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10 Best Floor Jacks in 2022

When it comes to routine vehicle maintenance and repair, or any job requiring something large and heavy be lifted, you must use a floor jack to help with the lifting process. There are many different types of jacks available on the market today from a simple scissor jack to heavy duty floor jacks, and even jack stands that vary from 2 ton maximum capacity or less to well over 4 tones, all with different features for ease of use and safety. So finding the best type of jack to fit your needs requires a bit of research.

With so many different types of jacks available on sites like Amazon.com today, how can you know which to choose? Let’s take a look at a few of the models and features and what they do best to help you narrow your search.

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1. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Floor Jack

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Several different factors work together to place this floor jack at the top of our list for the best performance all around. Maximum weight capacity of three tones gives it enough strength to perform with most car models, and the low profile means it is compatible with a wide range of today’s popular vehicle designs.

The rapid pump system is capable of lifting a car almost two feet in five pumps or less to help speed repairs. Wide-set steel castors make sure the vehicle remains stable while you work. Plus, strong welds and an industrial-grade finish ensure the jack’s durability.

+ 3 ton lifting capacity
+ Rapid pump system
+ Wide-set steel castors improve stability
+ Lift of 20 inches
+ Extra-low profile

Why We Like It – Speed, strength, and durability combine to make the Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack our pick for the best overall low profile floor jack.

2. Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise Floor Jack


The rubber saddle and foam coating on the pump handle add a little extra to our premium pick. The Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack has a capacity of three tons and dual pistons to speed its ability to heft a vehicle up to 18” inches. Plus, its low profile of under 4” inches works with almost all car designs.

It is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum to be both lightweight and durable. It includes overload valves to prevent lifting items beyond its capacity for added safety, and a one year warranty gives you added peace of mind.

+ 3 ton lifting capacity
+ Fast pump system
+ Low profile
+ Lift of 18 inches
+ Rubber saddle and foam bumper protect your car

Why We Like It – The Arcan ALJ3T is one of the best floor jacks for those who have the budget to splurge on a floor jack designed to protect your vehicle’s finish in addition to performing well as a jack.

3. Akron Adjustable Floor Jack

Akron Adjustable Floor Jack


What if you are researching floor jacks, not to find a tool for use in car maintenance and repair, but to raise and support a floor? If that is the case for you, this set of Akron Adjustable Floor Jack Stands may be the best fit for you.

They are fully adjustable and have self-centering plates for ease of use and added stability. They have a maximum compression capacity of 18,000 pounds or 9 tones! They have high carbon steel construction to hold up, plus they are coated to be corrosion resistant for added durability.

+ 9 ton maximum compression load capacity
+ Set of two jack stands
+ Fully adjustable and self-centering
+ Corrosion resistant
+ High carbon steel construction

Why We Like It – This is one of the best options for those looking at floor jacks in order to reinforce or correct a weakened or sagging floor, stairs, or areas carrying a heavy load.

4. Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack

Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack


Coming from the same brand, this pick is similar to our premium pick but scaled back to be suitable for the majority of today’s car designs. With an extra low profile of only 3.5” inches, it can slide under very low profile vehicle frames and lift up to two tones to a maximum height of 18.5” inches.

The dual pump means you can reach the jack’s maximum height with just a few pumps, and overload vales ensure you do not lift past the jack’s capacity for added safety.

+ 2 ton lifting capacity
+ Low profile works with most vehicles
+ Steel construction
+ Fast lift capability
+ Meets ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard

Why We Like It – An extra low profile, durable construction, and ability to lift up to two tones quickly plus Arcan’s concern for your vehicle’s finish make this floor jack an ideal tool for working on smaller car models.

5. Liftmaster 3 Ton Profile Steel Floor Jack

Liftmaster 3 Ton Profile Steel Floor Jack


What if the other floor jacks higher up on this list still have a profile that is too high to work with your car? This steel floor jack from Liftmaster may be one to look into. This ultra-low profile jack has a saddle that is only three inches high, but it is durably built from steel and capable of lifting up to three tones.

The jack has foam wrapped around the handle, and a pad of rubber strengthened to give superior protection to your vehicle’s finish. Also, a dual pump system means you lift as far as possible with each pump of the handle.

