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10 Best Heated Jackets in 2022

A heated jacket is a surprisingly convenient way to stay warm in freezing cold weather, heating up the important areas of your torso, neck, shoulders, and arms while keeping your hands free and your body comfortable. Unlike a regular warm jacket, which still relies on your own body heat to warm you, a heated jacket generates heat itself to keep you warmer regardless of how cold you might be. Some of them go a step further and include even more features that make your bad-weather walks much more comfortable, ranging from mobile phone charging ports to optional detachable hood pieces!

Here is our list of the ten best heated jacket designs you can buy right away, along with extra information about their features and a short buyers’ guide to help you decide.

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1. ORORO Lightweight Heated Vest

ORORO Lightweight Heated Vest


This tailored jacket uses multiple carbon fiber heating elements to keep you warm in key areas, mainly your collar, back, and stomach. The design offers three different heating settings that can be swapped between with a single button press, using a 7.4-volt battery to give you excellent heating for up to ten hours of non-stop use.

This battery also has a USB port that can be used to charge up phones or other devices on the go, giving you some emergency power if you end up getting stuck without any charge. When turned off, it feels like any other standard jacket, making it suitable for less intense weather too.

+ Three separate temperature levels.
+ Four distinct heating zones.
+ Runs for up to 10 hours per charge.
+ Includes a USB port for charging devices.
+ Machine washable.

Why We Liked It – This is a simple jacket that can keep you feeling warm without forcing you to choose between freezing or overheating.

2. Milwaukee Jacket KIT

Milwaukee Jacket KIT


This tough shell jacket is made with stretching polyester that can last up to five times longer than other materials during outdoor activities. The entire design is also safe to use in a washer and dryer without damaging the battery, which can run for up to eight hours on a full charge.

Along with the heating pads themselves are a set of high loft insulation materials that trap the heat inside, making sure that you don’t cool down quickly and stopping heat from escaping through your pockets. A simple control system allows you to choose between three different heat settings on the fly, and you can even adjust the heat levels of your body separately to the heat in the front pockets.

+ High-loft insulation design.
+ Made with effective carbon fiber heating elements.
+ Durable and long-lasting.
+ Three heating settings.
+ Safe for washers and dryers.

Why We Liked It – The full sleeves and comfortable design of this heater jacket makes it extremely easy to use in varied weather conditions.

3. Foxelli Heated Vest

Foxelli Heated Vest


The lightweight materials used in this heating jacket, combined with the lack of sleeves, allow for unrestricted movement while keeping the heat in and the cold out. Once turned on, it can reach maximum heat in under five minutes and run for eight hours of non-stop heating, using four carbon fiber pads to provide an even spread of warm air across your back, collar, and core. There are also three different temperature settings that can be swapped between with ease, as well as a power bank with a USB port to keep your mobile device running in emergencies.

+ USB port for device charging.
+ Effective heating pads.
+ Runs for up to eight hours.
+ Resists water and strong winds.
+ Allows for easier movement.

Why We Liked It – This is a great choice of heated jacket for people who want to stay unrestricted and mobile in cold conditions.

4. Venustas 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Venustas 3-in-1 Heated Jacket


This nylon jacket uses two pieces – a removable inner layer and an outer shell. This allows you to use it as both a waterproof coat for heavy rain and a standalone heating-focused piece of clothing for days where it is cold, giving you the option of wearing either as needed.

The smart heating system makes use of three heating elements to keep your abdomen and back warm, with three heat settings that you can swap between through the LED button system. Alongside that are all the usual features of a jacket or coat: adjustable cuffs, waterproof zippers, useful pockets, and even a detachable hood.

+ Removable and adjustable hood.
+ Uses two separate layers.
+ Waterproof outer shell.
+ Battery life of up to twelve hours.
+ Three heating settings.

Why We Liked It – This three-in-one jacket gives you an easy way to choose between being heated, waterproofed, or both without needing three separate coats.

5. Venture Heat Softshell Heated Jacket

Venture Heat Softshell Heated Jacket


This soft shell heated jacket boasts ten hours of runtime when fully charged (at the Low setting) and larger heating panels than many of the best heated jackets available, meaning that it can keep you much warmer without adding more weight to the design.

