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Best Electric Leaf Blowers of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Beautiful as the dense orange-yellow foliage looks on the trees against the bright blue sunny sky, it is a painful task to rake away the fallen leaves from your lawn every day. Gardening might sound pretty strenuous, but with the right set of tools and proper guidance, even the most laborious task can become a ‘piece of pie’.

Say no to debris, say no to dirt, say no to dried up leaves and blow it all out with the best electric leaf blower right now. One doesn’t need to have a green thumb to master the art of gardening. With proper tools and instructions, anyone can just as easily grow a garden while also keeping it crisp and clean.

Even the laziest of you will be pulled towards gardening with this easy to use mechanism. Easy to carry, easy to use and easy to maintain, it obviously becomes the optimum choice for anyone to keep their lawn free of debris and dried leaves.

Speed up your weekend raking chore into a matter of minutes by buying the best electric leaf blower, and enjoy your time with fun activities instead of your chores.

There are different designs of electric leaf blowers available out there, each designed to pack a punch of power and lighten your work. Here is a list of the top 16 electric leaf blowers available to you in the market.

View The Best Electric Leaf Blowers Below

1. Single Speed Corded Electric Blower By Greenworks

Single Speed Corded Electric Blower By Greenworks


This special single speed corded electric leaf blower gives coverage of 150ft2 per meter. Designed by Greenworks, one of the top leaf blower manufacturers in the industry, this model gives a smoother operation with lesser noise.

And with the easy to plug and pull 7-amp motor, it functions in an eco-friendly way without any harmful emissions or gases to be inhaled.

With four years of manufacturing warranty, this blower comes with two tube pieces measuring 20 inches each.

+ Attractive green housing
+ Easy to plug and pull motor
+ 7 AMP power
+ Does not make a lot of noise

– None so far

Why We Like It – Over 75% of buyers on Amazon approve of this product and claim to have experienced 100% satisfaction while using it. So, buy this corded electric leaf blower from Greenworks and get the maximum use out of it.

2. 3 in 1 Electric Leaf Blower By Black & Decker

3 in 1 Electric Leaf Blower By Black & Decker


Built to just as easily function as a blower, vacuum and leaf mulcher, all within the single contraption, this 3 in 1 device is the best-selling product from the house of Black & Decker.

The blower works extraordinarily on sidewalks and driveways and is the prime choice for heavy-duty vacuuming of lawn debris, twigs, pine needles and even grass clippings.

Watch in awe as the engine mulches up to 16 bags of debris down to a single bag. The detachable accessories are fixable without any fuss and help convert the blower to a vacuum in a matter of seconds.

This pack includes an EZ empty reusable collection bag, a blow tube, a concentrator, as well as a vacuum tube.

With the lowest noise level during blowing, this model is an ideal steal. Simply cord up the gear and blow out all your debris in a jiffy.

+ Mulches up to 16 bags of debris down to a single bag
+ Detachable accessories
+ Convert vacuum to blower easily

– Occasional motor sparks

Why We Like It – With the exception of occasional motor sparks during operation, the 3 in 1 blower by Black and Decker is the optimum electric leaf blower you can find in the market.

3. 2 Speed Power Sweep Leaf Blower By Toro

No products found.

No products found.

This sleek designed leaf blower manufactured by Toro is the best lightweight handheld leaf blower you will find anywhere. Weighing simply 4.6 pounds, this gear packs a powerful punch of 160 mph. This versatile design is optimum for a quick clean up and does not face any hitches in terms of mobility.

A variable speed setting allows you high power to complete the work in a matter of minutes. A comfortable grip provides ample access to the control switch right below your thumb.

+ Futuristic design
+ Powerful 160 mph air speed
+ Light weight design

– None so far

Why We Like It – By pairing up the blower with a suitable cord, you will find the blower generates much power that helps wrap your job just as easily and quickly. With 2 years complete warranty supplied by the manufacturer, this design guarantees 100% satisfaction and quality.

4. Ultra Electric Leaf Blower Cum Vacuum By Toro

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No products found.

