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10 Best Grease Guns in 2022

Grease guns are valuable pieces of equipment that come in handy when lubricating specific pieces of machinery and objects. Grease guns are suitable tools for doing it yourself in (DIY) projects, as well as conducting maintenance around your garage and house.

Grease guns are indeed essential when greasing metal nuts and bearings by ensuring they fit in properly while protecting them from rusting and making squeaky noises.

From air pressure to hand pumps, grease guns come in a wide variety of tools present in the market for you to choose from. Although it might seem to be an easy process, selecting a suitable grease gun is a stressful endeavor that needs you to have the right information before you embark on buying.

If you are planning to invest a ton of funds in a beautiful piece of machinery, then you should consider having the best grease tool as part of your garage arsenal. Luckily, we have been in consultation with bloggers, market pundits, and experts to bring you the ten best grease guns available for purchase right now.

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1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun


Belonging to the larger Dewalt family, the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun is a handheld grease gun that weighs around 6.7 Kgs and has a powerful output of 5.0 oz./min. The powerful output makes this handheld grease gun ideal for some tough jobs in your workshop or around the house. Also, the shell and the fasteners of the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun are made up of glass fiber reinforced with plastic.

Its internal sections are die-cast magnesium, while its powerful motor can deliver a maximum of 10,000 psi. Being so light, cordless, and portable, the DEWALT 20V MAX Grease Gun is suitable for every situation, mainly due to its 16 cartridges per charge runtime capability. When compared to other greasing tools, the DEWALT Grease Gun stands out to lead the greasing tools pack.

+ Extensive hose
+ Powerful
+ Great output per minute
+ A sensitive trigger that avoids grease overflow

Why We Like It – The DEWALT Grease Gun is a powerful tool that gets into all the nooks and crannies while maintaining its high durability and reliability standards. Moreover, it is built following US manufacturing standards.

2. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun Bare Tool

Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun Bare Tool


The Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun Bare Tool is a heavy-duty machine that serves well when it’s used professionally. Not only does it have an exceptional air bleeder valve for effective priming, but the Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun also has an operating pressure, that makes it stand-out.

For an amateur, you will be amazed by its lock-on and lock-off trigger that makes this grease gun so easy to use. Not to mention, as leading and premium quality greasing tools in the market, the Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun includes a 48-inch flex hose that allows you to reach and access those tricky and hard to reach corners.

Also, the Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun has a 2-speed design that gives you the option to choose from the max flow rate and max pressure. At its lowest speed, this grease gun delivers a maximum of 10,000 Psi pressure, while at its optimal speeds, it reaches a maximum flow rate of up to 10 oz/min.

+ Durable
+ Has a fantastic battery run-time
+ 5-year warranty
+ Flexibility thanks to its 2-speed design
+ Portable

Why We Like It – The Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Grease Gun delivers maximum pressure and unmatched versatility in the lubrication market. The grease gun offers unique features that ensure top greasing quality and greater accessibility when lubricating hard to reach fittings

3. Lincoln 1142 Manual Grease Gun

Lincoln 1142 Manual Grease Gun


The Lincoln 1142 Manual Grease Gun is built to meet all your application needs. For over 90 years, the market has been looking upon the Lincoln lubrication tool 1142 Manual Grease Gun as a leader in professional lubrication equipment. Professional automotive, industrial and agricultural machinery have been depending on this grease gun for their lubrication functionalities as they offer lifetime performances backed by the most impressive warranty in the market.

Its features include a rugged cast pump head that increases its strength and durability, and accessible check valve that allows easy cleaning without disassembling the gun, and extra-heavy follower spring. Its jam-proof toggle mechanism also prevents accidental bending of plunger and binding, while its precision fit and hardened plunger prevents lubrication bypass.

+ Easy to use
+ Long-lasting
+ Designed to meet specific needs
+ Made with precision and quality in mind
+ Warranty

Why We Like It – The Lincoln lubrication tool is a sturdy, durable, and impervious lubricant tool that has a lever-action design that allows smooth grease flow. It’s simple and suitable for both professional and DIY users.

4. Bravex Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Bravex Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun


You might have fallen victim to your grease tool failing you several times by being choked, clogged, or sometimes even being sprayed by grease accidentally. If this is you, then Bravex Professional Grease equipment is ideal, as the greasing tool guarantees a mess-free experience and quality that is going to leave you smiling and happy. The Bravex Professional Greasing tool is made up of a heavy-duty gun that offers you all the greasing solutions you might desire during greasing sessions.

