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10 Best Angle Grinders in 2020

Whether you’re working commercially or on a project at home casually, getting yourself one of the best angle grinders is essential. Nobody wants to fork out hundreds of dollars on a tool that isn’t going to work how you intend it to, which is why it’s best to shop around.

But while shopping around, what are you looking out for? What features do you need to be thinking about? How much are you going to be spending? What kind of result do you want to be left with at the end? In today’s guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know.

Below, we’re going to dive into the ten very best angle grinders out there right now, detailing what makes each of them tick and whether it’s for you. After that, check out our complete buying guide so you can easily choose which angle grinder is best for the job!

View The Best Angle Grinder Below

1. Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder

Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder


The Makita 9557PBX1 comes in as our best overall choice when it comes to angle grinders. It’s a grinder that balances both affordability and performance and will guarantee to give you the best overall experience with everything you need.

Makita is one of the most prestigious and renowned brands in the world when it comes to power tools, so it goes without saying that their angle grinders have a lot to offer. This powerful grinder comes loaded with a 7.5 amp motor that offers blade speeds of up to 11,000 rpm.

However, while this is some seriously impressive output, the device is incredibly compact and only weighs in at 4-1 2 pounds. Plus, this power tool has a diameter barrel grip of just 2.5-inches, which will be more than enough.

Every aspect of this angle grinder screams professionalism. The dust ejection system and maze-like construction are designed in a way that protects the internal workings from being subjected to dust and debris, which only prolongs the lifespan of your device.

All in all, the list of features that this best angle grinder offers is endless. It doesn’t matter what kind of work or project you’re undertaking; you can put your trust in this angle grinder that you can get the job done.

+ Patented labyrinth construction and dust ejection system designed to keep dust and debris out the Makita 9557pbx1
+ Thicker coils on the tool to minimize heat and energy loss
+ Comes loaded with a powerful 7.5 amp motor and multiple power source options
+ Lock on and off feature for continuous, easy use

– None! The Makita 9557PBX1 tool is considered to be one of the smoothest and most powerful!

Why We Like It – While there are so many amazing features on the Makita 9557PBX1, perhaps one of the best is the AD/DC power supply. This means you can plug in your new best angle grinders in wherever you want and power it however you want, whether that’s into a mains socket, a portable generator, or however you like!

2. DEWALT DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool


DEWALT is another one of the most prestigious manufacturers of power tools and equipment. Their angle grinder tool comes with all the features and performance options you’ll need. In short, this premium option is one of the best angle grinders, and it won’t let you down!

Jumping straight into the specs, this angle grinder comes with a top-of-the-range 11-amp motor that’s capable of producing up to 11,000 rpm, making it the best and most powerful grinder in a size-to-weight ratio. Corded and capable of delivering up to 1,400W of power, there’s no job too big for this grinder; all this comes with multiple power source options.

Everything you need to get the job done is included here, such as the one-touch guard, a 2-position side handle for ergonomic control, and a wrench for adjusting the settings easily whenever you need to. All in all, DEWALT has ultimately outdone themselves with this power tool.

+ Delivers up to 11,000 rpm with an 11-amp motor
+ The tool comes with DEWALT’s patented Dust Ejection System
+ This metal grinder comes with a variety of add-on tools to enhance your angle grinding experience
+ Backed by thousands of positive five-star reviews and a one-touch guard for added protection

– None! There is nothing negative about this excellent angle grinder, even out of thousands of reviews!

Why We Like It – DEWALT has implemented a very innovative Dust Ejection System that’s key with dust-producing equipment, such as angle grinders. This feature actively ejects dust away from the device and prevents it from getting inside the machine, keeping it working for longer and increasing the overall lifespan of the tool.

3. SKIL 9295-01 Angle Grinder

SKIL 9295-01 Angle Grinder


If you’re in need of an angle grinder, but you’re shopping on a budget and don’t want to break the bank, you may want to turn your attention over to the MPT. While extremely affordable and suitable for any kind of budget, you’ll still be able to enjoy no-load speeds of up to 11,0000 rpm, all thanks to the 800W motor.

