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10 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches in 2020

Do you have tough nuts? As many mechanics, builders, or home renovators will tell you, a rusted lug nut can slow your work to a stop unless you have the correct tools for the job. Standard wrenches and elbow grease will only get you so far. For the real tough nuts to crack, you should use a strong, cordless impact wrench.

Impact wrenches are to a standard wrench what a power drill is to a screwdriver. They are the best way to take the strain and physical effort out of your job or project, so you can work more efficiently and for longer.

Impact wrenches are sometimes also referred to as torque guns, rattle guns, air wrenches, or windy guns because most professional models run using pressurized air. This enables them to give the immense torque they need to bust the rust and loosen even the tightest of lug nuts.

However, air-powered wrenches can be very costly and impractical for the home user, as they require a tube to connect the wrench head to a pressurized air tank.

The best solution, which more professionals are gravitating towards, is to use a cordless impact wrench. These are substantially cheaper to purchase and run as they use rechargeable batteries and have no movement restriction.

Making the change from an air wrench to a cordless impact wrench can be difficult without knowing which tools are best and will offer the same amount of torque and power. It’s even harder to know if you’ve never used a cordless impact wrench before, but fortunately, that’s where we come in. When using an impact wrench, cordless is the way to go.

We’ve separated the lug nut busters from the lug nut dusters and found the ten best cordless impact wrenches available to purchase in 2020.

View The Best Cordless Impact Wrench Below

1. PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench

PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench


The Port-Cable is a tool that ticks all the boxes for a functional and reliable addition to your toolbox. The one 2-inch hog ring fits almost any size of socket fitting, and Porter-Cable can deliver up to 260 lbs of torque. It has a max speed of 1650rpm, which, combined with its impressive torque, gives incredible nut tightening and busting capabilities. The variable speed trigger allows you to apply force gradually, ensuring the best safety of use, avoiding stripping the threads off of overtightened lug nuts.

The 20v lithium rechargeable battery offers excellent life, and an additional battery is available to purchase from Amazon.com as part of a package deal. Other pack deals include a freestanding LED light to illuminate any tight spaces you need to work in, or a Bluetooth Porter-Cable speaker if you like music while you work.

This tool is coated in a chemical-resistant case, which makes it perfect for use in garages or automotive work. Gas and oil will not impede the hog ring’s turning or the performance of the tool. This tool also has an over-molded handle grip to ensure it stays firmly in your hand as you work. It weighs just 6lbs, including the battery, meaning that this brilliant tool delivers over 40 times its weight in torque power!

+ Chemical resistant casing
+ High torque
+ Three year limited warranty

Why We Like It – The Porter-Cable is an excellent example of the standard of torque you should expect from an impact wrench, while still including enough useful extra features to make your tasks easier. This is why it could be the best cordless impact wrench kit for you.

2. DEWALT Impact Wrench Kit

DEWALT Impact Wrench Kit


The Dewalt kit is best for big construction jobs or extending working hours. It comes with two 20V XR-Lithium ion batteries and a fast charger so you can wrench your lug nuts from dawn until dusk. As soon as one runs out, switch and charge, and you’ll never have to stop working.

This tool has a shorter and more compact nozzle design to allow it to fit into tight spaces or hard to get to spots. It has a max torque of 150 ft lbs, which is less than some of the other power tools on our list, but it makes up for this with the immense battery life, versatility, and dexterity when working. The Dewalt measures up to 2300rpm when unloaded with a socket, which still gives it an admirable turning force.

With the lesser torque, it’s best to think of this impact wrench as a marathon tool; it’s not as powerful as the ‘sprinter tools,’ but it will go long-distance and long working hours without letting you down. It may struggle on some of the most rusted of lug nuts, but it can still hold its ground.

This tool is easy to use; it uses a 2-inch hog ring anvil tip for easy switching of sockets, a textured anti-slip handle to ensure the best grip, and three LED lights on the nozzle, so you get full visibility in poorly lit working spaces. It also features a variable speed trigger and easy reversal switch, so you’re always in complete control of this premium piece of hardware.

+ LED lights for safe and full visibility
+ Comes with carrying case and additional battery
+ Super compact for tight to fit spaces

Why We Like It – The Dewalt keeps up with the long workdays and never lets you down. The extended and extra batteries mean you never have to stop until the job is done.