The Bravex greasing tool is also made up of a durable and well-made tube-shaped steel body with a catchy design. It comes with a curvy ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold even when working for long durations. This is combined with a 51/2-inch metal extension pipe, an Air Bleeder Valve that aids in eradicating air pockets, and an 18-inch long Hose that offers much flexibility.

+ Durable
+ Flexible
+ Offers users three different greasing loading methods
+ Rubber grip that enhances comfort
+ Does not leak grease

Why We Like It – Despite being a bit heavy, the Bravex Pro has a hose that ensures you attain your desired results when working on boats, trailers, tractors, cars, industrial, and marine equipment.

5. Lnchett Grease Gun

Lnchett Grease Gun


The Lnchett Grease equipment is one of the best tools you can find on the greasing market. It’s made of solid aluminum material and steel, making it a durable and suitable apparatus for professional use. It includes a 16-inch flexible hose, two metal extension tubes, one fine nozzle, and two reinforced standard couplers. Also, the greasing gun has an orange sleeve of rubber that allows its users to have increased hand-grip.

It’s a tool that can flourish in harsh environments. Moreover, the Lnchett Greasing tool is a piece of elegant and reliable equipment that is optimal for users of all backgrounds.

+ Good grip
+ Sturdy
+ Long-lasting
+ Air-outlet valve mechanism
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – The Lnchett Grease Gun handles slippery situations with much ease, thanks to its rubber sleeve around the barrel that avail near-instant and resistant grip.

6. STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun

STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun


The STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Professional Grease Gun is another powerful tool that has a name among the great grease guns in the market today. As a grease gun that belongs to the family of top-performing grease guns, the Bravex Professional Pistol Grip is a compelling option for both professionals and DIYers. This excellent piece of equipment packs 6000 psi of pressure in a small and easy to use pistol, having a rubber grip at the bottom of the canister that makes it safer and easy to handle.

The Bravex Pro Pistol Grip Gun is well-matched, with 14-ounce grease canisters that allow users the ability to reload the grease with their own. Also, the hose is 18-inches long, making it incredibly flexible and perfect for greasing smaller nooks and crannies.

+ Powerful gun
+ One warranty
+ Does not leak
+ Flexible
+ Comfortable

Why We Like It – Its non-slip rubber grip makes it a fantastic and one of the most convenient tools in the family of grip guns. Also, the plunger at its base ensures users enjoy maximum pressure without risking leakages.

7. REXBETI Grease Gun

REXBETI Grease Gun


The REXBETI Grease Gun is one of the few grease guns that is fitted with heavy-duty steel barrels to last a lifetime without any signs of wear and tear. As a leading lubrication grease gun, REXBETI can reach 6000 psi pressure that’s compatible with most grease triggers, making it comfortable to handle.

After using REXBETI, you will notice the manufactures wanted to take advantage of accessories available to them, and they did not disappoint. The REXBETI comes with two metal extension tubes, an inch flexible hose, two standard adapters, and a fine nozzle. It also offers exceptional quality, but sometimes it provides inconsistent flow.

+ Low budget
+ Easy to operate
+ Durable
+ Comfortable handle grip
+ Improved accuracy due to the extra couplers and fittings

Why We Like It – As a low budget lubrication gun, the REXBETI offers users many accessories that make it easy to maintain whenever you need to lubricate.

8. UTOOL Grease Gun

UTOOL Grease Gun


Utool lubrication tool belongs to a long list of grease guns family from Utool. Apart from being cheaper than most grease guns, Utool is made up of heavy duty materials that are sturdy and can withstand falls. This model is recommended for both industrial and personal use, having a pressure output of up to 7000 psi.

The Utool grease gun comes with a variety of materials that include a 2-extension rigid pipe, an 18-inch flex hose that has spring guards, one sharp-type nozzle, and an instructive manual. The Utool grease gun also has a non-slip rubber-coated handle that ensures secure handling, thus preventing the handle from slipping from your hand while working.

+ 7,000 PSI pressure output
+ Stability thanks to its 20-extension rigid pipe
+ An extensive flex hose
+ Good grip
+ Strengthened O-ring

Why We Like It – Based on the way the Utool grease gun has been designed, its sharp-type nozzle for accuracy ensures you don’t experience grease overflow during work sessions. The tool also comes with an extensive manual that makes it easy for beginners to understand the device.