Of course, like any professional angle grinder, safety has been maximized in the form of features such as the protective guard, dust control caps, and an auxiliary safety switch so you can turn the device on and off at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with concrete, masonry, or even steel; this angle grinder can do it all.

This particular model comes with a 125mm disc, a professional angled level for ergonomic control, and a set of extra tools to help you get the most out of your experience, including a carbon brush, a wrench, a wheel cloth, and an auxiliary side handle! To summarize, this is perhaps the best angle grinder you’re going to find for such a fantastic price tag!

+ Comes with an auxiliary side handle for optimal control over your tool
+ Built with a safety switch for fast power source on and off
+ Includes everything you need to get the job done, including a carbon brush and instructions
+ Capable of producing and maintaining no-load speeds of 11,000 rpm

– 11,000 rpm is the no-load speed, meaning it will drop while in use

Why We Like It – Like any good angle grinder, this device comes with labyrinth ring designs that stop dust and debris from entering two of the main areas. This protects the internal workings of the device, increases its overall lifespan, and ensures this is an angle grinder that’s built to last.

4. DEWALT DWE4012 Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT DWE4012 Angle Grinder Tool


Heading back over to DEWALT now, this time focusing on their DWE4012 model; this is a device known for being super-fast, well built, and so powerful it will be able to tackle anything you come up against. Despite having a standard 7.5 amp motor, this powerful device is capable of spinning up to 12,000 rpm, which is more than the vast majority of available angle grinders.

While using these high speeds, you can easily control your device however you need to. This is thanks to the ability to move the side handle into one of any two available positions, which maximizes comfort and your ability to work at any angle you need to. The compatible design also means you can add on any 4-1 2 -inch accessories you may want to use!

With hundreds of five-star reviews claiming just how good this angle grinder is, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best. Sure, getting your hands on one of these may be hard because they sell out so quickly, but if you can get one, it’s well worth every single cent; and you can be sure it’s exactly what you’ll need.

+ Design and build quality backed by DEWALT’s legendary reputation (7.5 amp motor)
+ One-Touch protection guard to ensure you’re safe at any angle
+ The angle grinder side handle can be set within two key positions for optimal control
+ Compatible with a range of 4-1 2 -inch DEWALT machine accessories to enhance your grinding experience

– Availability of this device can be limited

Why We Like It – There’s no denying that safety is of the utmost importance, which is why DEWALT has added a patented One-Touch Guard to protect you while this device is in use. Just press a single button to adjust and move the guard into any position exactly as and when you need it!

5. Bosch Angle Grinder

Bosch Angle Grinder


Bosch is yet another one of the most well-known construction tools and equipment manufacturers. When you think of hardware like this, then chances are you’ll be imagining a Bosch tool. Known for their quality and overall fantastic performance, their addition to the powerful angle grinder market is no exception to the rule.

Weighing in at only 3.75 pounds, this is easily one of the most lightweight angle grinders on the market, which means you’ll be able to move it around and control it with absolute precision without any risk of it holding you back. No matter who you are or what you’re doing – cutting vehicles, materials, substances, or any kind of grinding – this is an angle grinder that will get it done.

Priding itself on its 6.0-amp motor and a no-load speed of 11,000 rpm, this device is surprisingly situated in the affordable, lower-end of the price bracket, but can keep up with even the most premium of models in terms of output and accessible features. Durable, convenient, and completely comfortable to use; is there really anything else you’ll need from your preferred angle grinder?

+ Multiple spindle options so you can add any accessories you want to use
+ Prides itself on a no-load speed of 11,000 rpm and a 6.0 motor
+ Known for being one of the lightest, most powerful, and most compact grinders on the market
+ Competitively priced and backed by one of the greatest reputations in the hardware industry

– No tool storage built onto the device

Why We Like It – No matter what kind of work you’re carrying out and no matter what tools you need, the Bosch angle grinder allows you to work your way. With a 5/8-inch and 11-inch spindle lock, you can add pretty much any accessory to this grinder you want to work with. The opportunities are pretty much endless.

6. CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder Tool

CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder Tool


CRAFTSMAN is another popular choice when it comes to both professional commercial workmen and those working on casual DIY projects at home. If you’re in need of a compact angle grinder that doesn’t get in the way but still can be used to get the job done, this could be everything you’ve been looking for.

