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10 Best 4000 PSI Pressure Washers in 2022

When it comes to finding the best pressure washer for your home or professional business, one of the most important things you need to consider is whether the pressure is suitable for your needs. There are lots of options out there when it comes to the PSI of pressure washers, which can make it quite hard to determine which will be best for you. In most cases, a 4000 PSI pressure washer is the best choice as it can be used to clean hard to reach areas and tough dirt.

Most 4000 PSI pressure washers that are available are rated for commercial use and for cleaning large surface areas. For those with a professional cleaning service of some kind, a 4000 PSI pressure washer is your best option due to the power they provide. However, if you have a large property and some tough dirt to clean then they can also come in handy. Using a 4000 PSI pressure washer can save you time and effort while providing an excellent clean.

We have used customer reviews, rating systems and manufacturer information from Amazon.com to find the 7 best 4000 PSI pressure washers for commercial use.

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1. 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Hose Schieffer Co.

4000 PSI Pressure Washer Hose Schieffer Co.


This is an economical choice for a PSI pressure washer hose as it is high quality and durable. This 4000 PSI pressure washer hose is designed for flow ratings of 2.5 to 5 GPM which makes it suitable for commercial cleaning devices and tools. This high pressure washer hose is made from a rubber construction throughout making it durable and flexible, so it can be easily installed. It has a single layer of steel-wire braid for additional durability.

This 4000 PSI pressure washer hose comes with a 3/8-inch quick connect female brass socket and a 3/8-inch steel plug making it secure. The working pressure of this pressure washer hose is 4000 PSI – 276, with the bar proof pressure ranging from 8000 PSI – 552. This is a heavy duty pressure washer hose that will not kink and is designed to last a long time, making it a good investment.

+ Economical choice
+ Made for commercial products
+ Flexible rubber construction
+ Quick connect
+ Heavy-duty hose

Why We Liked It – This 4000 PSI pressure washer hose is heavy-duty with a rubber construction that is flexible, durable and will not kink.

2. Generac 6565 4,200 PSI Pressure Washer

Generac 6565 4,200 PSI Pressure Washer


This 4,000 PSI pressure washer is gas powered and offers a very powerful clean of decks, concrete staining and other surfaces as a way to prepare for painting and other renovation. This brand is renowned for their quality products and these pressure washers are no exception as it is made with a 420cc Generac OHV Engine which is extremely powerful, This pressure washer is easy to use as it has five Quick-Click nozzle settings.

Users can select between 0 degree Blast, 15 degree Strip, 25 degree Clean, 40 degree Wash, and Soap based on their commercial needs. This 4000 PSI pressure washer is one of the best as it comes with a 50 foot hose that offers a great reach and allows you to move around a property freely. This pressure washer is easy to maneuver and the welded frame is made for durability making it a great investment for your business.

+ Gas powered
+ Highly powerful
+ Renowned brand
+ Includes 50 foot hose
+ Five quick settings

Why We Liked It – This 4000 PSI pressure washer has an incredible cleaning power making it suitable for commercial chores.

3. (Great Value) Tool Daily Short Pressure Washer Spray Gun

Tool Daily Short Pressure Washer Spray Gun


This water hose is designed to fit onto high pressure washers through an M22 thread and a 14mm inner connector fitting. This means that if your pressure washers’ hose has an M22 14mm fitting then it can be connected directly to this water gun. However, if this is not the case then this spray gun can still be used by your 4000 PSI pressure washer as it can be connected using a brass coupler. This makes it versatile and suitable for most commercial cleaners.

This pressure washer spray gun is not made for a garden hose, which is something you need to be aware of, as it is made solely for pressure equipment. This is a high replacement pressure washer spray that is universal for both electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers of commercial grade. This is a versatile spray gun that can connect to any accessory with a 1/4-inch standard connector. The spray gun is comfortable to hold as it has an ergonomic handle.

+ Universal connector
+ Versatile spray gun
+ Made for commercial use
+ Comfortable handle
+ Connects to accessories

Why We Liked It – This high PSI pressure washer spray gun is versatile as it has a universal connector and can be used with other accessories on commercial cleaners.

4. Mingle Pressure Washer Undercarriage Cleaner

Mingle Pressure Washer Undercarriage Cleaner


This 4000 PSI pressure washer is one of the best as it is designed to be used under vehicles. Using these kinds of pressure washers allows you to clean underneath your car without having to bend down under the vehicle. This pressure washer can only be used with a working pressure washer with cleaning power of more than 1,500 PSI to 4000 PSI. It can be used on both hot and cold water pressure washers to suit your needs.

This pressure washer engine accessory comes with 4 nozzles and 2 casters making it easy to both transport and connect to your pressure washers. This commercial pressure washer direct drive accessory is easy to clean and can be used on commercial-sized vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and cars.