Aesthetically appealing, this model by Toro has oomph right from the grip to the nozzle. The larger metal impeller provided enhances mulching and brings more power to the motor.

This corded electric blower can speed up to 250mph in a matter of seconds, and it comes with a variable speed control switch that gives you a sweet control as you pack the debris.

This model includes a cord storage hook, power insert, vacuum tube, concentrator nozzle as well as a bottom-zip bag, making it a three in one convertible blower cum vacuum cum mulcher with a single part change.

The bold red and black color combination gives the motor a rugged macho appeal. The multiple inserts allow the machine ample versatility to tackle any space.

+ Very powerful 250mph speedup
+ Interesting color scheme
+ Compact and high in power

– Weight is a bit on the heavier side

Why We Like It – This model mulches down 88% debris to less than ½” of its quantity. A special feature in this model is the quick release latch that helps change parts with absolutely no hassle, thus speeding up your job. Designed to be compact and high in power, this model is the perfect choice for your lawn.

5. Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower By Worx

Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower By Worx


Designed using a patented jet engine technology that delivers a maximum blowing force, this model is lightweight and apt for single-handed operation.

This design also features a hyper stream air nozzle that has better vantage during extra tough conditions. The ergonomic design is aesthetically pleasing and definitely packs a punch in terms of power and functionality.

Three different power settings allow you to choose the needed force as per your requirements. Apart from variable speed control, the built-in dust blower enhances visibility during operation.

+ Interesting design
+ Uses a patented jet engine technology
+ Lightweight

– Not very compact

Why We Like It – This model by Worx has been chosen by over 84% of consumers on Amazon with 100% satisfaction with the product.

6. 6 Amp Electric Leaf Blower By Sun Joe

6 Amp Electric Leaf Blower By Sun Joe


This bright blue and black combination of blower resembles a mini handheld howitzer, all ready to attack your debris at full-throttle speed.

The versatility of the ergonomic design allows you to tackle driveways, patios, garages and decks in no matter of time. Functioning on a 6 amp motor, this model can pack up to 155mph speed in a jiffy.

Weighing merely 3.9 pounds, this motor can be handled with ease without any harm to the hands or shoulder post usage. This dynamo not only appears compact, but also resembles the action of a floor sweeper.

Carry it anywhere without any hassle and store it with ease anywhere you choose, be it your car trunk, the broom closet, or even a deck box.

+ Weighs only 3.9 pounds
+ Has a concentrator nozzle
+ Ergonomic design

– Not very powerful

Why We Like It – A concentrator nozzle allows you more focused air velocity, thereby enhancing your blowing efficiency. This model is the optimum choice for anyone who wishes to clean up their yard or rake up the snow without any hassle.

7. Ultra Plus Leaf Blower Vacuum By Toro

Ultra Plus Leaf Blower Vacuum By Toro


This high performing blower cum vacuum is one of the finest designs by Toro. With a patented shred technology that works using a metal impeller, the machine reduces up to 97% of the mulched-up debris right down to less than ½” of its content.

The ultra design allows time-saving while blowing or vacuuming and gives a super leaf shredding experience.

An oscillating nozzle kit included in the package automatically sweeps up the air back and forth, giving a wider vantage on harder landscapes without any discomfort to the wrist. This package includes the main blower tube, power insert, a concentrator, cord storage hook as well as a bottom zip vacuum bag.

+ Easy to clean
+ Provides a super leaf shredding experience
+ Oscillating nozzle kit included

– Bulky design

Why We Like It – Clean up each and every crevice and corner now with more ease and speed than usual. Amazon users’ statistics show that the model is one of the most reliable merchandise sold by Toro.

8. 7-amp Electric Leaf Blower By Black & Decker

7-amp Electric Leaf Blower By Black & Decker


Easy to hold and easy to use, this lightweight electric leaf blower by Black and Decker shows high performance and efficiency.

Functioning on a 7amp motor, the design is ergonomically apt for single-handed use and does not demand much wrist movement. The orange and black color combination gives the motor a very macho vibe.

