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Best Cordless Lawn Mowers of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Going through the mid-fall, when your garden lawn is scattered with dry leaves and with summers approaching around the corner, the grasses need some urgent care.

Thus, with all the preps before the onset of summers, one of the thoughts which hammers you is the job of mowing your lawn.

It might be one of the most anticipated tasks in your childhood, or would have been one of the few jobs around the house you could do to fill your piggy banks.

But as a grown-up, managing a thousand chores in office, outdoors and households, tussling with that old gas mower cord or trying to come into some handling sync with the power cord of electric mowers, is just not one of your weekend picks.

However, keeping the job on the shelf for days means a gift of the frowzy and disheveled yard.

Well, but you are in 2022, and matters like this need not bother you anymore because this is the tech era, where you are blessed with technologies all around you advancing faster than thoughts.

While earlier battery-powered cordless mowers were taken as silly play tools suitable only for the small embellished yard, today with the powerful cordless lawnmowers, garden care using such lawn tools is becoming more comfortable, and less painful.

However, living in the tech age, you need to understand the tech advantages of different cordless mower models before heading for shopping, online, or from the gardening store.

Here are the top 15 choices for best cordless lawn mower in the market this 200, therefore those considering for a mower purchase before this summer, go through the list of top choices.

View The Best Best Cordless Lawn Mowers Below

1. Greenworks 17 Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 17 Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower


The Greenworks 17-inch Cordless Mower is a power sleek and slim design gardening partner with superior 40V Lithium-Ion technology.

The mower comes with a single 4 Ah battery and on-board battery life indicator which allows you to keep a note of the battery life remaining.

Keeping up with the sleek and swift tech features, the mower is equipped with 17inch durable deck and 5-position height adjustment capacity with a single lever.

This Greenworks 17inch Mower is crafted with Pro smart cut technology with a cutting height range of 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inch for fine cutting.

The equipment is designed to offer 2-in-1 rear bagging and mulching to enhanced using ease. The battery run time offer commendable performance and offers a comprehensive mowing with single charging.

+ 2 in 1 rear bagging and mulching features
+ Mower comes with a battery
+ Battery life indicator inbuilt
+ Pro Smart Cut Technology
+ Adjustable height

– None so far

Why We Like It – This mower has received 5 stars from many users because of the performance and ease of handling. So, you can buy it without any worries.

2. Sun Joe MJ401C Pro

Sun Joe MJ401C Pro


Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO is an ideal pick for small to medium lawn owners. This mower comes with an advanced 4 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery powered with fine grade steel blades and with a 14″ wide deck offering crisp and neat cutting of grass with enhanced precision. This is an ideal choice for those lawns which have narrow passes, curves and rear corners to reach out.

Smart adjustment is one of the eye-catching features allowing you to tailor cut the turfs with adjustable 3-position heights which needs to be manually adjusted as per your turf height.

Added to all, for MJ401C you also have manufacturer customer support, along with 2 years warranty on parts from the date of purchase. For smart mowing of a small or mid-size lawn, this 28-volt lithium-ion rechargeable cordless mower is indeed a budget buy within 200$.

+ Perfect for small to medium lawns
+ Smart budget friendly choice
+ Comes with a 10.6 gallon clipping collector bag
+ Easy to attach

– None so far

Why We Like It – This is a Pro Version of cordless mower from Sun Joe which comes with a 10.6-gallon clipping collector bag, easy to attach and remove for swift and hassle-free disposal of clipping.

3. Ego Power+LM2000 S

Ego Power+LM2000 S


The 20 inch is an advanced cordless mower from EGO Power+ fortified with 56 Volt Lithium-Ion battery, offering up to 90 minutes cut time. Not all dealers offer battery and charger with the kit. Just check among the product details.

However, the best part is the machine is compatible with all EGO power+ arc lithium batteries. The machine has an exceptional compact design, which is also foldable, therein easy to store and use.

The model comes with high grade steel blades with a 20-inch cut capacity, with power packed features like 600W, powerful torque, advanced magnetic motor and a smart weather protective design.

This is also a 4.3 rated product on amazon because of its smart 3-in-1 technology including bagging, mulching and side discharge. The machine can be compared to a gas mower in terms of powerful performance, but 30% less noise.