A USB port allows you to charge your phone while you are on the move, and you can hold down the battery button to turn on a miniature flashlight for emergencies. You can toggle between three settings to match your current body temperature, and the washer-safe construction ensures that the battery and internal components won’t break after one wash.

+ Built-in LED controller and flashlight.
+ Can run for up to 10 hours.
+ Three individual heat settings.
+ Doubles as a power bank.
+ Uses enlarged heating pads.

Why We Liked It – Compared to most heated jackets, this one is far more effective at handling extreme temperatures, especially thanks to the emergency light and bigger heat pad sizes.

6. ORORO Heated Fleece Jacket

ORORO Heated Fleece Jacket


The polar fleece lining of this jacket works with the heating pads to keep the heat trapped inside, improving the amount of heating you get overall. The outer layer doubles down on this with excellent water and wind resistance, as well as a cotton interior that will keep you comfortable while wearing it.

Three heating elements spread heat evenly across your chest and back, letting you choose one of three heat settings to make sure that you are not overheating by accident. In terms of the power source, a multi-step battery prevents short-circuiting and zaps caused by exposure to water or damage caused by wear and tear.

+ Safe for washing machines.
+ Resists poor weather well.
+ Even heat distribution.
+ Straightforward and durable exterior.
+ Comfortable interior with a fleece lining.

Why We Liked It – This jacket takes the features of normal heated jackets and combines them with the warm lining of your average outerwear for natural-feeling heating results.

7. PROSmart Heated Jacket

PROSmart Heated Jacket


This zip-up jacket uses three heat panels placed across your chest (right and left side) and back, all of which can rapidly heat up to one of three temperature levels for maximum comfort during outdoor activities. The 12-Volt battery pack that acts as a power source is fully detachable and can run for up to 10 hours before needing a recharge.

Removing the battery makes the jacket suitable for washing, so you don’t have to leave it to get dirty instead. Toggling temperature settings is as easy as tapping the button on the chest, and you will see a different color for each setting you choose.

+ Comfortable and easy to wear.
+ Simple temperature control system.
+ Battery life of up to 10 hours.
+ Removable battery pack.
+ Waterproof and washable (minus the battery).

Why We Liked It – This is an excellent jacket with heater pads that can keep your entire top half warmed for hours, making it ideal for severe weather or long outdoor tasks.

8. DEWALT Bare Hooded Heated Jacket

DEWALT Bare Hooded Heated Jacket


The wind-resistant outer shell of this jacket makes it great for weather that is actively making you colder than normal, preventing your body heat from dropping as easily. Once you use a 20-volt or 12-volt battery, the jacket can quickly heat up to one of three temperature settings: at the low setting, it can run for hours without needing to be recharged.

Three heading zones placed around the torso keep you warm more effectively, and two USB ports mean that you can keep multiple devices charged if you are desperate for more phone power. A soft drawstring hood also offers more overall comfort and protection from the weather.

+ Made of comfortable materials.
+ Uses two USB ports.
+ Three-zone heating system.
+ Wind-resistant polyester exterior.
+ Comfortable and soft interior.

Why We Liked It – This softshell jacket is extremely comfortable and offers great heat management, making it a good option for both casual use and workplace protection.

9. ANTARCTICA Lightweight Electric Heated Jacket

No products found.

No products found.

This polyester shell jacket is designed to reach its maximum heat in only five seconds, keeping your core areas warm and providing up to eight or sixteen hours of power (depending on if you have a power bank). The three speed settings can be swapped between with a simple button press, and the design is meant to be easily washed once you tuck away all of the electronic pieces. Because of this, the jacket is also water-resistant and has plenty of pocket space that you can use to keep the electronics safe, as well as giving you more room to carry supplies while walking or hiking.

+ Very easy to wash.
+ Comfortable design.
+ Uses three heating elements.
+ Three separate heat settings.
+ Large pocket space.

Why We Liked It – This heated jacket works really well when you are dealing with unpredictable cold weather, quickly turning on and off as the situation demands.