3. Dobetter Cordless Impact Wrench

Dobetter Cordless Impact Wrench


The Dobetter cordless certainly lives up to its name. This is one of few cordless impact wrenches to use a cast aluminum gearbox for improved durability and gives it one of the best cordless tool lifespans. The aluminum head is also coated with a rubber protective shield to keep your hands safe while you work and prevent damage to the impact wrench. The Dobetter packs up to 230 ft lbs of torque with the potential for higher when loosening tough nuts and bolts. It can run up to 2900rpm, and the internal electric motor comes with a failsafe to protect against motor overloading.

Battery life shines with the included fast charger. You can have your power tool charged and ready to go in just one hour. The four light power indicator on the battery gives you a clear readout of how much juice remains. This way, you can gauge when to charge your impact wrench appropriately.

The ergonomic design of this Dobetter cordless tool scores it more points with its comfortable soft-grip handle and reliable belt clip for easy traversal and movement during jobs in more precarious or ranged environments. To top it all off, it comes with a 4pcs socket set. You have everything you need to start working on that next job.

+ Cast aluminum gearbox.
+ Motor overload protection.
+ Belt clip.

Why We Like It – The Dobetter’s aluminum gearbox gives a real feeling of power and control in your hand, and the included socket set makes this tool perfect for those raring to get their work underway.

4. Craftsman Cordless Impact Wrench

Craftsman Cordless Impact Wrench


This tool is one of few that’s available as just the wrench itself from amazon.com. Craftsman gives customers the option of whether or not to spring extra money for batteries as this model is compatible with most other 20V Craftsman rechargeable batteries. It’s always worth checking the details of your current battery to make sure, but if you do require a battery for the Craftsman wrench, the kit deal gives you both the battery and charger for just a small amount.

The Craftsman brings an impressive 350 ft lbs of torque for loosening with 1700 rpm and 2,500 IPM (impact per minute, see our buyers guide for more info). The easy to use hog ring anvil allows efficient switching of sockets and full illuminating LED lights ensure that you always have a clear view of where you’re working. The variable speed trigger means that you’re always in full control of your torque.

This wrench weighs 5.9 lbs (not including battery), which puts it on the slightly heavier side of the other power tools on our list. However, it accounts for this by being fully compatible with the Versatrack hang hook, making storage in your garage or workshop super easy. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

+ Versatrack hang hook compatible
+ High torque capabilities
+ LED lighting.

Why We Like It – This Craftsman tool offers immense torque, and we love that the manufacturer made an effort to include the Versatrack compatibility. This wrench looks very at home when mounted up in your garage or workshop.

5. Neiko 10878A Cordless Impact Wrench

Neiko 10878A Cordless Impact Wrench


Only one term springs to mind when you think of the Neiko 10878A; heavy duty. This tool offers up to an incredible 300 ft lbs at max torque and up to 3000 rpm (unloaded). If you’re dealing with heavily rusted and corroded lug nuts, this could be one of the best cordless impact wrenches for the job.

It features a variable speed trigger, so even with all that massive nut-busting torque, you’re always in full control of the motor. The handle is purposefully designed with a gun body-style grip and coated with a rubber surface to ensure a firm, comfortable, and reliable hold in your palm. It also comes with a hanging hook for easy on-the-job traversal.

Speaking of traversal, the Neiko 10787A comes with a durable storage case to keep your tool safe and in top working condition. It also carries the 20v lithium-ion battery charger. Fast charging is a breeze, and the Neiko battery even comes with a four light display to show how much charge is left.

This is displayed in 25% increments. Finally, that carry case will come in handy for carrying the four pcs socket set included. This is one of the best cordless impact wrench kits to be able to pick and go from amazon.com.

+ Immense 300 ft lbs torque.
+ It comes with a carry case and accessories.
+ Comfortable and ergonomically designed grip.

Why We Like It – This is one of the best impact wrenches for stripping off those heavily corroded and rusted lug nuts. The combination of torque power and the comfortable grip makes for a terrific one-two punch.

6. Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrench


The Milwaukee brand offers a wide range of cordless impact wrenches at varying levels of durability and max torque. This power tool uses many of Milwaukee’s features, such as a four-pole motor for increased torque and intuitive friction ring for quick and easy socket changes, which Milwaukee claims is possible with one hand.

This cordless tool claims to be capable of 450 ft lbs of torque, which for an 8.6″ high, compact wrench would be pretty damn impressive, putting it near the top of our list for torque capability.

However, many customers and reviews have reported that the torque is much lower than this. Exact numbers are vague, but the general consensus is that Milwaukee is more of a light work power tool. It’s best used for construction and tightening new lug nuts as the quick to switch socket features allow for efficient and quick work, but it falls short when trying to bust tougher nuts and bolts.

