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10 Best Corded Drills in 2020

The best corded drill can be hard to come by – there are so many on the market now.

Corded drills have many benefits for your household or industrial jobs and projects. Below, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best corded drills available on the market the moment, along with a buyer’s guide to help you decide which one might be the best for you and your uses.

We hope you find this guide useful.

View The Best Corded Drill Below

1. PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill



We selected this product from PORTER-CABLE as the best corded drill you can get at the moment. It has a powerful motor, throwing out 283 Watts from a 20 Volt lithium-ion battery. The motor is also capable of a 6.0 Amp output with between 0 and 2500 rpm, making it efficient at most drilling applications.

You’ll also get a keyless chuck, belt clip, 6-foot-long cord, and a lock-on button.

This corded drill comes with a three-year warranty against defects due to material failure or workmanship.

+ current output of 6.0 Amps
+ power output of 283 Watts
+ 3/8-inch keyless chuck
+ 0 – 2500 rpm
+ lock-on button
+ 3-year warranty

Why We Like It – It’s important to have a high-quality cord drill that is capable of drilling for extended periods. We selected this drill as the best corded drill available because of its nice 3-year warranty and general reliability.

2. Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Power Drill

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Power Drill


We have chosen this rotary hammer drill as the best corded drill you can get in terms of having the highest quality.

It has a current output of 7.5 Amps and has a revolution range of 0 – 1300 RPM. You can use this drill in 1 of 3 modes – as a simple drill with only rotational force, as both a rotary drill and a hammer, or as simply a hammer. This means that it is very functional and can be used for a wide range of different applications.

The chisel can be rotated and locked in 36 possible different positions to make sure that you get the angle you need while working. The brush plate has a patented design and means you will get the same power in both forward and reverse motion. There is also a well-designed clutch system that helps to prevent the drill from throwing itself in the direction the bit is turning (also known as “torque reaction”).

The variable speed trigger makes it easy to control the speed of the drill bit as you are using your corded drill.

+ rotary and hammer modes
+ 7.5 Amp motor
+ rev range of between 0 and 1300 RPM
+ variable speed trigger
+ patented brush plate

Why We Like It – We chose this Bosch electric drill as one of the best corded drills currently available. Its variable speed trigger works very nicely, and the motor is powerful, trusted, and reliable.

3. GALAX PRO Corded Drill

GALAX PRO Corded Drill


We have chosen this corded drill from GALAX PRO as the best for value. It features a 1/2-inch keyed chuck and is also a hammer drill when you need it to be – the different modes are selected by using a push-button on the top of the corded drill.

This corded drill has a 4.5 Amp motor and an unloaded revolution speed of 3000 RPM. Due to its different drill and hammer functions, you can use it for drilling holes in wood and steel plates, but nothing too hefty. You can drill up to 25 mm in wood, 13 mm in steel, and 13 mm in concrete.

The 1/2-inch chuck also has a depth gauge on it, which means that you can see how far in the bit will go – this can, of course, be adjusted from task to task.

+ 4.5 Amp motor
+ maximum revolving speed of 3000 RPM
+ 1/2-inch keyed chuck
+ drill and hammer functions
+ up to 25 mm in wood and 13 mm in steel and concrete

Why We Like It – We liked this drill and chose it as the best corded drill for value. Although the motor is not as powerful as some others on our list, if it’s value you’re after, this product will get the little jobs done as well as any other drill.

4. DEWALT Corded Drill with Keyed Chuck

DEWALT Corded Drill with Keyed Chuck


Coming in at number 4, we have this corded drill from DEWALT, which is manufactured in China. It features a 3/8-inch keyed chuck and has a power output of 440 Watts – this is plenty enough power to get most jobs done easily.

This product is also particularly lightweight, measuring in at only 803 g (which is approximately 1.8 lbs). This, in turn, means that you can use this drill in many situations, and your arms will not tire out so quickly.

Customers have rated this corded drill very highly on Amazon at the time of writing this article, with it having received a 4.7 / 5 stars.

+ 3/8-inch keyed chuck
+ power output of 440 Watts
+ lightweight and easy to use
+ 4.7 / 5 stars on Amazon at the time of writing

Why We Like It – We chose to add this DeWalt drill to our list because it is lightweight, easy to use, and comes highly recommended. DeWalt is also a world-renowned, trusted company.

5. BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill



This corded drill from BLACK & DECKER features a keyless chuck and weighs in at 1.47 kg (3.25 lbs). It is a compact design and therefore, can be kept in storage without taking up too much space, as well as being used in difficult-to-reach areas. With a current output of 5.2 Amps, this is one of the best corded drills available on the market at the moment.