This power equipment comes with a 1/4 inch male plug that offers a quick disconnect. This under-car pressure washer need to be connected to the pressure washer wand and it can also be connected to a pivoting coupler making it easier to use under your vehicles.

+ Made for vehicles
+ Simple operation
+ Quick disconnect
+ Easy to clean
+ Connects to pressure washer wand

Why We Liked It – This is a industrial vehicle wash pads accessory for pressure washers that can be used on light industrial vehicle types for an easy clean.

5. EDOU Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

EDOU Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner


This is a pressure washer cleaning device that can be used to clean large surface areas. This is a great option for commercial cleaners who need to cover a large surface area while using residential machines or commercial alternatives. This popular pressure washer accessory is made to clean large surface areas 5 times faster than a standard nozzle, making cleaning easier and more efficient.

This large surface direct drive brush can be used with pressure washers up to 4,000 PSI. This hand carry brush is best for cleaning garage floors, driveways, patios, and other large surface areas with ease. It can be used for cleaning with both cold water and hot water. As well as the cleaning brush, there are also 2 15-inch pressure washer extension cords making it easy to attach to the commercial and electric pressure washer you have. It can also be used with residential pressure washers for those with large homes.

+ Large cleaning accessory
+ Easy to attach
+ Made for commercial pressure washers
+ Makes cleaning easier
+ Commercial or residential use

Why We Liked It – This large pressure washer surface cleaner makes cleaning large surface areas faster and easier as it is huge in size.

6. LadyRosian 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Undercarriage Cleaner

LadyRosian 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Undercarriage Cleaner


This light industrial vehicle wash accessory makes cleaning underneath cars, vans, and trucks easier to complete. It effectively allows you to avoid crawling underneath your vehicle in order to get it clean, making it suitable for a commercial cleaner and also a mechanical engineer and while working using commercial and residential pressure washer PSI. This is a water cleaning accessory that can remove oil, dirt, and fuel contaminants from under your car.

This water pressure cleaning accessory has a scientific design of 4 25-degree fan-shaped stainless steel nozzles to create a large cleaning area. This makes it highly effective and ensures that the job will get done quickly. In order to use this water cleaning nozzle, your pressure washer must be working at more than 1,500 PSI. It comes with a 1/4 inch male plug for a quick connect and release so it is easy to use. This car pressure washer can be connected to the pressure washer wand so it provides a great reach under vehicles.

+ Industrial car cleaner
+ Scientific design
+ Effective water cleaner
+ Versatile accessory
+ Durable stainless steel construction

Why We Liked It – This car pressure washer is highly effective as it has a scientific design and a great length for a thorough clean of underneath your vehicle.

7. SIMPSON Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Pressure Washer


This is one of the best 4000 PSI pressure washers as it has a Honda Engine. This Honda engine is gas powered making this a powerful cleaner and long lasting. This pressure washer also features a triplex plunger pump that is industrial grade ensuring longevity and effectiveness. All parts are tested thoroughly to ensure that they work well and are durable enough for commercial cleaning. This pressure washer is made from aircraft grade aluminium for maximum durability.

This 4000 PSI pressure washer with a triplex plunger pump has a monster hose that offers a great reach. This hose is non-marring and resistant to both kinks and abrasions as it has been made for longevity. It comes with a quick connect plug making installation and use easy for all commercial cleaners. This 2000 PSI to 4 000 PSI pressure washer comes with 5 quick connect nozzle tips to suit all chores at hand. It has an onboard detergent tank and the flexible hose offers better durability.

+ Honda engine pressure washer
+ Easy to adjust the pressure
+ Industry designed cleaner
+ Longer life frame
+ Intense cleaning power

Why We Liked It – This is one of the top pressure washers as it has a Honda brands popular engine, a flexible hose, and is designed for longevity.

4000 PSI Pressure Washers Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to 2,000 PSI – 4000 PSI pressure washers and accessories, as you can see from this review. Anyone who is looking for a pressure washer for commercial use will need to look at models over 1500 PSI.

Pressure waters

Although this product review is mainly focused on 4000 PSI pressure washers, pumps and other details we are also looking into anything else that can be used for commercial use. The most popular pressure washer PSI for commercial use is 4000, but it is also possible to use anything from over 1,000 PSI, 2000 PSI or 3,500 PSI for the same purpose.

The new pressure washer models and accessories we have discussed in this review have worked as a commercial cleaner but in some cases, they can also be used around the house is you have a large space. No matter what kind of PSI machine you are looking for, there is a lot to consider in order to find the best option for your professional or personal cleaning. Pressure washers are designed to make cleaning large surface areas and tough dirt easier, but this will only be the case if you get the right model.