It should also be noted that it does not come with a battery or carry case, as images may suggest. These accessories are available on amazon.com but must be purchased at an additional price.

What the Milwaukee cordless wrench does feature though. is a variable speed trigger, less weight, so you can work for longer without tiring, and a generous 5-year limited warranty. It’s towards the cheaper end of Milwaukee’s extensive and impressive range of power tools, but you get what you pay for.

+ Lightweight
+ Fast socket change friction ring.
+ Compact for tight to fit working areas.

Why We Like It – The extreme lightweight and compact design of the Milwaukee makes it perfect for awkward and hard to reach nuts. Definitely a good choice for constructing decking or stages.

7. Nocry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Nocry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit


Nocry took its name from the experience it wanted its customers to have. With this kit, they have never been more deserving of their name. This powerful tool has a nut loosening torque power of 300 ft lbs and a max rpm of 2200. This is an exceptionally powerful wrench.

It uses a 20v battery that can fully charge in two hours and is capable of continual use for up to 65 minutes. Allow us to clarify; that’s 65 minutes of the trigger pressed down and the powerful indent anvil spinning without any loss of torque or speed. Why you would want to do this is open to interpretation, but it’s very impressive nonetheless.

The Nocry wrench kit comes with a carry case and battery charger. The 20v has a four LED light display to indicate your remaining power and a belt clip for easy traversal.

It should be noted, however, that Nocry has identified an issue with a small number of their cordless impact wrenches forward and reverse switches. According to when the amazon.com page was last updated, the manufacturing fault can cause the cordless wrench to stop working, but credit should be given to Nocry for being upfront and honest about this fault. Any customer who experiences this fault can immediately contact Nocry and receive a replacement impact wrench at no extra cost and without needing to return the original.

Nocry offers an additional 4-year warranty on this impact wrench, and so despite this minor fault to a small number of these cordless tools, we feel that Nocry deserves a recommendation for a normally reliable and extremely powerful piece of equipment. They also win a one-off good guys award for being upfront about a technical issue and offering an immediate resolution.

+ Very powerful torque.
+ Includes charger and case.
+ Unmatched battery life.

Why We Like It – Manufacturing fault aside, this is a well rounded and competent tool. But what we really love is you, Nocry. Your honesty and striving to put things right is an inspiration to us all.

8. ENEACRO Cordless Impact Wrench

ENEACRO Cordless Impact Wrench


This wrench is the first one on our list to use a brushless motor. With brush motor impact wrenches, over time, the brushes can wear down and need replacing to keep them working to the best of the ability. This is not the case with a brushless motor. With no brushes to replace, the ENEACRO has a longer usage lifespan and uses less power, so even the 20V battery lasts longer. That’s not all; the alternative motor design makes this wrench quieter without losing any torque.

The ENEACRO stands alongside some of the best and more powerful cordless impact wrenches with 300 ft lbs of nut loosening torque. It has a 3-speed switch, allowing precise control for whatever job you’re undertaking with a choice of 0-1600 rpm, 0-2100 rpm, or 0-2800 rpm if you need to wrench off some tough nuts and bolts. The variable speed trigger allows you to fine-tune the amount of torque you want to use further.

This is also one of few cordless impact wrenches that feature an internal electronic brake that counters the motor’s kick and therefore protects your wrists from excessive strain. The insulated grip is comfortable, and an LED light provides illumination in dark or awkward workspaces.

The wrenches battery can fully charge in just two hours with the included fast-charger, and the light indicator will always let you know how much power is left. It also includes a belt clip, four pcs socket set, and 24 months warranty. With all of these features and accessories, it’s a good thing that it comes with a carry case.

+ Brushless motor.
+ Electronic brake and wrist protection.
+ 3-speed switch settings.

Why We Like It – The brushless motor gives a different feel when using it, and we like it! Knowing that it will work for longer than some of the brush motor models feels even better. Throw in the wrist protection and speed switch setting, and it’d be hard to feel any better than that!

9. GOXAWEE Cordless Impact Wrench

GOXAWEE Cordless Impact Wrench


The correct pronunciation of this brand is anyone’s guess, but when you see what it has to offer, you’ll call it whatever it likes. The GOXAWEE (Go-xa-wee?) cordless wrench offers a staggering 11 accessories and is by far the most diverse and versatile tool on our list.