The built-in cord retention allows you to move about with ease and prevents any interruptions as you sweep up the debris. Weighing a mere 4.4 pounds, this machine packs an airspeed of up to 180mph within a fraction of seconds.

+ Comfortable grip
+ Affordable price tag for its features
+ Well renowned brand

– May not be ideal for a large place

Why We Like It – The aesthetically pleasing design comes with a comfortable grip that lets you carry the motor absolutely anywhere without any hassle. It’s definitely a great device costing less than $40.

9. Trivac 3 in 1 Electric Blower By Worx

Trivac 3 in 1 Electric Blower By Worx


The Trivac blower cum vacuum cum mulcher is probably one of the best technologies developed by man. Supported by a two-speed controller that helps switch between 75mph to 210mph speed, your job is hardly a sweat any longer.

The quick switch mode helps shift your gear from blower to vacuum to mulcher in a matter of seconds. There won’t be any need to change parts or alter the nozzle. With the flick of a switch, only your thumb does the job while your other fingers simply hold the gear and direct it towards the target.

A metal impeller shreds up even the toughest of debris into mulch in just two simple stages. Weighing a mere 9.3 pounds, the device is lightweight and intended for single-handed usage. The ergonomic design helps funnel air with ease and enhanced power.

+ Two speed controller
+ Ergonomic design

– Modern design by not be that easy to handle at first

Why We Like It – The key factor that outshines others is the 12” electrical cord that is attached to a retainer. This mechanism keeps the cord in check during operation and lets you move about freely without any hassles or hitches.

10. All-Purpose Electric Blower By Sun Joe

All-Purpose Electric Blower By Sun Joe


Working on a sweet pulse of 10 amp, this electric blue blower is every gardener’s dream. With a two-speed setting, this blower packs a load speed of 12K~15K rpm. Weighing not over 4.4lbs, this monster is like a feather on the hand with the power of a yeti.

The flat nozzle has been aesthetically designed to help sweep through all corners and reach every nook and cranny of the yard. Generating an air velocity of 215mph, you couldn’t ask for a simpler and yet more powerful gear to clean up debris in a snap.

+ Packs in a load speed of 12,000 to 15,000 rpm
+ Not heavy

– Boring color scheme

Why We Like It – Designed to be compact, this model by Sun Joe fits just as easily in your broom closet, car trunk or even a deck box. Ergonomically designed, this gear is apt for both light-duty as well as heavy-duty cleaning, all in a matter of minutes.

11. Turbo Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower By Ego Power

Turbo Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower By Ego Power


Built with a turbine fan engineering, this gear delivers 480 CFM of air volume. This battery-powered blower serves high efficiency using a brushless motor, and hence produces less noise without any hassles of fumes.

The advanced aeronautics of the turbine fan renders the machine weightless, and makes it compact for storage and portability.

Being cordless, it is easily maneuverable and has a better vantage over the target area. Rechargeable batteries provided in the kit are designed for a longer run-time with extended motor life and reduced vibrations on the machine.

+ Interesting design
+ Easily maneuverable
+ Rechargeable batteries are included

– Battery life could be better

Why We Like It – This model is one of the very few that have been designed to resist different weather conditions. Worth the price and purchase of under $100, this blower has been widely used by over 80% buyers on amazon with positive feedback.

12. 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher Blower By Black & Decker

3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher Blower By Black & Decker


Designed with a 12 Amp motor, this blower cum mulcher cum vacuum is an easy to use machine. The package comes with a blow tube, vacuum tube, EZ Empty Reusable Collector bag and Concentrator.

The high impact metal fan helps mulch down the leaves without any clogging and grinds down the garbage with ease.

The standard of this model lies in its innovative design, featuring a pistol grip and trigger switch that shout of quality and excellence.

So, tag your power cord to the cord retainer and blow up a storm in your yard.

+ Includes 3 disposable bags
+ Advanced technology
+ High impact metal fan

– Bulky design

Why We Like It – The easy empty reusable leaf bag concept saves time and includes 3 easily disposable bags. The advanced technology allows for toll-free function changing between blower, mulcher and vacuum.