+ Advanced features
+ Foldable making it easy to store
+ LED lights make it possible to use during evenings
+ Well rated

– Fairly complex design

Why We Like It – Additional LED headlights enhances the convenience of use in evening, early morning. The product has received five star ratings by many buyers because of the speed and design, thus, it is a great buy.

4. GreenWorks MO40L410 G Max


GreenWorks MO40L410 G Max


Empowered with 4 AH – 40V Lithium Battery, MO40L410 G-MAX cordless mower from GreenWorks is one of the favorite consumer’s choice. Integrated with Smart Cut Technology, the compact mower allows you to mulch, side discharge and bag, which means you can choose to use the clipping, remove them neat accordingly.

The mower comes with 5-position cutting height offering you an upper hand over turfs of different heights and cutting ease.

The 20” Deck is built of steel, making the mower intensely durable and sturdy. The Smart Cut Technology also enhances the speed of the blades and cutting precision.

+ Strong durable deck
+ Smart cut technology
+ 5 position cutting height

– None so far

Why We Like It – The design is crafted to be user friendly availing an additional dual battery port where one battery can be kept stored while the other one is in use. This mower bags in a 4+ rating on amazon with its 10″ rear wheels and 7″ front wheels design enhancing flexible maneuver even through uneven terrains.

5. Greenworks Pro Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro Cordless Lawn Mower


If you are looking are heavy duty mower, which is also easy to handle, compact, easy to store, you got to take a look at the Greenworks PRO which is a 21 Inch 80V power packed cordless mower buzzing the market with its entailed advanced features.

With a 4.0Ah lithium ion battery it offers 60 minutes of high-performance runtime when the battery is fully charged. The mower comes with a fast charger. The product kit includes the battery and the charger, so you don’t need to arrange for one separately.

Large 10-inch rear wheels accompanied with 1-3/4 inches cutting height makes this one of the best cordless lawn mowers 150 for high end precision.

The mower is also designed with a brushless motor which means you get more torque, additional powerful performance and longer running time.

+ Large rear wheels
+ Comes with a fast charger
+ Package provides a battery

– Battery life could be better

Why We Like It – The model is sturdy and durable, indeed a long-term investment. It is a push model with integrated smart to cut load sensing technology, allowing bagging, mulching and side discharging as well.

6. Snapper XD Max Electric Cordless Mower

Snapper XD Max Electric Cordless Mower


Snapper XD MAX Cordless Electric Mower comes with advanced self-propelled transmission mechanism which allows you not only to control and manipulate the speed but gives you an edge over flexible mobility. With a sturdy steel 21 Inch steel mowing deck this mower allows you to conveniently reach out to difficult terrains in your lawn, with 3-in-1 grass clipping side discharge, mulch and bag set up.

Powered with a Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium-ion 2.0 Ah battery you can avail up to 45 minutes of runtime. Moreover, unlike many other products this mower kit comes with 2 Ah Lithium-ion batteries and a fast charger.

The Snapper XD is a tech pro equipment with an instant push button start and a single lever with 7 height position for high end accuracy of turf cutting.

+ Many different height positions
+ Quiet performance
+ Easy to use

– Short battery life

Why We Like It – This is also one of the mowers which is featured with load sensing technology which helps the blades to perform as per requirement. Quieter and easy to handle, this mower is a decent buy in reasonable price.

7. Black Decker CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower

Black Decker CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower


This BLACK+DECKER electric cordless mower is indeed one of the market leading multi-purpose mowers which allows you to take all round care of your lawn, whether you want to trim, mow, and mulch or edge your lawn.

This 16 Inch mower is a compact one, easy to use in narrow spaces as well easy to store. This 40 Volt garden tool is 6 position height adjustable with a cutting range from 1-1/10″ and 3-1/10″.

The product kits come with 2 40V max lithium batteries and a charger. BLACK+DECKER CM1640 also comes with a 9.5-gallon grass bag designed made from soft fabric and hard top.

+ Easy to handle
+ Durable design
+ Sturdy build

– Included grass bag could be bigger

Why We Like It – The machine is a good choice for those seeking for a neat and clean lawn, fine mowing experience and easy handling.

8. Worx WG788

Worx WG788


The WORX brings to you an advanced electric cordless mower in its model WG788 with Pro Intellicut mowing technology.

This is a perfect gardening equipment when you need additional torque for those tough grasses in your lawn. The mower comes with 36-volt battery which is removable and rechargeable.