It features variable speed control, and the bits can be stored onboard the drill.

This drill also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

+ keyless chuck
+ compact
+ 2-year warranty
+ current output of 5.2 Amps

Why We Like It – We liked this Black & Decker drill because it is compact and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

6. DEWALT Corded Drill

DEWALT Corded Drill


This DeWalt corded drill is one of the most powerful corded drills you can get, with an 8.0 Amp motor and a 3/8-inch ratcheting keyless chuck. It features a VSR trigger and a rev range of 0 – 2500 RPM.

This drill is made with ball bearings to make sure it is durable and lasts as long as possible, provided that it is well taken care of.

DeWalt has designed so that the grip is in the middle of the drill, making it particularly easy to hold and keep balanced as you are using it.

+ powerful motor (8.0 Amp)
+ 3/8-inch keyless chuck
+ variable speed trigger
+ 0 – 2500 RPM
+ ball bearings construction
+ grip in the middle of the DeWalt drill

Why We Like It – We added this second corded drill from DeWalt because we were impressed by its premium design – certainly one of the very best corded drills out there. The ball-bearing design and powerful 8 A motor give it quite an edge over the competition.

7. Meterk Hammer Drill

Meterk Hammer Drill


This Meterk hammer drill might also catch your fancy. It has a 7.0 Amp motor with a 1/2-inch chuck and can produce a speed of 3000 RPM when not under any load. There is a switch so you can change between functions of a hammer and drill for whatever you are currently working on.

There is also a lock button on this corded drill. This allows you to lock the speed rather than having to keep your hands and fingers in the same place for an extended time, thereby reducing fatigue and cramps.

+ 7.0 Amp motor
+ 1/2-inch chuck
+ up to 3000 RPM (under zero load)
+ hammering and drilling functions
+ lock button to set the rotational speed rather than having to hold the trigger constantly

Why We Like It – We chose to add this hammer drill to our list because it features a motor with a lot of power. A 1/2″ chuck is always particularly useful – added to the speed locking button and hammering capability, and you have a great all-round piece of kit.

8. SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill

SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill


The SKIL 6335-02 also features a 7.0 Amp motor, with a lot of power so that it can be used for tougher applications. The chuck is 1/2″ and keyed.

A side handle is included so that you can hold the drill steady while you are using it and keep your holes accurate and where you intended them to be. Like most drills, it also has a variable speed trigger. The trigger is also a 2-finger type with a lock-on option.

With this drill, you will get a revs/minute range of 0 – 950 RPM (unloaded).

+ powerful 7.0 Amp motor
+ 1/2″ keyed chuck
+ 2-finger type trigger with lock-on option
+ 0 – 950 RPM
+ side handle

Why We Like It – While the RPM range is much less than many contemporary corded drills, this is still one of the best available. The 2-finger trigger with the lock-on option gives you plenty of flexibility and saves fatigue in your hands, while the side assistant will help you with accuracy when drilling. And, of course, there is also the 7 Amp motor, which produces more than enough power for tackling some of the heftier jobs around your home.

9. Metabo HPT Drill, Corded

Metabo HPT Drill, Corded


Metabo HPT is the new name for the company that you may well have heard of before – Hitachi Power Tools.

Like the previous couple of corded drills, this drill has a 7 Amp motor with more than enough power (840 Watts, to be precise). It has a maximum torque of 133.7 in/lbs. This drill has a keyless 3/8-inch chuck.

The grip is ergonomic and designed to be easy to fit in the palm of your hand. As well as this, the trigger is variable speed (like most corded and cordless drills alike) and comes with a lock-on feature.

+ 7 Amp motor
+ produces 840 Watts of power
+ variable speed trigger
+ optimal balance of speed and torque
+ keyless 3/8″ chuck
+ ergonomic grip

Why We Like It – We chose to add the Metabo HPT corded drill to our list of the top 10 best corded drills because of the high power output and the way it can be used for multiple applications. All its other standard features are also great and useful, of course.

10. TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill


Finally, we have this TACKLIFE hammer and corded drill. As you can see, it can be used in one of two modes – as a hammer or as a drill. These modes are selected using a button on the top of the drill. With a 7.1 Amp pure copper powerful motor, this drill has a power output of 850 Watts. It has a 1/2″ keyed chuck.

The rotational speed of the drill is set using a dial – there are 12 possible different settings, with speeds of up to 3000 RPM.

This drill also comes with a 360-degree metal side handle to improve accuracy and reduce shock, metal depth gauge, chuck key, and a user manual.

