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8 Best Brush Cutters in 2022

There are many different brush cutters available throughout the country and the world. A brush cutter is very useful for getting rid of brush in general, especially when you have a large build-up of this kind of thing. Brush cutters can save you many man-hours that you may have spent with a less practical tool, such as shears or an ax.

The following is a list of names that all describe the same thing, used in different places around the world, although they refer to a slightly different thing than a brush cutter, as we will explain:

  • Edge trimmer
  • Harvester
  • Lawn trimmer
  • Mulcher
  • Scavenger
  • Strimmer
  • String trimmer
  • Trimmer
  • Weedwhacker
  • Whipper snipper

And there are more too!

These products use a piece of string, usually made of nylon, that is spun very quickly at the base of the piece of equipment to cut away vegetation and weeds. A brush cutter is slightly different in that it’s more heavy-duty. Brush cutters, instead of a piece of string, have a metal blade. This enables them to cut through vegetation that is much more closely packed together and even thin tree trunks and branches.

For this article, we have combined the two things to give you a good idea of whether a brush cutter or trimmer will be best for your needs. You will find some products referred to as brush cutters and some as trimmers. As you read through this article, bear in mind that there is a difference between these – the main difference being the blade and the amount of power put to the cutting device.

To help you decide on what you need for your yard or land, we have put together a list of eight of the best brush cutters (and trimmers) that we could find on Amazon, along with a buyer’s guide that we hope will answer most of your questions.

We hope you find this article on the best brush cutters useful.

View The Best Brush Cutters Below

1. DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer

No products found.

No products found.

This cordless string trimmer is certainly the best brush cutter overall in this list. With a gear drive transmission, this trimmer easily powers through overgrowth with an amplified torque. Stopping and starting instantly with the simple pull of a trigger, this trimmer is easy to use, especially with the variable speed trigger, which allows for control, better performance, and runtime management with the option of low or high-speed control.

A particular feature that is highly desired is the amount of noise this string trimmer generates. With low noise, it’s easy on your ears, making it not only useful for you and your safety but also any clients you may have. The lightweight and ergonomic design means it’s easy to handle.

+ Cordless
+ Lightweight
+ Variable speed control
+ Low noise

Why We Like It – Having a variable speed trigger makes this trimmer particularly simple to use. We particularly liked it because it gives better control and therefore leaves you with a more precise finish.

2. Honda HHT35SLTAT Trimmer and Brush Cutter


This brush cutter is of premium quality, with its mini four-stroke engine running off unleaded gas, making it a very powerful machine. The motor starts up very quickly and, given its excellent engine, is surprisingly quiet. The deflector design has been created to increase the visibility of the user, making it safer to operate.

Coming with high-level shock absorption, fast acceleration, and a fantastic torque for those more difficult jobs, this, the world’s lightest 35cc four-stroke engine, has been designed to give excellent balance. The controls have been specifically designed to be in a comfortable position and have a two motion trigger, allowing you to have more power over the usage.

+ Powerful engine
+ Uses normal, buyable gas
+ Deflector design
+ World’s lightest

Why We Like It – This brush cutter and hedge trimmer is incredibly user friendly because no special gas is required, so it’s easy to run. It also always starts on the first or second pull, cutting brilliantly in most situations.

3. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer


This string trimmer is perfect for light usage, especially on tough weeds, grass, and overgrowth, making it the perfect trimmer and edger, and of great value. The edging wheel allows you to easily put the finishing touches on your lawn, flower beds, and even your driveway. The dual handle makes it easy to control, gliding smoothly through the areas you are working on.

Despite not being able to reach the tougher areas of overgrowth, this trimmer gives a neater, more precise finish that is clear cut. With an Automatic Feed Spool technology, this trimmer has no bumping for more string, and accidental disconnection while using is prevented by the cord retention system. The great value is also shown by a two-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

+ Precise
+ Automatic Feed Spool technology
+ Cord retention system
+ 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – The cord retention system makes this string trimmer particularly likable as it prevents accidental disconnection and makes it easy and reliable to use.

4. Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer


With the industry’s largest 40V battery system, this cordless string trimmer is not only brilliant but also environmentally friendly, with the battery recharging in a fast two hours. A variable speed trigger makes it easy to control and perfect for multi-purpose use, with the power strength easy to change on demand.

The long handle makes it easy to reach areas such as under bushes or places that would normally be difficult to get to. This 12-inch cordless strimmer also comes with a battery and charger included, which is also compatible with 25 or more other tools from Greenworks, saving you money by only buying tools, or batteries, when required.