10. OUTCOOL Heated Jacket

OUTCOOL Heated Jacket


This soft shell heated jacket uses three heating pads and three heat settings to give you plenty of protection from the cold but doesn’t shy away from having a practical set of pockets and zippers that make it just as useful as a regular jacket.

At the low setting, it can run for up to 12 hours without a break or any need to recharge the power source: you can recharge the jacket using either a regular charger or a micro-USB port. Not only that, but you can use the battery to charge your mobile devices, too, helping you deal with emergencies if your device is dead.

+ Practical and comfortable design.
+ Uses a triple-pad heat system.
+ Offers multiple heat settings.
+ Can keep you warm for up to 12 hours.
+ Easy to recharge.

Why We Liked It – A soft shell heated jacket like this can be ideal for people who want to mix comfort and simplicity with excellent cold resistance.

Heated Jackets Buyer’s Guide

Buying clothing as a whole can be a tricky task, no matter how prepared you think you are. When you are looking at jackets with heaters built into them, things can get even more complicated, since you are suddenly stuck having to think about an extra factor that could easily make or break the entire design. What was once just a jacket is now specifically a heated jacket, narrowing down your options but also forcing you to see the products as something other than your standard item of clothing.

Here are some features that might be worth focusing on if you are hoping to find a heated jacket that perfectly matches your needs and preferences.


Male model dressed in a blue down jacket. He looks passionately into the frame and fastens his warm coat. Life style - beauty, safety and warmth. Model with a beautiful haircut and light unshaven on a gray background

A jacket that doesn’t feel comfortable isn’t worth wearing at all, even if the cold weather protection would make it a useful choice. The point of a heated jacket is to warm you up so that you can stay more comfortable in difficult or extreme weather, and this becomes much less helpful if you are going to be in constant discomfort just from wearing it, to begin with. It is perfectly fine to feel a little bit of awkwardness if the jacket is heavier than you expected or doesn’t feel the same as ones you are used to, but anything making you outright uncomfortable is a problem.

First of all, look into the materials being used. Not all jacket designs use the same materials, so some will be more comfortable than others for the average person. You will usually want a soft inner layer and a stronger, more durable outer layer to ensure maximum weather resistance, but this can vary from one design to another. Some of the best heated jacket types are designed like regular jackets from the very start, with the heating elements getting added to a design that is just as comfortable as your average jacket would be.

Keep in mind that weight can be a factor, too. Larger heating elements or more heating zones can increase the weight of heated jackets and make them slightly harder to wear, especially if you aren’t used to wearing heavier clothing. Some people may prefer the heavier heated jackets, so this usually changes based on your personal preference.


Bright winter clothes hanging at a fashion store

All heated jackets create heat and need some form of power. This means that certain heated jackets might have certain risks associated with them, especially when you consider the battery or the various heat levels. First of all, make sure that you won’t heat up too much when using a heated jacket, as most heated jackets are more than capable of overheating you if you aren’t careful about your temperature. This can become easy to do if you turn up the heat to compensate for cold conditions and forget to lower it later on.

The average heated jacket is powered with a battery, and your average battery can easily break if misused. Many heated jackets will rely on waterproofing to make sure that the battery doesn’t short-circuit in bad weather: if this happens, it could easily shock you, especially if the battery contains a lot of power and doesn’t use any kind of overload protection.

The placement of certain heating zones might also matter if you turn the heat up too much. Some heated jackets are designed in a way that places the heating zones close to the skin, which means that turning up the setting or using a battery that is too strong can easily cause unexpected pains or sore patches of skin.

Weather Protection and Heating

While most jackets can keep you warm in cooler temperatures, you will need something that can properly resist cold, wet, and/or snowy weather if you want to make sure that you can keep warm through every season and weather type that you might need to deal with. The best heated jackets rely on more than just the heating elements to keep you warm, making use of improved designs or materials to stop cold weather and water from affecting your overall comfort and safety.

There are various ways that a jacket can be made more resistant to weather, so it is easier to cover them individually rather than lumping them all into the same category.

Heated Pads

The most obvious feature of a heated jacket is the heated pads used to warm you up. All heated clothing follows a similar design: there are at least one or two “heating zones” that can be toggled on and off to provide heat. Regardless of how they are heated (either through a battery pack or some other system), there is a lot that can change how effective these heated pads will be.