9. Lumax LX-1152 Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1152 Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun


If you’re looking for an excellent grease gun that comes at an affordable price, you are in the right place. The Lumax LX-1152 is one of the best grease gun options on the market simply because of its power-packed features. The Lumax LX-1152 cast head is designed for heavy duty usage and can reach 690 bar and 10,000 psi pressure. This grease gun also incorporates a 3-way loading pump, namely the cartridge, suction, and the grease pump, while the gun comes with an 18-inch flex hose.

The Lumax LX-1152 features have been designed to ensure you have maximum control when greasing, something other lubricant guns fail to match. Also, the Lumax LX-1152 has an 18 gauge steel barrel that increases its durability levels, while having an air bleeder valve that helps in ventilating the air pockets.

+ Easy to use
+ Comfortable to hold
+ Long handle ensures easy usage
+ Has a flexible hose
+ Rod lock capabilities

Why We Like It – Considering its affordability, the Lumax LX-1152 dispenses 4 oz. of lubricant with every 100 strokes, meaning it’s among the most reliable grease guns in the market.

10. Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun


For a machine that weighs less than 2 kgs, the Alemite 555-E Grease Gun can build up a respectable amount of pressure of over 7,100 psi. The easy to prime grease gun can be loaded by either a cartridge or a bulk, making it one of the few types of equipment that offer both options.

The Alemite 555-E Grease Gun is fast in building pressure that is powerful enough to lubricate anything except heavy duty machines and trucks. While its flow rate lags from our top pick, a 1 ounce per 30 stroke capability is still an impressive fete for a handheld model such as the Alemite 555-E.

+ Good pressure
+ Primes easily
+ Made of sturdy material
+ The reasonable output of 1oz./30 strokes
+ Allows air expulsion through its bleeder valve

Why We Like It – It might not come anywhere close to the top five grease guns of our pick, but the Alemite 555-E is still ahead of its competition, as one of the manual lubricant guns most people use.

Grease Gun Buyer’s Guide

Proper greasing is critical to maintaining an appropriate lifespan for your equipment. In today’s world, grease guns and grease fittings are widely used as they offer the simple solution of lubricating machines and fittings.

Choosing the right lubricant gun or grease gun for your home or workshop is a much more important choice than many people realize, as nothing ruins moving parts faster as dry friction. It’s essential to find a greasing gun that works best for you, rather than the one we recommend.

With that said, we have taken the necessary steps and research to come up with this buyer’s guide to assist you with your purchase.

What To Look for When Buying Grease Gun
Shopping for a grease gun can be a tricky affair if you don’t have the proper information. However, this guide will enlighten your thinking and give you more information to assist you in your shopping.

Greasing Needs

Engine rusty

The essential thing you need to consider before buying a greasing gun is your work pattern and the real reason behind having a greasing gun. For instance, greasing a chain saw is different from keeping the ball joints of a truck well-greased. For home projects, you will probably need a smaller greasing gun that comes cordless, battery-powered, and portable.

For industrial and commercial projects, you will most likely need an automotive grease gun that is more powerful but less portable.

Type of Grease Gun

There are several things you need to consider before settling on a greasing gun, including how much grease you want to apply and what type of machinery will be greased. The most popular types of grease guns include the battery-powered, manually operated, and the pneumatic greasing guns.

Manually operated greasing guns are traditional hand-operated greasing guns that use the lever to build up pressure that you need to push the grease out. For battery-powered greasing guns, they are super portable thanks to their cordless nature, making lubrication an easy task. Battery-powered grease guns also need to stay charged to stay in power always.

For pneumatic greasing guns, they push out lubricants put through compressed air that’s perfect for industrial and large commercial tasks. One thing you need to know is that pneumatic greasing guns are the most expensive of the three lubrication tools.

Loading Method

Greasing guns can be loaded through a cartridge or by suction. The most popular loading method happens to be cartridge loading, thanks to its clean and convenient nature, despite being a bit expensive compared to suction loading. One of the things that make cartridge loading better is the fact that old and new grease do not mix. For suction loading, the process is messier but works well at the end of the day.

Fixed Hose and Flex Hose

Once you have decided on the greasing tool you need and how it works, the next step is to understand how to get the lubricant from the lubrication tool to the joints you are trying to grease. The catch here is knowing whether you need a tool that has a flex or fixed hose. A flexible hose offers a great deal of flexibility while a fixed hose offers more durability due to its more reliable but not adaptable nature. A flexible hose is a bit easier to break due to the strength sacrifice that allows it to be bendable, but they make the best grease guns.