+ Largest battery system in the industry
+ Variable speed trigger
+ Long handle
+ Battery compatible with multiple appliances from Greenworks

Why We Like It – The size of the battery on this string trimmer makes it especially ideal as it is the biggest in the industry. It’s also not only compatible with this particular product, but also with a vast range of other Greenworks tools.

5. TrimmerPlus BC720 Brushcutter

TrimmerPlus BC720 Brushcutter


With a straight shaft design, this pro-style brush cutter makes it easy to trim under bushes, shrubs, and low branches. This cutter has a steel, 4-tip blade that is reversible and a cut off guard, which gives the cutter power to get through denser foliage. For easier use and more control, the brush cutter also comes with a J-bar and shoulder strap, giving you the ultimate comfort while doing what can be a difficult job.

The cutter is also compatible as an attachment with other units from Troy-Bilt, Remmington, Craftsman, Greenworks, Kobalt as well as other major brands like Ryobi, Murray, and Bolens. This brush cutter also comes with a limited warranty of up to two years.

+ Pro-style straight shaft
+ Cut off guard
+ Shoulder strap
+ Multiple compatibilities

Why We Like It – We liked this product because of the shaft. The straight, pro-style design makes it easy to reach under bushes and shrubbery, making the process much less demanding. It’s also ideal because the cutter is also compatible with units from multiple other companies.

6. Makita XRU11M1 Cordless String Trimmer Kit

Makita XRU11M1 Cordless String Trimmer Kit


With a 4.0Ah battery, this string trimmer has 30 minutes of run time when on the high setting. The BL Brushless motor delivers up to 6000 RPM, giving you faster, more efficient cutting with less energy loss. The trimmer has three options for speed: low – 4000 RPM, medium – 5000 RPM, and high – 6000 RPM, meaning that you can alter the speed and power to meet the needs of the task.

It also has automatic torque technology that automatically changes speed depending on how heavy the application is. The kit not only includes a string trimmer but also a Rapid Optimum charger and 18V LXT 4.0Ah battery, which charges in just 40 minutes, giving you increased productivity.

+ Multiple power settings
+ Automatic torque technology
+ Includes a battery and charger

Why We Like It – Comfortable to carry, this string trimmer is straightforward to assemble, and the battery charges to full power in just minutes, meaning you are productive for longer.

7. Husqvarna String Trimmer

Husqvarna String Trimmer


This straight shaft detachable string trimmer has a 28cc engine and has a 17-inch cutting width. Unlike others, the trimmer is easy starting with Smart Start recoil system, which reduces starter cord resistance by 40%. It’s very lightweight, making it perfect for homeowners, especially as it’s a multi-purpose trimmer.

The fuel tank is translucent, meaning you can visually monitor the fuel levels and keep track of usage while you work. The product also has a detachable shaft, allowing for easy transportation and storage. This string trimmer is also attachment capable with a ‘click on’ pole saw, edger, and cultivator tool options available.

+ 17-inch cutting width
+ Detachable straight shaft
+ Smart Start recoil system
+ Lightweight
+ Multiple attachment options

Why We Like It – The Smart Start recoil system makes this string trimmer particularly undemanding as it reduces cord resistance by 40%, meaning it’s particularly easy to start.

8. WORX WG160 Cordless String Trimmer

WORX WG160 Cordless String Trimmer


With a 3-in-1 function, this cordless lithium grass trimmer, edger, and mini-mower is perfect. Using no tools, this product converts from a trimmer to an in-line edger in just seconds, keeping you productive. This string trimmer comes with a 20-volt lithium battery that gives you a high power trimmer that has a long running time and so minimizes downtime. This trimmer has a quick-release lever giving you fast telescopic height adjustment to the 90-degree tilting shaft, making it more comfortable to use.

+ 3-in-1 function
+ quick release lever
+ long running time

Why We Like It – We especially liked this product because the string trimmer is pretty quiet. It’s also lightweight, with almost no vibration, which makes it easy to handle.

Brush Cutters Buyer’s Guide

What Can a Brush Cutter Cut?

Brush cutters will have no trouble getting through thin tree trunks (up to around about 4 inches thick). However, you should read the instruction manual carefully to find out exactly what the manufacturer recommends. The metal blades are designed to be powerful and sharp and come with powerful motors that should take care of all your thick brush and weeds.