13. 2 Speed 7.5 Amp Electric Handheld Leaf Blower By Worx

2 Speed 7.5 Amp Electric Handheld Leaf Blower By Worx


The all-black 7.5 Amp electrical handheld leaf blower by WORX is a powerful 2-speed motor designed to produce an air volume of 160CFM.

This high-speed blower can be used for several purposes like clearing up leaves and debris from large landscapes or all around the house, or even to blow away the snowflakes from your driveway.

So, say no to fuel and no to fumes too. Go eco-friendly with this new design by WORX.

+ Futuristic design
+ Eco friendly model
+ 2 speed motor

– Could be a bit more powerful

Why We Like It – Tube design of the blower offers sufficient power to clear up heavy-duty chores like blowing or sweeping. Very light in weight, this device works through corded power and so does not produce any kind of emissions to irritate you during work.

14. Turbine Fusion Electric Leaf Blower By Worx

Turbine Fusion Electric Leaf Blower By Worx


This turbine fusion technology enhances power flow and gives an output of 16.5K rpm in a matter of seconds.

Packed with accessories that make it a 3 in 1 system, it is able to deliver multiple functions of a blower, vacuum and mulcher. The mechanism is fitted with 2-speed control, giving diverse control over the motor.

Weighing only 9.3lbs, the device is as light as a feather and comes with a shoulder strap to carry with ease, as well as a leaf collection bag to store the dunk. A dual-stage metal impeller shreds out even the toughest of debris in a matter of seconds.

+ Easy to store
+ 2 speed control
+ 3 in 1 system

– Compact design not ideal for every use case

Why We Like It – The wide opening of the suction tube allows for all debris to get collected with ease. With over 95% of users giving positive feedback about the product on Amazon, this is a surefire to clear up your cluster within $80.

15. Cordless Portable Handheld Electric Leaf Blower By Ukoke

Cordless Portable Handheld Electric Leaf Blower By Ukoke


This sleek and lightweight, portable leaf blower is battery operated and is perfect for all kinds of gardening works. Blowing high-speed air that clears even the most stubborn debris without any hassle, the model is comfortable to carry around.

With certifications from multiple certifiers like CS, EMC, GS, CE, ELT and UL, the blower is designed to work noiselessly. The ergonomic design keeps the device compact at 4 pounds, and still helps to achieve extended sweeping of the surface without any hitches.

+ Ergonomic design

– Run time could be longer

Why We Like It – The 20-volt lithium-ion battery gives a run time of up to 40 minutes on a single charge. With a 6 step-less speed knob, extended tube, and 3 angle adjustment, UKOKE makes leaf blowing like a snap of the finger.

16. Electric Blower By Dewalt

Electric Blower By Dewalt


The macho ergonomics of this electric blower depicts its power. Being corded, you have access to more power without any hitches of getting turned off during a sweep. Variable speed mechanism allows you to control the speed at which you operate the device.

Meeting customer requirements to a ‘T’, Dewalt blowers power through your chore along with a speed lock that does not alternate between speeds. Multiple nozzle attachments like the flat nozzle and the round concentrator nozzle allow better focus while sweeping and blowing around crevices.

+ Variable speed mechanism
+ Concentrator nozzle allows better focus

– Fairly bulky design

Why We Like It – Aesthetically pleasing, the device is easy to store and carry around too. This design is the perfect choice for amateurs at gardening, helping enhance their gardening techniques and cleaning up too.

Electric Leaf Blowers Buyers Guide

Types Of Leaf Blowers Available In Market

There is no limitation to designing and implementing advanced technology into leaf blowers, and making chores simpler to mankind.

Over the course of time, we have witnessed a drastic change in the development of technology and simplification of machinery, making the devices look aesthetically appealing while also being ergonomically powerful.

The two main types of leaf blowers out there are gas-powered leaf blowers and electric leaf blowers. However, these are further categorized into five types:

1. Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

The corded model of electric leaf blowers typically weighs around 8 pounds or less, as it is often designed for single-handed use.

With a single button-push start action, this hassle-free blower has zero exhaust emissions, making it a very optimum choice over a gas blower. Its only limitation is being corded, which restricts your mobility and can be a hassle while blowing around trees and other objects.

2. Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers

Usually weighing less than 10 pounds, the cordless electric leaf blower is pretty much lightweight and easily maneuverable. Without being tethered to a point for power supply, you will have free-range access with the only liability of power shortage. However, having spare batteries or even rechargeable batteries will take care of this limitation.

3. Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blowers

The foremost benefit of gas-powered hand-held blowers is that they can be carried anywhere without any charge. Simply yank at the cord and power up the engine. With periodic tune-ups, you can keep the blower maintained with ease.

However, gas-powered blowers can get pretty loud, and so users are advised to wear protective hearing gear while using the device. Most blowers of this model have two-stroke engines that require to be filled with a mix of fuel and oil. The others have four-stroke engines that run clearer without any requirements for fuel mixing.

4. Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

The backpack blowers have better leverage while compared to handheld blowers. Weighing nearly 17 pounds or sometimes even more, this machine packs twice the power of a gas handheld blower. This supports you with a better aim, as the machine is well balanced by your shoulder and back, while your arms can direct the blower at the desired angle.

While this device is louder and noisier than the basic electric models, they do the intended job with half the effort at a lesser cost.

5. Gas Powered Wheeled Leaf Blowers

Packing more oomph and speed, the wheeled leaf blower easily clears a large yard in a matter of minutes. Being built with large four-stroke engines, this machine does not require any fuel and oil mixing.

One drawback of this model is that it cannot vacuum or shred leaves and requires almost 8 feet of storage space while weighing over 100 pounds. This bulk makes maneuvering and pushing a difficult task, especially when uphill.

The massiveness makes the machine quite loud and tends to be heavy on the wallet. But some brands and builds have proven to build quieter machines over the last few years.

So, it’s important to choose the best electric leaf blower that exactly suits your requirements, preferences and budget. There are umpteen designs with numerous enhancements and fittings by several brands. The trick is to find and grab the best one.

Factors To Look For While Buying An Electric Leaf Blower

While buying a leaf blower, you need to understand that this investment comes with multiple uses and can be pretty handy if used with a little muscle and some brains too. It is useful all year round and comes packed with power. Choose your leaf blower based purely on your intended purpose of use.

If you put your mind to it, you will find that there are umpteen uses that your blowers can help you with, right from multiple clean-up tasks to decorative and aesthetic purposes. Look out for these below-mentioned factors while buying the best electric leaf blowers:

1. Additional Handgrip

Having an additional handgrip gives an added advantage to the machine. It gives extra and smoother control over the blower and places an even weight distribution of the machine to the palm and hand.

2. Nozzle Aesthetics

Having an aesthetically pleasing and convincing design gives a better sweeping range. For instance, a flattened nozzle makes the tip better to sweep in loose leaves embedded in the garden.

3. Speed Control

Having varied speed with a control feature gives better spread with enhanced power for sweeping hard surfaces and open grounds and decrease it while sweeping fragile flower beds. The variable throttle control, especially on a gas-powered model, makes the blower a choicest pick.

4. Easily Accessible Off-Switch

An emergency switch within easy access allows you to shut off the machine quickly, so that it acts as a safety measure on both gas and electric engines. This switch stays handy during an emergency and lets you cut off the motor without any delay.

5. Translucent Fuel Tank

Being able to gauge the fuel level is a huge advantage. The translucency of the fuel tank helps you stay better prepared by knowing about the fuel level at a glance. The wider opening of the tank comparatively reduces any chances of fuel spill.

6. Air Intake through Bottom Mount

Handheld blowers that are side-mounted will pull at your clothes annoyingly due to the suction effect, whereas the bottom-mounted blowers will give you less discomfort during its use.

The only shortcoming of the side-mount machine will be to left-handed users, as these are usually designed for right-handed users.

7. Flexible Air Deflector

Unique to wheeled models, the flexible/ adjustable air deflector helps to direct the airflow to either side. This feature comes in handy while sweeping big piles of leaves or while clearing a hedge, wall or any other higher obstruction.