The punchy little 6-amp motor is capable of producing a no-load speed of up to 12,000rpm, and the 4-1 2 -inch grinder can be used on any surface. In short, it doesn’t matter what project you’re trying to tackle; this grinder will perform admirably. Of course, safety is also paramount, and the tool-free guard means you can make necessary adjustments easily and quickly when you need them.

Since this is also such a compact yet powerful device, it only makes sense that it comes with three adjustable side handle positions. The handle has been over-molded with contours to enhance the level of grip you’ll get from it and to ensure you have full control over the tool during every application. Compatible with VERSATRACK wall hooks and accessories for tidy and organised storage, and a corded design you can use anywhere, this is a fantastic choice for an angle grinder and an investment you won’t regret.

+ Compatible with leading wall-rack systems and accessories
+ Comes with a three-year limited warranty to cover you for anything
+ Capable of running at a no-load speed of 12,000 rpm
+ The ergonomic side handle can be set into one of any three positions

– Can experience problems with overheating sometimes

Why We Like It – To increase the level of trust you have with this grinder, each purchase comes with a handy three-year warranty. If you have any problems or the grinder isn’t working how it’s intended, you can continue safely in the knowledge that you’ll never be left out of pocket.

7. Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder

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We’re coming back now with another addition to the angle grinder market from Bosch. We’ll say it again just because it can never be overstated; this is one of the best companies with an iconic reputation within the hardware and equipment industry that has been in business for over a century.

That’s right! When you buy with Bosch, you get access to equipment that has been designed with over 100 years’ worth of experience, and when it comes to performance and overall quality, this level of experience is evident.

Specifically focusing on the 700-115, you can enjoy the 700-watt motor and basic motor features such as the adjustable auxiliary handle and the burst wheel guard that helps to keep you – and everyone around you – safe.

Affordable, lightweight, and fully featured, these angle grinders are specifically a what-you-see-is-what-you-get grinder. It’s easy on your budget but with just enough features and power to get everything done. This is a no-frills option for those just looking to get on. There’s even a free two-year warranty with every purchase, so you know this is a product you can trust!

+ Powerful to cut through anything, including water pipes, metal, and concrete
+ Affordable, lightweight, and super easy to use
+ Comes loaded with Bosch’s leading Dust Protection System
+ Made using an auxiliary handle that optimizes your control of the device

– Doesn’t contain as many features as other leading make or models

Why We Like It – Like all professional angle grinders and all leading Bosch products, this piece of equipment is designed to last, whatever you put it through, even with excessive use. This is why it includes features such as the Dust Protection System, protecting the internal workings of your machine.

8. DeWalt DCG405N 18V Brushless motor Angle Grinder

DeWalt DCG405N 18V Brushless motor Angle Grinder


DeWalt offers tools for any budget, but if you need a premium option that allows you access to the very best, this 18V angle grinder could tick all the boxes. Thanks to the brushless motor design of this angle grinder, you’ll receive increases in every aspect of this grinder, including power efficiency, power output, and the outcome.

Due to the compact application of this device, every aspect of the tool has been made to be as small but as easy-to-use as possible. This means it doesn’t matter if you’re working in tight spaces and need to maneuver in strange ways to get the cut you want; this DeWalt is designed specifically for this purpose.

In true DeWalt fashion, there are plenty of other extra features added to enhance your experience further. These include kickback and wheel burst protection, thanks to the constant e-clutch feature and the keyless handle that allows for fast and efficient repositioning while maintaining high levels of comfort.

All in all, if you need affordable efficiency with your angle grinder, look no further than DeWalt.

+ Designed using a brushless motor for increased efficiency (around 7,000 rpm)
+ Designed to be compact and used in any kind of position or smaller space
+ Plenty of protective features to keep you safe while using the grinder
+ Dust and debris protection as standard to protect the internal aspects of the device

– Not as powerful as other angle grinders on our list

Why We Like It – Protection and safety are some of the key concerns you’ll need to think about when using an angle grinder, but fortunately, DeWalt has made this simple. In addition to all the basics, this grinder has a powerful braking time of under two seconds. If you need to stop for any reason, you know you can trust this grinder to stop nearly instantly.

9. PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool

PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool


Porter-Cable offers another hugely popular angle grinder that’s easily one of the most affordable options on our list but comes in many different varieties so you can have the experience you want. Looking at the basic model that’s included on every version, you can enjoy multiple handle positions that work all over the device, and a tool-free guard to match.

There’s also plenty of comfort features, such as soft start and a no-volt switch which helps to minimize the risk of accidental starts, especially in a situation where you may experience a disruption in your power supply. With added spindle wheel and a single wrench (included with your purchase), it’s safe to say everything you need is included right here.

However, what sets this device apart from the rest is the optional extras available. The most unique features included with the device is the Bluetooth speaker. Nobody likes to work in silence, so why not bring a bit of life into your workshop or project area with a speaker? The other option is an included LED light, which helps you to continue working with this tool in low-light conditions.

Whatever you need, it’s offered here by Porter Cable!

+ This tool offers comfort features like soft start and an auxiliary handle offering multiple features
+ The tool comes in different options that include an included Bluetooth speaker or LED light
+ Offers multiple handle positions, including right, left, and top for optimal control
+ This power tool is backed by hundreds of positive, five-star reviews

– Not as powerful as other more premium angle grinder options

Why We Like It – Of course, you’re going to want to invest in an angle grinder you can trust, so you’ll be happy to know that this Porter Cable grinder is backed by nearly perfect five-star ratings from customers and critics alike. With hundreds of reviews on Amazon alone, you can’t go wrong with this angle grinder.

10. BLACK DECKER BDEG400 Angle Grinder Tool

BLACK DECKER BDEG400 Angle Grinder Tool


Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to draw our attention over to the Black Decker BDEG400 Angle Grinder. Black and Decker are another one of the most well-respected equipment tool manufacturers in the world. They have a legendary reputation that spans decades. In short, this is an angle grinder that you can ensure the quality of.

All the essential features are included, such as an adjustable keyless handle that can be set in three positions and is designed to be as comfortable as possible. You can also add as many or as few accessories as you want, thanks to the handy spindle lock. What’s more, with nearly a thousand five-star reviews, it’s easy to see why this powerful angle grinder deserves a place on a top-ten list.

All in all, Black Decker produces some of the best angle grinders. This specific model is a fantastic product for a fantastic price, and it guarantees to tick all the boxes for what you’re looking for in an angle grinder. This Black Decker BDEG400 tool will be everything you need to get all your grinding projects completed with ease and to the highest quality.

+ Comes with a handle that can be positioned in three unique positions
+ Offers an easy-to-use spindle lock for connecting accessories easily
+ Features a black decker full metal case to protect the inner workings to improve durability
+ Created by black decker, one of the most reputable tool manufacturers in the industry

– Availability can be limited compared with other angle grinders

Why We Like It – With the 4-1 2 -inch blade, you can cut and grind any kind of material that you may find yourself working with, down to a smaller cut size that ensures you can work with complete accuracy and carry out the exact tasks with absolute precision.

Angle Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the angle grinder right for you doesn’t have to be hard work. Sure, there are plenty of features with most angle grinders that are the same as each other and fit what is known as the industry standard, but there are plenty that separates one make and model from another.

This can cause your choice to become a little more challenging. To help you spend your budget in the right place, we’re going to share with you our complete angle grinder buying guide, so you know all the features and functions you need to be looking at and considering.

The Use of Your Angle Grinder

Working with angle grinder

When considering what angle grinder you want, you’ll want to take a moment to think about what kind of job you’re going to be carrying out. While angle grinders can be used for most tasks, if you want the best results, you’re going to want to think about the best tool for the job.

The main tasks will be cutting, grinding, polishing, and sanding. While all angle grinders, unless specifically stated, will be used for cutting, specific tasks (such as polishing) will do much better with grinders that are higher rpm and have better angles available to work with.

Of course, with most grinders, you’re going to need to think about the discs you’re using to carry out each task. You’ll want to make sure that, if you’re doing lots of different jobs, the angle grinder you choose is compatible with the range of discs, and not just cutting.