The machine is integrated with specialized mulching blades which offers finely chopped grass clipping. The powerful battery offers longer running time of up to 60 minutes or 18,500 square feet on a single charge.

+ Impressive performance
+ 19 inch cutting width
+ Adjustable height

– Battery life could be better

Why We Like It – The mowing deck offers standard 19-inch cutting width along with a range of mowing height adjustment capability of 1.5 to 3.5 inches. This is a high torque performance-oriented mower in the market.

9. Worx WG958

Worx WG958


The 40V cordless lawn mower from WORX that is WG958 offers a combo kit with 14inch mower with single lever cutting height adjustment and Turbine Blower.

This blower is not only compact in design but also lightweight, yet capable of 360 cfm of air volume, which allows you to clean your lawn fast. If your lawn is one of those which remains scattered with dry leaves, weeds and unwanted plant scraps, this turbine blower is of great help.

The product comes with 2 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries for longer run time, so that once 1 battery gets exhausted you can replace it with another.

WORX offers patented technology in its products and so does this model comes featured with Intellicut offering powerful extra torque as per the roughness of your turf.

+ 2 in 1 design
+ Compact and easy to store
+ Comes with a turbine blower

– On the expensive side

Why We Like It – The mower is also featured with 2 in 1 rear discharge allowing you to achieve neat mowing. Though a little pricey, yet this compact and powerful machine to own because of the advanced features and convenience of use.

10. Greenworks LMF403

Greenworks LMF403


Greenworks offers a 40V brushless mower with an extended run time of 45 minutes when the battery is fully charged.

Besides if you are more like a silent worker, you got to pick this for its noiseless performance owing to the brushless motor integrated and extensive range of torque.

It also offers mobility ease owing to the self-propelled mechanism, rear wheels allow you to enhance and control speed, accordingly, puts less stress on your back and hands in pushing through the mower.

Greenworks also specializes in designing compact and easy to store mowers with foldable handles and dual battery port designs, which helps to keep your extra battery handy.

+ Dual battery ports
+ Compact and easy to store
+ 21 inch steel deck

– Battery life could be better

Why We Like It – This mower works with a powerful 5Ah battery and is one of the best electric lawn mower cordless 150 pick when you have long grasses or rough turf, for with a 21inch steel deck it offers a pretty sturdy stability in managing the turfs.

11. Craftsman V60

Craftsman V60


CRAFTSMAN manufactured one of the most popular cordless lawn mower models is V60 which extensively powerful with 60V motor, forfeited with 3-in-1 advanced push mower features enabling mulching, side discharge cutting as well as bagging in 3 different modes.

Easy to operate, with single lever high tech height adjustment mode range from 1.5inches – 4inches, this mower is not only functionally superior but also effectively small and compact in design. The vertical folding mechanism of the mower allows you to easily fit the mower into small storage space as well.

5. 0Ah Lithium ion battery of V60 from Craftsman hints the power packed performance capacity of the equipment, offering astounding runtime to complete mowing 1/3 acre of a plain terrain within a single charge.

The mower can be operated and maintained using V60* CRAFTSMAN tools as well. It also has a sturdy built with 21″ strong metal deck standing for extensive durability. The LED indicator allows you to keep track of remaining battery life.

+ LED Indicator for battery life
+ Sturdy build
+ 21 inch strong metal deck

– Charge times could be a bit better

Why We Like It – It is indeed one of the best buys on amazon with an extended 4year limited warranty and 90-day money back assurance from Craftsman.

12. PowerSmart PS76215A Cordless Lawn Mower

PowerSmart PS76215A Cordless Lawn Mower


PowerSmart have taken the popularity by introducing powerful, handy mowers in the market which essentially feature easy to use, flexible and powerful performance.

The PS76215A is once again another strong and durable cordless mower from PowerSmart with 36V Li-Ion Battery System which is capable of comprehensive lawn care and maintenance.

Besides, you don’t get side discharging, yet both mulching and bagging options are integrated in this modernized mower, which again is a single lever, competent to offer 5 position height adjustments for powerful grass cutting experience from 1 to 3 inch.

This is a good buy for small and mid-size yard owners, for the mower is inbuilt designed with 14-Inch cutting deck which allows to swiftly manage mowing for small yards to medium ones.

One of the best things is within a preferable budget line you can also access mobility ease, for this model comes with 6inch front wheel and 7-inch rear wheels.