As well as reviewing top pressure washers, many customers have also requested helpful guides, best brands, pump manufacturer and popular PSI numbers in order to help them narrow down their options. This buying guide is going to address the general information you need to know about these pro pressure washers so you can find the best one for your need and at a great cost with much stress.

What is the best psi for a pressure washer?

Closeup black head of high pressure water cleaner

In order to find the right pressure washer for the chores you have to face, you first need to understand the PSI and how this can effect the way these devices work. The PSI refers to pounds per square inch and is the measurement used to determine the amount of water pressure that is shot out of a machine’s hose, gun or lance. Essentially, this is the measurement that can determine how effective your pressure washer will be and whether it will be able to clean what you need.

In general, most types of pressure washers that are more than 3 000 PSI are considered to be heavy duty or commercial models. These are the kinds of pressure washers that you will find at a car wash or being used by home renovators. In some cases, using a pressure washer for home use can be quite dangerous as the best brands popular models will have a very high cleaning power. This means using them in small spaces can sometimes cause damage as they have such a powerful rush of water pressure.

This is why those looking for a pressure washer need to consider what they actually need it for and where it will be used in order to determine the right PSI. Here is a brief outline of the different PSI levels and what they can be used for to help you make the right choice for your home or professional work.

1,500 PSI

These kinds of pressure washers are light-duty and have a low pressure compared to the brands we have discussed in this review. These smaller pressure washers are much better at cleaning small surface areas like BBQ grills, scooters and small cars. They still have a powerful water pressure, but will not cause damage.

2700 PSI

In order to give you a general understanding of how pressure washers work, we are going to jump up a through stages to see what those at over 2,000 PSI can do. These pressure washers can be used for essentially the same chores as mentioned above and they would make just as good of a job with them. However, with the higher pressure water, these washers can also be used for larger surface areas like patios and fences.

3,000 PSI

This kind of pressure washers are typically used for washing large vehicles like an ATV, boat or a large asphalt driveway then you may want to use a pressure washer with extra power. These are typically gas engine-powered machines, but it is possible to get an electric pressure washer too.

4000 PSI

A pressure washer of this high PSI is used mainly for commercial cleaning. This is an incredible amount of power which can make these machines quite dangerous to use, so they are not recommended for small residential clean-ups. You will see professionals using these kinds of pressure cleaners for large renovations, such as the removal of paint and graffiti or in industrial settings.

What Kind Of Pressure Washer Do I Need?

Gardener Washing Garden Paths Using Pressure Washer Machine. Modern Technologies.


As well as considering the PSI of a pressure washer, you will also want to consider the engine type before using as this can also affect how much power it has. PSI ranges quite widely based on whether you are looking at a pressure washer for commercial or residential use, meaning people tend to forget to look into the engine. In this review we have covered examples of gas engine machines and an electric machine, giving you a wide variety when testing and reviewing top guides, best brands, popular models.

An electric pressure washer will connect into a standard power outlet, which means they are commonly used in residential areas. They need to be connected to electricity in order for the motor to work and pressurize the water to create a powerful spray, whereas gas machines work on gasoline.

In general, electrical machines are less powerful than gas powered ones and we have found that they have a lower water pressure overall. Gas powered model tend to be those used in commercial cleaning as they can create a PSI of 3000 or more. They are incredibly powerful and best for those looking into a powerful commercial cleaner.

Other Features To Consider

As well as looking into the PSI and engine type of a pressure washer to find the best one, there are some other features you can look into to find the best 4000 PSI pressure washer for your business. The power is something you will certainly need to consider as it will influence everything else.

Once this has been determined, you should also look into and check:

What Surface Needs To Be Cleaned

Considering the size and material, such as wood decking or a brick wall is vital when choosing a pressure washer. It can help influence the type of PSI you need as it will determine how powerful the water pressure actually needs to be in order to provide a good clean.

Ease Of Use

These cleaning machines are designed to make tough chores easier to complete, so make sure you choose something that actually does this. Look into features such as how flexible the hose is, whether it can be attached to other accessories and if it comes with caster wheels for transportation to determine how easy it will be to use.

Extra Features

If you want to make the best investment for your budget, consider a pressure washer that can be attached to various accessories so it is more versatile. Look into attachments for cleaning under cars or a large surface brush so you can get the most use out of one cleaning machine.


High pressure washer cleaners may be one of the best investments you make. They are used by commercial cleaning companies to make chores such as removing paint and cleaning large surface areas easier to complete. Using a high PSI washer can also help save you time when completing chores.

This review has covered various pressure cleaners and accessories to help you find the right one for the job. Please note, this review was written as an Amazon associate. We may earn from qualifying purchases a small commission on behalf of the brands mentioned via links.

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