Men fixing a car

Greasing and lubricating your surfaces are not the only things to consider when buying a greasing tool. Cleanliness plays a significant role, as lubricants attract and hold dust and grit, making those surfaces harder to grip them. The greasing job is generally dirty, but a greasing gun that will assist you to minimize the mess will go a long way to make your work a bit easier. Also, it assists you in ensuring you lower the amount of grease that goes to waste.


Most grease guns on the market come with some form of accessories, such as whistles and an led light. This generally drives up the prices without delivering on quality. When shopping for a greasing gun, you need to be very clear about why you’re buying it and what you’re buying it for. You might want to buy a greasing tool that doesn’t have any accessory, such as the led light, but is helpful in its original purpose, greasing. To some people, a grease meter is important to them to measure the amount of grease they are using. In the market, there are a few best grease guns that have grease meter worth your perusal.


There are many different kinds of grease guns in the market today, with price ranging from less than 5 US dollars to more than 500 US dollars. We would like to advise our readers not to rush to buy the cheapest tools, as they are not likely to get the right pressure or volume they might need to lubricate their surfaces.

What is a Greasing Gun?

Greasing gun

This is a tool that people use to grease moving parts. At present, there are several types of grease guns on the market, namely: manual, cordless, pistol grip, air-powered gun greases, and pneumatic guns. Greasing guns come in different shapes and sizes, with some being portable and handheld, while others are quite large. It’s prudent to choose the best equipment that meets your needs the best.

What Powers a Grease Gun?

Air or pneumatic grease guns release grease best when compressed air is pushed through the chambers of the grease gun through hoses. Electric and battery-powered lubricant tools push out the oil through some mechanism.

How Much Grease Comes Out From a Grease Gun?

Man with grease gun

It is impossible to give a direct answer to the quantity of grease that comes out from a gun, but generally, it depends on the size of the greasing tool. Usually, 0.5 and 3 grams are the standard output of grease from the majority of these tools. However, we will advise you to measure your tool’s output range per stroke to get the right information.

How Can I Load a Greasing Gun?

For most greasing guns, you will need to detach the gun’s head from the barrel before loading and attaching it again. After packing and attaching, test your gun to see whether it works as expected. For cartridge grease guns, you will need to detach the grease gun cartridge first, remove the nozzle from the barrel, then place the new round in the barrel and assemble it again. Test to see whether the gun works to the expected expectation. When buying grease cartridges, ensure you have a credible supplier. Grease cartridges can either make or break your greasing efforts.

Is it Possible to Under or Over-Grease?

It is possible to either over-grease or under-grease. If you use too little oil, you are likely to under-grease surfaces, which might lead to dry friction and wear and tear. On the other hand, when you over-grease, you risk increasing the rate of grease consumption, the temperature of moving parts, and damaging seals. That’s why it’s essential to calculate and know the grease output per stroke of your greasing tool.

How Should I Store A Greasing Tool?

It’s prudent always to store a cartridge grease gun upright all the time, and ensure you depressurize the gun if you will be leaving the cartridge in the gun. Also, it’s recommended you wipe the grease tool clean with a piece of cloth to remove layers, then store it horizontally in a clean, neat, and dry place.

What is the Best Lubricant to Use with Greasing Tools?

As the name suggests, the best lubricant for greasing tools is grease. One of the significant advantages of grease is that it holds on moving surfaces better than oil, without any leakages.

What are the Things I Need When Loading a Grease Gun?

The items you require when loading your lubrication tool depends on whether you’re using a cartridge or a reservoir gun. If you are using a reservoir grease gun, you will need gloves considering the mess they make. Reservoir guns tend to smear grease everywhere, including on clothes. On the other hand, for cartridge guns, you will probably need an apron and a piece of cloth to ensure you and your environment remain clean.


Any professional workshop or garage has to have a working grease gun. A grease gun is a unique tool that has truly revolutionized the way lubrication is used on machinery. These lubrication tools direct grease precisely in areas where you want them to go, ensuring proper oiling, while also reducing lubricant wastage.

We all know that adequately oiled machines tend to perform better and last longer than tools that are not lubricated. In our review, we have covered everything we believe is essential for you to know about grease guns. Hopefully, this will assist you in making an informed decision. We hope that you get suitable equipment that meets your lubrication needs now that you have the proper information.

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