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10 Best Drywall Lifts in 2020

A drywall lift is a useful tool for attaching drywall to ceilings, removing the need to manually hold the drywall panel to the ceiling in what is often an awkward and difficult operation. Usually, a drywall lift can be operated by one person once the drywall panel has been put in place and secured, making the work easier and much more efficient.

Essential when applying drywall, drywall lifts can often be rented, but the cost becomes less worth it if you plan on using the drywall lift more than one or two times, at that point, it can be much more cost-efficient just to purchase one for yourself. Listed further down are our top ten drywall lifts and what makes them some of the best choice products. Keep in mind different drywall lifts will be better or worse for a particular job or individual, keep this in mind when choosing your perfect drywall lift for any particular construction project.

View The Best Drywall Lifts Below

1. FDW Drywall Lift

FDW Drywall Lift


Our favorite overall is FDW’s Drywall lift, providing easy to use features and a sturdy build. Easily operated by one person, this drywall lift can hold up to 150lbs on its drywall panel hoist and has an easy to use a winch for raising and lowering the drywall to the desired height. Providing a maximum height of 15′ and a maximum drywall length of 12′, this is perfect for at-home jobs more often than not. It is quite easy to assemble and take apart as well without the use of tools, making it portable as far as drywall lifts go.

It is easy to maneuver about the room as well thanks to the tripod design of the wheels and somewhat lighter frame. The wheels come equipped with brakes as well, making sure that the drywall lift stays put once put in place. This lift provides a slew of features in a convenient and well-priced package, making it the best drywall lift in our eyes!

+ Easy operation able to be performed by one person
+ Drywall panel hoist holds up to 150 pounds
+ Maximum height of 15′ is plenty for the average home ceiling

Why We Like It – A solid all-rounder as far as drywall lifts go, FDW did an excellent job on this one. It provides plenty of utility when performing a drywall panel lift as well as being easy to use and perfect for a variety of construction jobs.

2. Telpro Inc. Panellift Drywall Lift

Telpro Inc. Panellift Drywall Lift


Capable of lifting bigger panel with its large drywall panel hoist, the Telpro Inc Drywall lift can handle panel up to 4’x16′. Sturdy and capable of lifting panel 11 feet by default with an optional extension that brings it’s height up to 15′ this panel lift tilts enough to allow installation of drywall on the wall as well as the ceiling.

The high-quality caster wheels provide a means of easily and comfortably maneuvering the drywall lift about the room to accommodate whatever the construction job may require. One of the best drywall lifts in its price range, Telpro, has done an excellent job on this drywall lift.

+ Easy to assemble without any tools required
+ An extra-large panel hoist helps lift above-average sizes of drywall
+ 11′ drywall panel lift provides plenty of working room with an optional 4′ extension available

Why We Like It – Telpro’s drywall lift is of sound construction, easy to assemble, and a great tool to have around when working with drywall. It’s easy to adjust and use and feels like a quality product each time you use it to put up drywall.

3. Artist Hand Drywall Lift

Artist Hand Drywall Lift


Artist Hand’s drywall lift is a touch smaller than other models but still boasts 11 feet of vertical reach and a lift capacity of 150 pounds. Constructed from steel and not lacking on features, this drywall lift is perfect for getting a job done well without breaking the bank. The high-quality caster wheels allow for easy movement of this lift in a pinch as well.

+ Fair pricepoint
+ Solid build
+ Easily maneuverable

Why We Like It – An excellent option for those looking for a cheap and easy to use drywall lift. Thanks to its smaller size it is more portable than other options as well.

4. Light Heavy Duty Drywall & Panel Lift

Light Heavy Duty Drywall & Panel Lift


This heavy-duty 11′ drywall lift is perfect for small one person jobs, it sports a small but strong frame for lifting smaller sheets of drywall. It comes standard with telescoping arms on the lift to fit each piece of drywall perfectly. With quick and easy assembly, it’s hard to go wrong with this option.

+ Sturdy frame and smaller build lends itself well to one person jobs, or when help is limited
+ Hard to beat at the price point
+ Telescoping arms help to hold the drywall in place

Why We Like It – Above average quality with a smaller than average size means this drywall lift lends itself very well to one person jobs in small places. A go-to when help is scarce, but a job needs doing!

5. GypTool Pro Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro Drywall Stilts


More versatile than other drywall lifts on this list, these drywall stilts provide the extra height needed when working on drywall or any other job that requires some extra height. They can be used when painting, doing electrical work, or any other job that is just a bit out of reach normally in addition to helping you put up drywall. Thanks to aluminum construction, they are very light on top of the versatility lending themselves perfectly to quick jobs.

+ Does more than just assist with drywall
+ Lightweight and portable, these stilts are easy to use and bring anywhere you need them
+ Fully adjustable between 20″-40″

Why We Like It – A different take compared to the other lifts on this list these stilts are usable in situations other than lifting drywall into place. One of the best options for someone who not only needs to put up drywall but do some other work at a similar height.

6. Goplus Drywall Lift

Goplus Drywall Lift


With locking caster wheels that can be adjusted to fit into a variety of spaces as well as an easy assembly, the Goplus model is a fine choice for drywall jobs. Able to lift drywall up to 4′ by 16′ in width and height. A lift that rotates 360 degrees helps you get each piece of drywall exactly where you need it. One of the best drywall lifts for placing drywall in those hard to reach places.

+ Highly adjustable allows for placement of drywall in difficult places
+ Wide lift panel can support large pieces of drywall
+ Sturdy construction and easy assembly

Why We Like It – Versatile in its construction, the Goplus drywall lift can fit in spots other lifts are unable to thanks to the ability to reposition the wheels and pivot the lift portion. Able to tackle the more awkward jobs with ease when compared to your standard drywall lift.