Along with all modernized features, compact design only 23.8lbs weight, its easy to use and move with added 2 years warranty support.

+ Affordable and comes with a battery
+ Ideal for smaller sized yards
+ Height adjustable

– Not the choice for a large lawn

Why We Like It – The product is one of the best in the market in the budget range with 3Ah Battery and Charger provided within the product kit.

13. Ryobi 20 in. Electric Lawn Mower

No products found.

No products found.

Looking for one stop solution for mowing experience, Ryobi20in, can be you’re the ideal choice if you think load sensing technology along with a 40-Volt Brushless Mower is what you need.

Absolute powerful motor combined with load sensing technology allows quick detection of required power as per turf condition and terrain and accordingly generates optimal cutting speed for enhanced mowing.

With a 20inch cutting deck and high-power motor, there can be no worries of the machine getting bogged with overgrown grasses.

One push start is the convenient way of starting with your mowing, and this is what Ryobi brings into this model along with distinguished 7 position single lever height adjustment. No messing with power cords or gas, it’s easy to use and store as well.

Apart from the technical edge the design is also a pro one crafted to suit the 21st century handling that is with an adjustable telescoping handle which can be adjusted to according height.

So, whether it’s your young boy mowing the garden or your wife, one can adjust the handle length and height accordingly.

+ High capacity battery
+ 7 position single lever

– Bulky design

Why We Like It – Along with high capacity 5.0 Ah battery you get LED display light making use of the mower in evening easier. If it is efficiency and budget combo together you are looking for, Ryobi has the answer for you.

14. Blue Ridge BR8761U Cordless Lawn Mower

Blue Ridge BR8761U Cordless Lawn Mower


Seamless lawn cleaning, neat mowing with no clipping left behind, easy collection of clipping is what BLUE RIDGE stands for and with its BR8761U is a modern mower which eliminates the brain nailing noise of gas mowers along with the suffocating fumes.

If you seek for an ecofriendly mower, within budget, compact and handy, offering healthy, neat mowing this is it. This is mower with inbuilt 2 in 1 mowing technology, so you get to do mulching as well as bagging, you can choose from either one.

+ Easy to store
+ 2 in 1 mowing technology
+ Eco friendly

– Some models offer more height adjustments

Why We Like It – The mower comes with simple outline of features, single level 6 positions height adjustment for cutting ease of turfs, removable battery which is not only easy to store when mower is not in use but also easy to charge. Great deal for budget buyers looking for a deal within 200$.

15. Makita XML03PT1 Cordless Mower

Makita XML03PT1 Cordless Mower


The design and construction of a mower gives an idea of its durability and Makita manufactures some real power jammed sturdy mowers in the market. The XML03PT1 is indeed one of its heavy-duty mowers out of its complete product range.

If you have a well-defined lawn, where you need extensively fine mowing, this is one of the budget mowers you can seek for.

It has already bagged 4.7-star rating on amazon for its extensive control of speed and noise free operations at 2,500RPM. You can operate the mower on quite mode to get noiseless operations.

One of the key features of this mower is its 10 position cutting heights offering a range of 13/16″- 2-15/16″. Compact design, foldable handles offers storage ease as well as handling comfort. Once again, like some of the high-priced mowers in the market even this one comes with a weather resistant design and construction.

+ 10 position height adjustments
+ Weather resistant design
+ Foldable handle
+ Noise free mowing

– Not as rugged for a heavy duty mower

Why We Like It – It is indeed good for lawns in commercial spaces, where you need low noise even while mowing so as not to disturb any business.

Cordless Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

This article here is dedicated to highlighting the modern features, power efficiency, maintenance ease, operational swiftness, and other advantages of mowers so that you can purchase the best cordless lawnmower.

Factors To Look For When Planning To Buy Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Now when you are thinking of purchasing best cordless lawn mower it is essential to understand the features you need to kingpin upon and you need to know what to look in the machine before purchasing the new gardening equipment for your lawn.

Here are the most essential factors to deal with while buying a cordless mower:

1. Type Of Electric Lawn Mowers

Electrically operated land mowers are of two types cordless lawnmowers, which are battery operated and electrically operated corded mowers.

Cordless mowers are powerful and preferred for huge lawn, extensive growth of grass, etc. but they have certain limitations. You have to find a plug point, and you have to stay within the limit of your power cord, or you will have to bear an extra expense of buying an extension cord.

