for, and sometimes the best option is something simple, yet inviting. White is a color that never goes out of style. It looks clean and polished, and it’s a timeless look that most people can enjoy for years to come. If you want something you won’t risk getting tired of or if you’re struggling to make a decision that will work for your whole family, then you will love this bathroom style.

Classy Vintage Black

Go the other way and decorate your bathroom with dark colors! Make it classy, using black details like cabinets and shower curtains. It will make you feel almost like you are stepping straight into an old movie from the 40s. With this design, it’s all about the small things and the details. Dive in and look for inspiration online before you get started. This type of a dark vintage look is not for everyone, but for the right person – it’ll make your bathroom a place you don’t want to come out of.

Traditional Farm Style

The key to giving your bathroom a farm-style vibe – just like in that summer house you’ve always pictured owning – is wood. Wood cabinets or other wooden details will elevate the decor without having to cost too much. It is charming and simple with earth tones, which will make your bathroom seem irresistibly cozy and inviting. It will be almost like stepping into another world – away from your everyday life and concerns. It’s a place where you can gather your thoughts and get a little time for yourself.

Decor Inspired by Nature

Visualize a bathroom that makes you feel like you have stepped out of your normal house and into a small oasis! Combine white walls with wooden floors and wood details, and add some green and luscious plants to elevate the look and make the style genuine. Plants might not be something you have considered adding to your bathroom, but it will improve the air quality and give the room a sense of peace and zen.

An Industrial Look

Adding metal to your bathroom will give it a unique touch that will wow anyone who walks in. You will likely have a bathroom that none of your friends have, and one that is easy to clean and to maintain even as the years pass. This is not a difficult design to do. One tip is to use a lot of mirrors, as it will create a nice contrast with the metal surfaces.

Futuristic Bathroom Design

Think LED lights, white, blue tones and smooth surfaces, and the sensation of stepping right into the future when you hit the shower! There is nothing like living in the present, but there is also no harm in peeking into the future from time to time, and what better way to do so than inside your own bathroom? You don’t need to be an alien to enjoy the benefits of a futuristic touch. It’s the perfect way to wow your guests and visitors.

What Can I Do Myself?

pano decoration and furniture in modern bathroom

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and those mentioned above are only a few of the examples. You are probably eager to get started, and once you know what you want your future bathroom to look like, it’s time to start looking at how to make your dream bathroom become a reality. There are definitely a few things you can do yourself, like changing towels, rugs, replacing wall art, mirrors, and more. You don’t need to be overly handy or a professional stylist to pull it off.

If you want to go into something a little more advanced, such as a floor change or installing new cabinets or tiles, you might want to consider your experience and handyman skills. Things may sound a lot easier than they actually are, and you don’t want to spend time and money on work that won’t live up to your expectations, or that won’t last as long as it should. Be honest with yourself – you’ll thank yourself later.

More advanced things that involve electricity or water should almost always be redirected to professionals. There might even be requirements that obligate you to use a professional contractor, depending on where you live.

Hiring a Contractor

Contractor Facing Completed Custom Master Bathroom.

Okay, now let’s talk about hiring someone to redo your bathroom for you. The first step is to list everything you want to be done, and then you need to start looking for a professional. It can be tempting to want to accept help from friends, family members, or friends of friends. But you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t be upfront about what you want, or about what you would want doing differently.

Do your research, look at reviews or, – even better – try to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Be clear when you explain how you want them to redesign your bathroom. Open and honest communication is important, not only in personal relationships but also in all kinds of professional relationships. Consider writing everything down beforehand, so that there are no misunderstandings.

Final Words

It’s never a bad idea to renovate your bathroom, not when you have the time and the money to get it done, and it can be a great project to engage in as a couple or as a family. Also, you shouldn’t just focus on the final results, as this can easily make it a frustrating experience. Instead, you should try to embrace the full experience. The process can be challenging, but if you try to see it as part of what’s fun about redoing your bathroom, everything will go so much smoother, and you will experience less frustration.

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