+ 7.1 Amp output from the motor with a power output of 850 Watts
+ 1/2″ keyed chuck
+ hammer mode or drilling mode
+ 12 different possible speeds, set using a dial, up to 3000 RPM
+ 360-degree metal side handle
+ metal depth gauge

Why We Like It – We added this drill to our list because it has a powerful motor with a very useful 1/2″ chuck. The side handle, and depth gauge are also very tempting, with a good high maximum rotational speed too.

Corded Drills Buyer’s Guide

What is the Best Corded Drill to Buy?

As you can see from our article and the list of products that we have featured above, we feel that the best corded drill, overall (and there are many different corded drills to choose from!), is the PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill. We chose the Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme as the best corded drill available for all-round quality.

There are many different well-known drill brands, and it would be a disservice to think that this list only shows corded drills from the best manufacturers. We have drills from DeWalt, Porter Cable, Tacklife, and Bosch; all featured on this list. All are companies known for producing some of the best tools around. Makita is also a trendy drill brand, used across the world and famed for reliability, durability, and functionality.

Are Corded Drills More Powerful?

Closeup of mature carpenter drilling wood while working in joinery, copy space

Up until very recently, the answer to this question would have been “yes”. Battery tools were always marketed as being the more convenient option, although they used not to be able to put out as much power as other tools, such as ones that connect into the mains electrical system or pneumatic tools.

That is no longer the case.

In recent years, technology surrounding batteries has increased dramatically (just look at the improvements in electric cars and phone battery lives, for example). This has resulted in battery tools being just as powerful as conventional tools, if not more so in some cases.

It varies from individual tool to individual tool, of course. You should always check the power of a tool and compare it to other battery or pneumatic variants of the tool that you might consider buying.

What are the Main Benefits of Corded Drills?

The main benefits of corded drills are:

  • Simply plug it in and start drilling. You won’t have to worry about having the battery fully charged, which can result in having to stop every 10 or 15 minutes and recharge your drill on battery-powered cordless drills. This will either result in your losing precious time or having to have 2 or 3 batteries on a constant cycle, changing them every time your power levels get a little low.
  • Corded drills don’t wear out as quickly as battery-powered ones. Although nowadays it does take an awful lot of use before the batteries begin to wear out, wear out they will. After up to 1000 charges, you can expect the batteries that power your cordless drill to begin not to hold a charge so well and need to be replaced, incurring an additional cost. Because corded drills don’t utilize any of these batteries, the problem is nonexistent.
  • Corded drills are often cheaper than cordless drills – this is again because of the batteries, which are expensive to buy.
  • They are also lighter than cordless drills. A battery can add more weight to your drill than you think – this will slowly contribute to a slightly lesser accuracy and your hands, arms, and fingers wearing out quicker than if it was a lighter model; enter the corded drill.
  • These drills also provide a constant supply of power. In a cordless drill, you will get a big surge of power when it first comes off charge, being fully charged, but then the power levels will drop as you use it more and more. This problem does not exist with corded drills.

Using a Corded Drill as a Screwdriver

Gloved worker working with an electric drill

You can use a corded drill as a screwdriver as long as you have the right drill bit.

The only things you will have to be careful of are not over-torquing the screws. Screws are generally designed to be tightened by hand, so if you apply too much tightening power, you may damage the screw or even snap it or your material completely.

If you are going to use a corded drill as a screwdriver, we would advise you to make sure that the drill you’re getting has a variable speed trigger (sometimes referred to as a “VS trigger”), and that you only apply minimum torque when sending in a screw.

You can, of course, also use cordless drills for the same task and with the same precautions.

What Kind of Chuck Should I Look For?

Drill chuck isolated on white

In general, the bigger the chuck, the better. A half-inch chuck is usually seen as the best because you can use this for many different drill bits. The only time it would be worth looking for a smaller chuck size is if you were using particularly small drill bits. This is because if you are using a 1/2″ chuck, it is likely that the drill itself will be quite powerful and, therefore, it could cause damage to the drill bit. Most of the time, though, the biggest chuck is best.

Is it best to use a keyed chuck or a keyless chuck? That depends on you. If the chuck is keyed, it will have a “key” to lock it in place. Although these systems in these drills are less complicated to make than keyless chucks (and therefore cheaper), people often tend to misplace the key, resulting in more problems than initially. In general, a keyed chuck will give you more accurate results and more flexibility, whereas a keyless chuck is much simpler to operate. Which is best for you depends on what is more important for you.


Thank you for reading through our article on the top 10 best corded drills.

We hope it has been useful for you and that it will help you decide which is the best corded drill for your personal use.

As always, thank you for reading.

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