+ 3 ton lifting capacity
+ Low profile works with most vehicles
+ Dual pump lifts quickly
+ Protective padding prevents damage to your vehicle

Why We Like It – Ultra-low profile with fast lifting action, and a three ton lift capacity make this floor jack from Liftmaster one of the best floor jack models for low riding cars and other vehicles.

6. Blackhawk Fast Lift Service Jack

Blackhawk Fast Lift Service Jack


While there is certainly a trend toward modern vehicles riding low, this is not always the case. The Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack may not have a low profile, but it does have a 3.5 ton capacity while lifting loads up to 22 inches.

Additionally, Blackhawk built in a number of safety features, including a bypass and safety valve, to prevent damage by accidental weight overload as well as rolled sides to the frame to add strength and prevent twisting when in use. Plus, padding on the lift pad and handle prevent damage to your car’s paint job.

+ 3.5 ton lifting capacity
+ 22 inch maximum lift height
+ Safety valve built-in
+ Steel construction with rolled sided frames to prevent twisting

Why We Like It – On the other end of the vehicle design spectrum, maximum lift height and weight capacity matter more than a low profile, and that is where this floor jack from Blackhawk shines.

7. Performance Tool Low Profile Jacks

Performance Tool Low Profile Jacks


This floor jack from Performance Tool is similar to the Blackhawk model just above it, but it does have a low profile while lifting almost as high. When fully lowered, the saddle needs only 3 1/2 inches of clearance, and it can lift up to 21 inches high quickly with the dual pump system in place.

A safety valve protects against accidental overloads. Wide-set castors help make it easy to move around when not in use and add stability while it lifts. Plus, the rubber saddle pad and bumper on the handle keep your finish looking new.

+ 3.5 ton lifting capacity
+ 21 inch maximum lift height
+ Safety valve built-in
+ Double pump lifts fast

Why We Like It – What if you need a floor jack with a relatively low profile and a capacity over three tones? Then the Performance Tool W1645 may be one of the floor jacks to research to find the best model for you.

8. Torin Big Red Trolley Floor Jack

Torin Big Red Trolley Floor Jack


The Torin Big Red T83006 Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack seems like it was designed for lifting trucks, SUVs, and other high carriage vehicles. With a long-necked saddle, this floor jack may not have a low clearance, but it will meet and start lifting these taller vehicles easier and faster than many other floor jacks.

It has a maximum lifting capacity of three tones and will lift up to 17 inches. The jack is has a heavy-duty build to last you for years to come, and full swivel castors make it easy to move around anywhere.

+ 3 ton lifting capacity
+ 17 inch maximum lift height
+ Long-necked saddle makes lifting faster
+ Casters can swivel 360 degrees for easy mobility

Why We Like It – For those who most often work on trucks or other vehicle designs with a high carriage, a floor jack with a high saddle saves time. That makes the Torin Big Red T83006 Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack perfect for these kinds of jobs.

9. Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack


Here is one of the best floor jacks for those of you for whom some of the earlier listings seem like overkill. The Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack is a smaller capacity floor jack with enough power to suit smaller jobs without breaking the bank.

This floor jack has a 2 ton capacity and a maximum lift height of 14 inches, ideal for lawn tractors, riding mowers, or other small vehicles. It has a low profile of just 3 1/2 inches and a safety system built in to prevent accidental weight overloads. Plus, the frame is made of heavy duty steel to last for years.

+ 2 ton lifting capacity
+ 14 inch maximum lift height
+ Low profile works with most car designs
+ Overload protection system included
+ Steel construction for durability

Why We Like It – This smaller floor jack is a budget-friendly option for those who only need to lift smaller vehicles enough for routine maintenance.

10. JEGS Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

JEGS Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack


If you want a high lifting capacity service jack that is lightweight and easy to move, the JEGS 80077 3 Ton Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is a model to have on your list to research further. While able to meet the same three ton capacity as other floor jacks while its aluminum construction makes it durable while still being lightweight.

It has a low profile ideal for working with most vehicle designs and can lift up to 16 inches. It has a safety system to prevent overloading the jack, a saddle that can rotate 360 degrees if needed, and side handles to make it both safe and easy to use.

+ Lifts up to 3 tones
+ 16 inch maximum lift height
+ Low profile works with most car designs
+ Overload protection system included
+ Aluminum construction for easy moving

Why We Like It – The JEGS 80077 3 Ton Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack finds a good balance between weight capacity, lifting height, and convenience.