Disc Size

The first specification you’ll want to think about is how big the grinding disc of your angle grinder is. This will define what kind of tasks you’re able to carry out and complete, and what kind of work you’re doing. On average, you’re going to want to aim for a disc size around the 4-1 2 inch mark.

This 4-1 2 inch is a standard size for most of the best angle grinder products, but there will be some that come with a selection of sizes that you can interchange however you want, whenever you need to. Generally speaking, the larger the disc past the 4-1 2 inch mark, the bigger and deeper the cut, so consider what work you’re doing and buy accordingly.


The second point you’ll want to consider is how much power your angle grinder can work with. The more power you have, the easier you’ll be able to cut denser and harder materials. So, if you’re working on tougher jobs, you’re going to need more power to deal with them.

The best thing to do is to look at the motor and how much power it offers. The average power will range from around 6-amps to 12-amps. The more powerful the motor is, the more expensive it will be. So try to think about what tool you need, what you need to use it for, and what your budget will allow.


Angle grinder

The final aspect you’ll want to think about when it actually comes to operational performance is the speed at which the disc will spin. This is measured in rpm (rotates/revolutions per minute), and you’ll want a grinder than that can spin in the thousands.

You may find a grinder that offers a set speed, or multiple speeds, but ideally, you’re going to want 7,000 rpm or above. The faster the speeds, the easier it will be to use it and carry out any task. If you can adjust your speed of the tool, you can carry out work more precisely.

Brushless Motor or Not?

While a lot of the best angle grinder devices will come with brushes around the disc, you can also get them without. The brushes will be included to prevent dust and debris from your work from getting caught into the machine, which can cause damage and can break your tool over time.

However, this is only really common with some of the older best angle grinders. More angle grinders will be built with a metal construction that stops dust from getting in, much more effectively than a brush will. If you also opt for a brushless tool, you’ll be able to enjoy more power, better durability, a better lifespan, and overall better performance.

Power Supply

How you power the tool is so important because it will determine when and how you can use your power tool. If you’re working commercially and operate in a construction site, you’ll want to look at a power tool with a motor that works at 110V averagely, or 240V if you’re working at home.

However, this can vary depending on your personal situation, so you’ll need to check before you buy it. You can also buy a cordless angle grinder that you’ll be able to use anywhere. With a cordless angle grinder, you get much more control over your positioning, which can make some jobs much easier to finish. When in doubt, it may pay to always opt for the cordless angle grinder option.

The Handle & Control

Senior man working with angle grinder

Most angle grinders will come with a handle that you can use to exert pressure to make your cuts, giving you control as to what cuts and grinds you’re making. With the more modern devices, you should be able to move this handle around to give you complete control, no matter what angle you’re using the grinder itself.

You could opt for a handle that’s easy to move around and can be set in different positions. Typically, these are each side of the grinder, and then on top. You’ll also want to think about what kind of handle you have. Since you’re going to be working hard with your grinder, and there’s probably going to be a lot of feedback, you want to make sure that the tool is not only comfortable, but you can also have a firm grip.

Look for textured or contoured rubber handles since these seem to be the best to hold so the vibrations and feedback of the power tool won’t damage your skin or become too uncomfortable with excessive use.

Safety Features

Young female worker with angle grinder in a warehouse.

There’s no denying that safety should be of the most utmost importance when using any power tool, including an angle grinder, so bear this all in mind before making your purchase. Fortunately, all the devices we’ve listed above, as well as most modern devices, will come with these features as standard.

Some of the key things to look out for include slow starts, kickback protection, and switches. You may also want to check out the guards that protect you from bits of debris that can fly off, and dust and particles you don’t want to fly up into your face.

This should be a standard safety feature. Since you can use compact angle grinders in multiple positions, you need to ensure your guard can be moved to keep you protected whichever angle you use.


While accessories aren’t essential for using an angle grinder, that can bring so many benefits into your tool should you need or want them. For example, having an LED light attachment can make a world of difference if you’re working at night, or you need more visibility while working with your power tool.

If this sounds like something you’ll want, make sure your preferred metal grinder of choice has a spindle wheel in which to attach said accessories safely.

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