These mowers also pose a safety threat on the wet lawn, etc. Whereas, battery-operated cordless lawn mowers eliminate all these flaws. They have a compact motor that has optimum portability, maneuverable, and easy to handle.

2. Voltage and Battery (Amp)

Speaking of best cordless lawn mower 2600, these motors are powered with batteries which typically range from 40- to 80-volt ratings, with even more powerful and modernized ones available these days.

When you are seeking for a power-packed mower machine, it is important to note the voltage range of the machine to determine its range of power.

Even if you buy a powerful, a high volt mower without a good range of amp, your battery will fail to offer operational performance for long hours. So, look for high amp, which means you charge once and run your mower for hours, or else you might have to keep the mowing half done to get a low amp mower charged every time.

3. Type Of Battery

While choosing a cordless mower, you have two options when it comes to the type of batteries, namely sealed lead-acid and lithium-ion.

Lead-acid batteries are indeed cheap; however, they need potential attention for maintenance and have a short lifespan. On the other side of the coin, lithium batteries cost higher when compared to lead-acid batteries.

Still, these are primarily known for durability and maintenance-free performance for the long term. This makes lithium batteries a popular choice since considering long term investment, and it does make sense to fetch lithium batteries.

Now when you are choosing battery-operated equipment, it goes without saying that the performance and functional utility of the tool directly depends upon the charge of the battery.

Even if the battery is powerful, it needs to have enough charge to perform. Therein whether you opt for a lithium battery for hassle-free use of the mower or inexpensive lead-acid battery, before jumping into the mowing task, get your best cordless electric lawn mower 1200 charged.

4. Cutting Deck

The size of the cutting deck of a mower determines the ease of mowing a lawn. When you have a small front or backyard, you don’t need a broad deck, rather narrow small size deck of diameter 30cm to 38cm does the work enough, and for a bigger lawn, you need a mower with broad deck.

Whereas for mid-sized lawns, it is ideal to buy 34cm and 45cm width of deck diameter. For a field like lawn, expanded over considerable space you either need a tractor mower or at least 45ch wide deck diameter.

5. Mobility

It is easy to choose electric mower over gas-powered mowers, because of the advantages it has over gas mowers. Still, it is challenging to select one of the best cordless lawnmowers.

It would help if you considered mobility as a primary factor behind buying a cordless mower. With corded mowers your movement gets restricted because you are required to stay within the range of the length of the cord.

If not so there are chances of cord getting tangled around trees and bushes or Wet lawns, lawn sprinklers can get the mower or the cord wet, which is a risky thing for electric corded mower. Thus, cordless mowers should always be your first preference for vast lawns.

6. Operation Time

The power of your battery in terms of amp decides the time for which it will run. In the case of corded mowers, it is evident that it offers performance until it’s plugged into the power supply. However, when you are buying a cordless one, the manufacturer mentions the battery run time after it is fully charged.

Now, as per your lawn size, you will require battery strength and time to complete mowing. So just like a higher deck cutter size, you also need a powerful battery that runs longer for big lawns, and if you have a small yard, you can manage with short run time.

Some battery-operated mowers come with double battery, where while using one battery, you can keep the other one in standby. If the charge of the battery exhausts, you can replace it with the supplement and get the exhausted battery charged.

Even if the manufacturer does not offer two batteries, you can, of course, buy another one following the battery requirement of your mowing machine.

7. Weight

Now, as explained earlier, cordless mowers come in two types, either with lead-acid batteries or with lithium batteries. Lead-acid batteries are quite substantial in terms of weight, which also increases the overall weight of the mowers, integrating somewhat maneuvering difficulty.

Now when you seek to buy a powerful mower, you look for a bigger battery, and automatically the weight increases, making the mobility of a heavy machine difficult. The best way to minimize the weight even with a powerful battery is to purchase a lithium-ion battery, which is comparatively low weight.

8. Cost

Cost is the one factor that you need to accept when you think of buying a cordless mower over a corded mower. These cordless models are generally much more expensive compared to corded ones. Again, if you seek for lithium-ion mowers, they will be even more costly.

However, it is indeed a fact that a cordless mower is a long-term investment, and one must consider buying it for the hassle-free mowing experience.

9. Storage

Now when you are buying even a cordless mower, you need to store it, and everyone has a different arrangement of storage and availability of space.