Floor Jacks Buyer’s Guide

What is the best floor jack to buy?

There are few if any one size fits all solutions when it comes to tools and hardware, and a floor jack is no exception. The best floor jack for one workshop will be too flimsy for another. One might assume a heavy duty floor jack would be an excellent fit for any workshop, but it may be too large or outside of the shop’s budget and overkill for the jobs performed there. Therefore, it is a good idea to start your search for the best floor jack model to consider by finding the features suited to the demands of the work you do.

Car Lifted with orange hydraulic floor jack for repairing.

Given the fact both car jacks and floor jacks are used to lift large, heavy objects, capacity is an obvious first quality to consider when narrowing down the models to research further. While there are jacks rated for higher capacities, the majority have a maximum of one ton to four ton capacity. A smaller capacity jack has plenty of lifting power for lifting a riding mower or small lawn tractor for routine maintenance a time or two per season. However, if you will need to lift a heavier machine such as a car, van, or truck, a floor jack with a higher lifting capacity would be the better bet and well worth the investment for utility and added stability.

Next, consider the balance of weight and construction. The weight of a jack itself is not a huge deal for most DIY or workshop uses, but it can impact how easy to use a jack is. After all, knowing you will need to lug out a piece of equipment so heavy it is difficult to move makes a job feel much more arduous than it is, and this difficulty of use can impact the experience overall.

In order for a floor jack to be of any use, it must be made from materials capable of holding up to the weight of the loads it is used to lift. Therefore it should be no surprise most jack models are constructed from metals. Steel is the more cost-effective material for a jack. It is highly durable, but it is also heavy. Aluminum also holds up well while being a great deal lighter; however, a jack constructed from aluminum tends to cost much more than an identical design made of steel. Some models strike a balance between durability, price, and weight through combining both steel and aluminum in the same floor jack design.

The types of jacks available to choose from today is another thing to consider. There are several more variants than what we will look at here more suited to the use of commercial repair shops. To keep within the scope of this article, we will focus on the types most useful for DIY applications: a floor jack and a scissor jack.

Closeup of metal keeps the car Jack to change a flat tire

Scissor jacks are the types most often found included with the spare tire in some new cars due to their simplicity of design and small profile. These jack models employ a screw mechanism to do the work. A removable handle is used to improve the ease with which the mechanism may be turned.

More prevalent are floor jacks, and they are favored for good reason. This type of jack uses hydraulics for added lifting power as well as ease and safety in lowering what has been lifted later on. These jacks have a longer handle that is used to pump the hydraulic lift to the needed height. However, they are often much larger and heavier than scissor jacks, so while used more often, they do not fit as easily into the trunk of your car for emergency roadside repairs or tire changes.

The height of the frame varies from car to car and vehicle to vehicle, so the profile of a floor jack is important to consider if you mean for it to behave as a car jack at any point. Sedans and compact car models tend to have a lower frame, so you will need a floor jack with a lower profile for these vehicle types. For lifted trucks or other high framed vehicle models, the profile of the jack does not matter nearly as much as its maximum height. Though depending on how high their frames are from the ground, these vehicles may not require the use of a floor jack for regular maintenance, only requiring a minimal lift for tire changes.

Speed is another factor to take into consideration when comparing jacks. One that takes a long time to lift may not be a considerable inconvenience for someone who needs their floor jack only on an occasional basis, but it will become a pain quickly for one who needs to use a floor jack on a regular basis.

Who makes the best quality floor jacks?

Hydraulic car floor jacks. Car Lift. Blue Hydraulic Floor Jack For car Repairing. Extra safety measures.

There are a whole host of reasons to need a high-quality floor jack. Car maintenance is only one, though it is one of the most common. Selecting a floor jack to buy requires taking a close look at the reasons you need a jack in the first place, and the same can be said for selecting the best quality jacks as well. After all, what is good quality for infrequent, small jobs can be considered poor quality for someone with higher demands for a service jack, and vice versa.

In truth, there are few brands not in possession of good to excellent quality floor jacks of several types. Therefore, we are reluctant to name one brand superior to the others. Different brands focus on different aspects, so there really is not a one size fits all answer to this question.