8. Certified Labels

Look out for certified labels on the tools which ensure that the mechanism has been approved by a consumer group and verified against any hazards or harm during its usage.

10. Safety Features

Ensure that the machine has been fitted with enough safety features, such as a switch off button, nonslip handles, wider gas tank opening, bottom mount for air intake, or a built-in dust collector. Another vital safety feature to look out for is double insulation that keeps the user safe from any electric shock risks.

11. Warranty

Ensure that any warranty or guarantee cards that come with the product are authentic, verified and signed by the manufacturer.

All warranty forms/ cards need to be essentially filled out and mailed to the manufacturer to register the confirmation of purchase and record their authorization of warranty to your purchase of the said product with code and number.

These are only a few reasons as to why most people these days prefer buying electric leaf blowers only. However, it’s not wise to go for design simply because of its aesthetic appeal. Here, we will discuss a few popular leaf blower models that you may consider buying.

Electric leaf blowers are much easier to operate than gas powered ones, as they are easier to initiate and maneuver. Both corded and non-corded leaf blowers, however, have a similar start-up technique.

Safety Tips To Use A Leaf Blower

Now that you have bought the leaf blower of your choice, here are a few safety tips that you must follow to stay safe during its operation:

1. Instruction Manual

Always follow your instruction manual down to a ‘T’, and if in doubt, always call up the manufacturer or their customer care personnel to clarify your queries. If you see any variation to the model specified in the manual and the product in hand, confirm the differences with the retailer or the manufacturer.

2. Extension Cord

Ensure that you purchase the advised gauge of extension cord that suits your blower model. Plug your device to a proper outlet and ensure it is out of reach from children and animals.

It is very important to ensure that you are using the advised length and standard of extension cord approved by your machine manufacturer. Verify these details with the instruction manual that comes with the product or by contacting the dealer about the requirements for the blower.

3. Personal Safety

While working with a leaf blower, ensure that you do not wear any flowy clothing or drapes that could possibly get sucked in or entangled in the contraption. Tie up your long hair to avoid any morbid accidents and preferably wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling any pollutants or fumes while cleaning.

4. Safety Hazards

Avoid safety hazards to stay safe from any risks while cleaning. For instance, do not use the blower while standing on the roof untethered or while climbing the ladder. Look out for large objects that could stand as a projectile if sucked by the blower.

5. Fuel Spills

Gas-powered blowers come with the hazard of having fuel spill, which is flammable when exposed to fire or sparks. Ensure the valve is always closed and clean up any spills to avoid fire accidents. Also avoid fire near the blower, such as smoking.

6. Power Check

Ensure the power is turned off each time before you clean up or unclog the attachments. This will keep your fingers from getting hurt or damaged during cleaning.

7. Emergency Action

In the event of an accident or injury with your leaf blower, your first step towards safety is to move away from the area of the blower. Turn off the main power source to stop the havoc caused by the machine. Do not hesitate to call up an emergency number and reach out to medical support.

8. Safe Usage

Ensure that you are always equipped well and safe before starting with your clean up. While cleaning leaves and other dry debris, look out for possible heat fires that your machine spark could ignite.

While clearing any snow block, ensure your safety from tripping and falling or harming yourself while using the powerful device.

Check out other websites and talk with your local dealers and consult with your friends to get a better idea about the uses and maintenance required for a leaf blower before you step out to buy one for yourself.

Gas-powered leaf blowing machines are complex, as they need to be fueled often with a blended mix of different fuels.

You will need to ensure that the spark plugs and other essential internal moving parts are maintained in working order. As they are extremely rugged and powerful, they need to be kept in good working condition all year round.

Best Electric Leaf Blower – What’s your choice?

Many blower varieties have been designed to support individual requirements and comfort while handling and storing. So, choose from the wide range of power tools and purchase safety equipment too along with them for your hobby to endure a long while.

With proper maintenance and care, any tool can last decades and serve your purpose well. The best electric leaf blower is always the one that suits all your requirements and serve your purpose.

So, choose wisely, for this could be the ultimate tool to clear up any debris, be it big or small, light or tough, giving you a clean space to live and move about.

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