You cannot keep your mower just like that open in the lawn, so according to your available area of storage, consider buying a model of cordless mower, foldable, compact, sleek, etc. as per requirement.

10. Push vs. Self-Propelled

Buying a cordless electric mower offers you to choose between two types of functional operations that is push-style mower or a self-propelled mower.

In a push-style cordless mower, you require to exert force in either forward or reverse motion to move and operate the mower.

This means you can either move in straight forward direction mowing or move backward but with all your force since the motor only operates the blades to spin and cut.

Though it is a budget-friendly option compared to the self-propelled style, yet you cannot overlook the fact that it offers considerable back stress indeed.

The self-propelled cordless mower comes with a new rear wheel, which offers excellent controlling ease where you can move the mower forward or reverse in desired speed and ease. This provides operational comfort for the gardener.

11. Mulch or Bagging

While going through the models of cordless grass mowers you will come across two terms mulching and bagging going through the functional features. Before you choose any one of them it is indeed important to understand the functionality.

Mulch is when after mowing the clipped grass is left over on the ground itself. For those who want to use even the clipped grass effectively and in an eco-friendly way.

You can look for mowers which finely chop the clipped grass in order to accentuate their decomposing procedure s that you can use this clipped grass bulk to enrich the soil with required nutrients, through this natural fertilizer.

The other way is to attach a bag to the mower, which is the integrated feature of many cordless mowers where the bag collects the clipped grass instead of leaving them on the lawn.

Now with clipped grass left over on the field, you need to either collect and pile them, or remove them to clean the lawn before you can use them as fertilizer, or whatsoever.

Though most people use mowers without a bag, for a streamlined easy to move experience, yet using a bag reduces your work and keeps the lawn clean.

Why Are Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Better Than Gas Ones?

Well with the overpowering motion of the world against carbon footprint and the essential damage to the environment from carbon emission from fuel operated machines to vehicles, it makes sense to take over another option over those old gas-powered mowers that are for sure not good for environment.

Moreover, with a lifestyle of 21st century, you really need to get rid of 19th century machines in some spheres of life, to make life and work easier and better. It is not without reason why these days people search for best electric cordless lawn mower 100 options over gas mowers.

Gas mowers comes with a list of hassles like routine oil changes, extensive maintenance headache which includes changing of air filters to checking spill of fuels, as well as problem with and replacement.

However, even electric mowers need some maintenance but mostly it is the mowing blade which calls for routine sharpening or change unlike a list of parts.

Considering by the cost of mowers there is not a huge difference between gas mowers and electrically operated lawn mowers. The cost however varies according to motor, features, blades, power, and capacity of operation etc. factors.

But the reason why electric mowers are cost effective option is based on long term use, where the cost of fuel is eliminated along with the long tail of maintenance compulsions. Fuel alone, over electricity saves much for your pocket.

With fuel prices rising steadily, it is indeed a smart move to replace your Old faithful fuel mower with a modernized electric operated one.

In short, the common reasons why this age is looking up to electric mowers instead of gas-powered lawn mowers are:

  • Comparatively low expense
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise pollution
  • No carbon emission
  • Eliminates use of exhaustible energy, gas

Before purchasing a mower this summer, you need to stop for a while and look for the best options in hand. Investing in a smart mower comes up with bright colors over years.

With exclusive and advanced technologies in mowers these days, investing in a low grade, the old model can be not only a bad bargain but also a headache when it comes to mowing.

It is essential to consider deck size to the weight and mobility ease of a mower. Not only performance but the handling is also a determining factor when it comes to buying a mower.

The mower needs to be moved through and across the lawn, and the more space you have, the harder the job could be if you don’t have the right mower.

With a self-propelled system, right height or rear and front wheels to move through steep and uneven terrains, LED display light for mowers who prefer to utilize evenings, early morning for mowing tasks, etc.

The primary consideration to bag in a right mower is to understand your requirements and problems with your old mower, to find better and smart features with your new buy.

We have made the best pick of mowers easy because the selection of these 15 best lawn mowers is based on the comparison of electronic and gas models, where our experts examined the features such as mowing performance, design, ease of use, maintenance, and requirement of storage space.

Moreover, all the products mentioned in this list were directly tested by our experts before making any recommendations.

Therefore, you can pick any one of these products without worries as they are best in the market and make the task of lawn mowing easy and simple. So, don’t wait anymore and pick up the one you like the most.

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