That being said, Arcan does seem to have the largest number of individual entries, not only on our picks for the top floor jack models but several other such lists as well. This seems to be because the Arcan brand focuses on a few different factors including durability, both the speed and ease of use, and safety, all major factors people look for in top service jack and floor jack models.

In fact, another model from Arcan must barely missed making the list, the Arcan XL20. This jack has a 2 ton lifting capacity ideal for help servicing small car models as well as lawn equipment. The Arcan XL20 is a compact jack with all of the same capability and safety features of more heavy duty jacks while meeting ASME PALD 2009 safety standards.

Who makes the best 3-ton floor jack?

Hydraulic car jack lift the new car for change the tyre

As you can see from the list above, we are partial to the 3-ton floor jacks from Pittsburgh Automotive and Arcan. They head our list as the top pick overall and top premium pick respectively for a reason. Both jacks are ideally suited to help as a service jack for routine car or vehicle maintenance. They are built to last, and they have several safety features included in the design.

What are the best jack stands?

No matter the kind of jack you pick, you will need to consider jack stands as an investment at the same time. A jack, no matter how well designed, is meant solely to lift and lower the vehicle or other object to be moved, worked on, or supported. A jack is not meant to hold the weight of these things for a long period of time, and some jack models may be damaged by long term compression, especially jacks that employ hydraulic systems. This is where jack stands come into play since they are better suited to accept and carry the weight with failsafe mechanisms built-in to prevent accidents.

First and foremost, a jack stand rated to tackle a compression weight higher than the object you are lifting is a must. Therefore, consider any and all of the vehicles or other items you may need to lift and pick jack stands designed to carry a higher weight than the heaviest by at least a bit. That is not to say you need a rating of an extra ton or two, but it does need to be able to withstand the heaviest weight at a minimum.

Consider the base of the jack stand. The more solid and balanced the jack stand’s design, the better and safer it will be in use. Even with the car or truck lifted off the ground, visibility may be poor when under it. The more stable the base of your jack stand, the less likely a tap or brush against it will result in shifting. A solid and stable jack stand is a safe jack stand.

The saddle is another feature to consider when shopping for a jack stand set. Similar to the base, you want to find a saddle that is large enough to be easily placed and will maintain firm contact. However, they do not need to be as wide as the base.

Similar to the way the profile of a floor jack can be important to how functional it is for certain vehicle designs, the maximum height of a jack stand is a determiner of its usability. After all, how useful is a stand if its maximum height is four or five inches shorter than you need the vehicle raised? Search for a jack stand with height settings tall enough to suit the maximum height you must have to perform the maintenance you need to do.

car jacking

All jack stand models need a way to lock into a particular height. Otherwise, there is a risk of them collapsing under the weight they are asked to bear. Therefore, an excellent locking mechanism is a key factor in finding a high-quality jack stand.

There are two main locking mechanisms available. Both are roughly as safe as the other, so between the two, it may come down to the amount of fine adjusting you need for your workshop. The simplest is the pin locking mechanism, which works in roughly the same manner as one may adjust the height of a pop-up tent. One lines up the openings and sets a pin through the mechanism to hold it in place. It is effective, but a pin locked jack may only be adjusted between one setting and another. Rachet locking mechanisms have a higher degree of customization for jack height.

Finally, consider the material the jack stand you are researching is constructed using. Like with jacks, most jack stand models are made from either steel or aluminum. Both metals have similar durability ratings, so it is possible to purchase an amazing set of stands constructed from either material. The main difference is down to weight and general price point. Steel is the more affordable of the two metals, but it is also a great deal heavier than aluminum. A jack stand made of aluminum will be lighter and easier to maneuver than a steel jack stand, but each one will be more expensive overall.

A Final Look

With jacks coming in a variety of types, the easiest way to choose one is to look for parameters fitting the uses you have planned for it. If your needs cover a fair range of weight or lift requirements, look for a model that can handle your maximum needs. After all, when dealing with items with weight measured in tones, the last thing you want is a tool being pressed to lift more than it is capable of lifting.

Steel construction is strong, durable, and cost-effective but heavy. Aluminum is also strong and durable while being lightweight, but it is expensive.

Floor jacks use hydraulic systems to assist with lifting, increasing the amount they can lift while taking less time to do so. Searching for models with dual pump systems speed lifting. Those with bypass and safety valves increase the safety of use by preventing you from accidentally lifting more than the jack can handle.

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