For starters, it’s the only cordless tool that’s purposefully designed to be used as an electric screwdriver and power drill as well. It even gives you a double-ended screw head and ¼ inch hex chuck to do so.

This is the only other wrench on our list that uses a brushless motor for longer life and less maintenance (the other being the ENEACRO). The GOXAWEE (Goxa-wee?) is capable of 221 ft lbs of torque and offers 2-speed settings of 0-1900 rpm and 0-2400 rpm. While this is not as much torque as some of the other power tools, it’s still a respectable amount of force and a necessary reduction for a tool that does the work of both a power drill and a screwdriver.

Despite being able to perform a wide range of tasks and functions, the GOXAWEE (G-oxa-wee?) manages to remain lightweight and compact. The pistol-style handle gives a comfortable and balanced grip, and LED lighting will guide your drill, screw head, or one of your included four pcs sockets to wherever it needs to go.

This kit also includes a fast charger for the 20v battery with a clear light indication of a full charge in just 2.5 hours and a spacious and durable carry bag for your many accessories. This is, without a doubt, the best cordless impact wrench you can get that also works as a multifunctional tool.

+ Most diverse and multifunctional cordless tool
+ 11 accessories.
+ Brushless motor.

Why We Like It – It’s rare for a tool to want to cover so many functions and not feel spread out or thin. This is an excellent and versatile tool that can handle whatever you throw at it.

10. Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench

Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench


This impact wrench is truly one designed for the digital age. What jumps out first at you is the USB port in the back of the 20V battery, which can be used as a phone charger and power bank. The three lights on the battery indicate how much power remains and the 1.5A lithium-ion battery charges in 3-5 hours with the included charger. While this is a longer charge time than some other tools, additional batteries are available from amazon.com. Plus, we don’t know of any other makes of power tool that can save you from being stranded when your car breaks down, and your phone dies.

This is a unique and well-thought feature for mechanics or workmen who have to travel for their work and communicate with clients or employers. There’s nothing worse than heading to your next job, and your phone battery dies before you can coordinate with the rest of your team. With a weight of just 3.3 lbs and a compact design, this may be the best impact wrench for traveling workers.

It can deliver up to 180 ft lbs of torque, 2200 rpm max speed, and features a variable trigger for accurate control. Three LED lights provide clear visibility in dark workspaces, and the anti-slip rubber handle will ensure you have a firm grip throughout your work, even when exposed to sweat, oil, or any other substances that may hinder you. This cordless impact wrench also comes with a four pcs socket set and carry bag.

+ USB power bank feature.
+ Extremely lightweight.
+ Best for travel.

Why We Like It – The Avid Power is a wonderful all-rounder to close up our list. With respectable torque, battery life, and features like the LED lighting and anti-slip handle, this is a tool that holds its ground as good as any other.

Cordless Impact Wrench Buyer’s Guide

Knowing which impact wrenches are strong enough to tackle your intended job can sometimes be a headache. There are countless brands available, and even within those brands, there are multiple different tools and strengths. It can be infuriating if you’ve just invested in a new cordless impact wrench only to discover its max strength still isn’t enough to shift those pesky rusted lug nuts.

This can normally be avoided by studying the specs of your impact wrench before you buy it, but even then, if you don’t know your IPM’s form your RPM’s you may end up feeling even more lost.

We’ve taken the liberty of breaking it all down for you, though, so can be certain that the impact wrench you buy will never fail you.

Measuring Torque (Ft-lbs versus NM)

The most common unit of measurement to gauge how powerful an impact wrench is is ft-lbs or foot-pounds. To understand foot-pounds, first, we must understand torque.

Simply put, torque is twisting force. It’s a force or pressure localized to rotating around a single point.

Ft-lbs is the measurement of how much torque or pounds of force can be applied to one foot of distance around the radius of that one point without being stopped by the resistance of say, a rusted lug nut.

Ft-lbs is a measurement of power, not speed. An impact wrench with 200 ft-lbs of power is capable of forcing 200 pounds of force around the central point (the anvil or lug nut) over a radius of 1 foot. The equivalent power would be like attaching a regular manual wrench to a rusted lug nut and then placing a 200 lbs weight on the handle to get the lug nut to move and complete enough turns (revolutions) to cover 1 foot of radial distance.

Cordless impact wrench close up

We chose to measure all of our cordless impact wrenches in ft-lbs, as this is one of the most universal and accurate ways to measure torque. However, some manufacturers prefer to measure their torque in NM.