Caucasian Men Trimming Grass with Gasoline String Trimmer. Garden Work Day.As we mentioned before, trimmers are slightly different. The nylon string on the end of a trimmer packs less of a physical punch than the metal blade on a brush cutter, but they are useful nevertheless. If you are simply looking to maintain your yard, for example, rather than clear a large area of thick brush, a trimmer is likely all you will need. It can be used for removing sections of less thick weeds and maintaining the edges around the grass in your yard. Trimmers will not cut through as much brush as a brush cutter and will lose momentum more easily, but because of this are often less expensive, and you are less likely to injure yourself.

How Thick Can a Brush Cutter Cut?

Brush cutters (as opposed to trimmers) will cut a very large amount of brush, including thin tree trunks up to around about four inches thick (as mentioned earlier). A brush cutter will cut through thick weeds.

What is the Difference Between a Strimmer and a Brush Cutter?
Although we have already defined the difference between a trimmer and brush cutter, this is a question that is very often asked, so we decided to answer it again. A brush cutter uses a metal blade and is designed to cut through tough, dense sections of brush, like when you are clearing out an old abandoned yard that has not been looked after for years. A trimmer, by contrast, uses a piece of string to cut down weeds and long grass – brush that is much less thick.

A strimmer is what a trimmer is usually called in the UK.

Will a Brush Cutter Cut Brambles?

String trimmer on mown grass

Brush cutters certainly won’t have any problem cutting brambles. Instead of this, the main concern would be protecting yourself. When brush cutters begin to cut the brush, an obvious issue is that the brush in question will often begin to fly everywhere. This is particularly the case with the powerful blades and motors used in brush cutters. You should take measures to protect your eyes and ears in particular, as well as your skin. It would be unfortunate to end up with the bramble no longer stuck in the ground but stuck in your hand instead!

How Do I Choose Between the Best Brush Cutters?

How to choose the best brush cutter for your needs is simple. Consider what you will need to use a brush cutter for. Will you be using it to maintain your lawn, or do you have 20 acres of overgrown brush to tackle? Is the brush in question mostly weeds or thin tree trunks?

Answering these questions should give you your answer. In essence, the thicker the amount of brush you have to get rid of, the more powerful you will need your brush cutter to be. And if you are only looking to maintain your lawn, then a trimmer will be all you need. It’s not worth getting a big metal blade for something as simple as looking after your grass.

As you can see from our above list, we felt that the best one to get for all-round use was the DEWALT DCST925M1 String Trimmer. We also felt that the best one to get in terms of the brush cutter that shows the highest quality was the Honda HHT35SLTAT Trimmer and Brush Cutter.

Other brush cutters that are worth mentioning, although do not feature in our article, include the Troy-Bilt TB42 and the Remington RM2700.

You should consider looking into the following things as well, that may help to influence your decision:

  • Does the brush cutter come with a warranty?
  • Do the brush cutter reviews offer any insights into common problems and benefits of this particular one?
  • How often are you going to need to use a brush cutter?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do you have the space to store it? How easy will it be to keep it otherwise?
  • How easy and safe is it to operate?

How to Use Brushcutters

A man with a lawn mower mows the grass

Make sure that you use the correct cutting technique for brush cutters. The blade will rotate counter-clockwise and cut in the 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock section as you look down at it. Because of this, you must always cut from right to left, gently pushing the device into the brush to make sure it doesn’t get caught up in weeds. If you push it in too quickly, you may find that weeds and other vegetation wrap around the blade and stop it spinning, which may make it overheat and stop working.

Brush cutters can be used to cut down brush in areas that are hard to reach for larger pieces of equipment, such as lawnmowers.

Health and Safety Concerns of Brush Cutters

  • It’s a good idea to wear a harness to bear some of the weight of brush cutters. Having to hold one for a long time can be extremely exhausting, particularly if you are working in a large area. It also makes brush cutters much safer to use when you are wearing one. You shouldn’t ever use one of these products unless you also have a harness.
  • Stay well away from all other people and animals when using brush cutters. They can be extremely dangerous.
  • Make sure that the blades of your brush cutters are always sharp. Especially if you are working in dry, rocky areas, the blade may become dull with use. You must always take care of this blade and ensure it’s always sharp. A dull blade on brush cutters can be a very serious safety concern and is much more dangerous than if the blade is kept sharp and the device used correctly.
  • Wear eye protection and skin protection at all times. Ear protection is also a very strong advisory.


Brush cutters and trimmers (and all their other respective synonyms) are very useful, for the reasons we have outlined in this article.

We hope that the brush cutters we have listed might be of some interest to you and that our buyer’s guide might have answered most of your questions around them.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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