7. ARKSEN Metal Drywall Lift

ARKSEN Metal Drywall Lift


With a standard lift of 15′ out of the box, the ARKSEN drywall lift has some of the best reach for a drywall lift compared to some others. Plus, you can feel secure thanks to the braided steel lifting cable and locking winch that come along with this handy lift. Capable of lifting to 150 pounds and hoisting pieces of drywall up to 4′ by 16′ in size, this lift can easily take down most any drywall job.

+ Higher maximum height than other common lifts
+ Braided steel lifting cable and locking winch provide extra security when in use
+ Extra height does not compromise weight and size limits

Why We Like It – Sometimes you need some extra height for those taller ceilings, and this lift is perfect for just that. No need to purchase and optional extension means you can save some money and time when you purchase this lift.

8. Troy DPH11 Professional Series Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

Troy DPH11 Professional Series Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist


Welded steel construction and a trusty and secure winch mean that the Troy DPH11 lift is one you should be able to rely on for some time. Sporting rubber-coated arms for a non-slip surface to hold your drywall in place, the DPH11 offers superior safety without slouching on any of the standard features. A sound choice when in the market for drywall lifts.

+ Safety is the highest priority for this drywall lift, and it shows
+ Sound construction and rubber grips make this model incredibly sturdy
+ Doesn’t sacrifice lift capacity or height to accomplish the above goals

Why We Like It – Safety is our number one, and this Troy DPH11 lift offers it in spades! From the sturdy construction to the rubber grips, this Troy DPH11 lift was meant to last and be as reliable as possible.

9. Best Choice Products Drywall Panel

Best Choice Products Drywall Panel


Best choice products offer another great option for those in the market for the best drywall lifts, offering all the standard features at a reasonable price. A great all-rounder this lift does most everything that any other lift does without sacrificing any features. With a reliable construction and easy to crank winch able to lift the standard 150lbs you really cannot go wrong with one of these lifts

+Reliable and feature-rich
+ Easy to crank winch makes jobs a cinch!
+ A great help for small scale jobs

Why We Like It – This lift is fantastic at what it does without any fancy features to clutter it up, it gets the job done, and it gets it done well. Be it putting drywall on the ceiling or walls; it can manage.

10. Idealchoiceproduct Drywall Lift

Idealchoiceproduct Drywall Lift


Another standout, the Idealchoiceproduct drywall lifts are capable of raising drywall to heights of up to 19 feet, far surpassing the average 11 feet seen in most other lifts. This extra height lends itself well to jobs on higher ceilings or walls. The tool-free assembly means that in addition to its extra height, it is quite easy to assemble and set up quickly so you can get that drywall put up when and where you want it no matter the height.

+ Extra height means that this lift can tackle a wider range of jobs compared to shorter models
+ Quick and painless assembly allows quick use of the lift getting your job done quicker
+ The weight limit is not hampered by the increased height as it remains at the standard 150lbs

Why We Like It – For jobs that require some extra height, this is one of the best tools for the job. One of the best drywall lifts with the capability to reach said heights in the price range, and it is hard to beat.

Drywall Lifts Buyer’s Guide

Picking out a drywall lift from the large selection available can be a tough decision, but as long as you know what to look for, it doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Take a moment to read through the below pointers, and you should have everything you need to take your pick. The most important factors are dependant on the job at hand and can change from person to person.

Maximum Height

The height of the lift is arguably the second most important factor in anyone search for the best drywall lift, the first of which is safety, of course! A fair number of drywall lifts can be raised to 11 feet with an optional extension, most of which don’t come with the extension, so you must purchase it separately.

This can be an inconvenience to some who have higher ceilings that need drywall installed and don’t want to purchase another device to get to them. The selection of drywall lifts that reach heights higher than 11 feet is limited, but they are out there. Of course, you could always just purchase the extension if it doesn’t inconvenience you.

Load Capacity

Lifting drywall

The load capacity or weight limit for an individual lift is also quite important and will help you greatly depending on the thickness of the drywall being installed. For thicker drywall, you will, of course, want to grab something with a higher load capacity due to the added weight. It never hurts to go for something that is a little over what you think you might need just in case for added security. Never use drywall or lift anything that is over the capacity, this, of course, could result in injury or a broken machine and drywall.

Lifting System

More often than not, a drywall lift is operated with the help of a winch and rotating handle system. Usually, these are easy enough to use and operate and are the standard for the majority of drywall lifts. Some are operated by other means, though, and it’s worth taking a look at all the available options before purchasing to ensure you will feel comfortable while you are using the machine. A pump operates some while others are electric, of course, other options exist and should all be taken into consideration. Take some time and decide which method will be the easiest for you.


Stacking of white gypsum panels, drywall or plasterboard.

Drywall lifts are often made of steel and are therefore fairly heavy, aluminum options are also available and can be much lighter at the cost of the weight limit. Steel makes the lift heavy and durable but can be a pain to move around or assemble. However, they are incredibly durable and will last anyone quite a long time. The aluminum variants offer a light build and easier assembly because if it, but tend to be less durable and have an inferior weight capacity. Pick whichever you might need based on the information.

Wrapping it up

Make your choice based on the facts and specs that are the most important. Buying a lift carelessly could result in an inferior product for an unfair price. Take all the above specifications into account before making a purchase and feel free to do additional research if you’re still unsure.

Hopefully, you need not do that, and you learned about all the important aspects here today and feel comfortable enough to grab a lift with no additional help! Now grab the perfect lift for you and get to putting up some drywall the easy way, no more calling someone over to hold the drywall up only to place it unevenly into position.

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