“Wait, hold up! What is an NM?” we hear you ask. NM stands for newton-meter. It’s just another unit of measurement for torque and works similar to ft-lbs. Let’s go back to the manual wrench on the rusted lug nut analogy.

This time, imagine your manual wrench is exactly one meter long. Pushing down on the handle of the wrench (exactly one meter away from the lug nut) is what is measured as a newton-meter. So if the lug nut required 50 newtons of weight (or mass technically) to move, that would be measured as 50NM.

The reason this is not as accurate as ft-lbs is because NM only measures the amount of force to move the nut. Ft-lbs measures how much force it takes to move over a distance of 1 foot. This means that the amount of weight or torque administered must be consistent enough to allow movement for multiple revolutions of the lug nut, not just to make it budge like with NM.

The reason manufacturers may advertise their impact wrench strength in NM is because NM is a larger measurement than ft-lbs, and therefore, it sounds more impressive.

One newton-meter is the same as 0.7376 foot-pounds of force, so when this scales up, and advertisers need something to put on their ad, 270NM sounds like more than 200 ft-lbs. When, in reality, they’re almost the same weight.

Make sure to check whether the impact you are looking at buying is measured in NM or ft-lbs and find out what the equivalent weight is. There are free converters online that can help you.

Difference between RPM and IPM

Man using cordless impact wrench

Don’t worry, we have a headache from that last section too, but this one is a lot simpler.

Anyone who’s driven a car, motorcycle, or swung a cat around really fast is likely to know that rpm stands for revolutions per minute.

In terms of impact wrenches, this refers to the speed the anvil of the wrench turns at. Having an impact wrench with a high rpm will not necessarily make it stronger, but it can aid the torque and twisting power by providing momentum. The real indication of an impact wrenches power is in the torque, but speed is something to consider if you are working jobs with multiple lug nuts such as construction. While tightening or loosening lug nuts can only take a few seconds, you may start to notice the wait time by the time you’ve tightened your 65th nut.

IPM stands for impact per minute. This refers to the number of times in a minute the socket of your impact wrench makes physical contact with the lug nut or bolt you are turning. Impact wrenches work by storing energy using a motor and spring and releasing them in short, concentrated bursts. These bursts are often so fast they are undetectable to the eye and look to function in the same constant force way as a power drill or electric screwdriver.

The giveaway is in the sound or rattle of an impact wrench, and the IPM causes this rattle. If you watch an impact wrench turn in slow motion (there are multiple videos on Youtube), you will see the socket head stopping and starting each turn in a hammering motion. Each one of these motions is counted as one IPM. Much like RPM, having a higher impact per minute count is not as much of a strength indicator as torque, but it does help.

Size, weight, and features

Cordless impact wrench with drill bit

Always consider what you will be using your impact wrench for before you purchase one. If you’re going to be predominantly using your impact wrench for automotive repairs, it may be a good idea to buy one with a compact or shorter nozzle to make sure it will fit into awkward or hard to reach areas under the hood. Furthermore, get one with LED lighting, as having a built-in light source will make working in the engine much easier.

You should also consider the battery life and weight of your impact wrench if you intend to use it for extended periods. Big jobs like constructing decking or scaffolding will require multiple nuts and bolts to be dealt with, and unless you want your wrists aching by the end, you should invest in a lightweight impact wrench with good battery life, or failing that, multiple batteries.

Don’t be fooled by the weight of just the impact wrench itself either. Remember that your total carry weight will include the socket head and the loaded battery.


Why should I use an impact wrench instead of a manual wrench?

Why do people use dishwashers when they have sinks? Using an impact wrench will save you time and effort so you can focus more on other areas of your work.

Can I use an impact wrench as a power drill and vice versa?

Not unless your tool specifically states that it can be used for both (like the GOXAWEE on our list). Using a tool for other than the purpose it was made for poses a significant risk to both the tool and yourself. Safety first, folks.

Which is better? Brush motors or brushless?

Both types have their advantages, but the simplest comparison has to do with maintenance. Brush motors will require the brushes to be changed eventually, but once they have, they stand to last longer than brushless motors will overall. With that being said, a brushless motor will last much longer than the lifespan of a single set of brushes. There are other advantages to brushless motors, such as reduced noise and often less power consumption.


Whatever the best cordless impact wrench is for you, it’s likely to be a solid addition to your toolbox. Not only will you be saving your hands and wrists from hours of strain, but your wallet will thank you for not shedding out for an expensive air pressure gun. We hope you found something in our list of the best cordless impact wrenches.

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