A good example is the use of carbon fiber fabric for heated pads. This carbon fiber fabric is very soft, but can still be extremely effective when used as a heated material. Not only that, but it can often be machine washable and won’t feel particularly heavy, making the heated jacket far more comfortable and easier to handle. Another example might be the use of fleece lining around the heated pads themselves to help retain heat, trapping warm air inside the jacket for much longer.

Battery power is always an issue, so it is good to be aware of the fact that you need to keep your battery ready to use as often as possible. Both the battery and heated pad design can affect performance: a standard battery might offer eight hours of heat when fully charged, whereas the same heated pad and heating zone design might offer twice as many hours of heat if you use a better battery. A heated jacket that relies on a specific built-in battery might not let you change it, but others will make the battery removable to allow for quick changes and adjustments.

Soft Shell and Hard Shell

Fitting softshell coat in a store. Fashion conception.

A soft shell heated jacket is a jacket made of softer woven materials, usually intended to be worn as one of multiple layers – this can also make them much more flexible and lightweight, turning them into an excellent choice for both casual and exercise-related wear.

The materials used can keep you warm and cozy for longer, especially if the design has multiple heating zones to make sure that the warmth spreads around your body more consistently. Many of the best heated jackets that use this kind of design are also windproof, making it harder for a cold chill to get into your clothing.

A hard shelled heated jacket is more or less the exact opposite. These use much more durable materials to offer you full protection from wind, water, snow, and whatever other bad weather types might suddenly turn up. They are often designed to keep you as dry as possible regardless of the current weather conditions but might also rely on the layers underneath the jacket when it comes to warmth. The biggest benefit can be the improved waterproofing, something that only a small portion of soft shell heated jacket designs can achieve effectively.

Deciding which one to use mostly comes down to the kind of weather you will be handling. If you live in an area where rain and snow aren’t that common or severe, then a soft shell jacket can usually be the easiest way to get proper comfort and heating without feeling restricted or weighed down. On the other hand, if you are constantly having to take care around cold rain, snow, or even hailstones, a hard shell can give you plenty of protection by acting as an outer layer for your usual outfits. The clothes and accessories that you wear alongside the heated jacket can also change how well they work, as some combinations will be warmer than others.


Some heated jackets are designed with multiple layers. This might mean that the jacket has a heated internal layer and a soft external layer, or might put a heated section underneath a separate layer of waterproof material. If you are able to separate these layers and use them independently, you have more control over how the jacket feels and what kind of benefits it can give you. For example, removing the waterproof layer can help you stay more comfortable in dry weather, and might allow for better freedom of movement.

Another layer-related feature that many people forget about is the existence of a detachable hood. Any kind of detachable hood can be extremely useful in unpredictable weather, giving you a quick way to cover your head without forcing you to keep a hood permanently attached to your heated jacket. Many people find that a permanent hood can get in the way of certain actions or blow into the back of their head during strong winds, so the ability to remove it is always appreciated.

What is the best heated jacket on the market?

A man in a heated winter jacket. Under the jacket heating elements.

There isn’t a single heated jacket that can be called the best option overall since each person has different preferences and requirements. You might prefer heated jackets with a longer-lasting battery, but another person might find that the best heated jackets are the ones that offer the most waterproofing. Finding the best heated jacket on the market compared to your own needs and wants will usually take you across products that other people happily ignore since there is no guarantee that the best option for one person is going to be suitable for another person.

Keep this in the back of your mind when you are looking at heated jackets: everything, from the battery life and type to the kind of hood used in the design, can make a heated jacket suitable for a certain person. You don’t have to follow the crowd and choose the most popular option if it isn’t going to give you the results you are looking for.

Are heated jackets worth it?

Some people say that heated jackets aren’t worth the price since there are other ways to stay warm using a regular jacket. It really depends on the kind of heated jackets you use and the sort of jackets you are already used to. Unlike a warm jacket that only helps you retain body heat, heated jackets provide direct heating from the battery and generate heat inside your clothing. There is always a practical use for a heated jacket, but it might simply take a while to figure out where you can use it most effectively.

Are heated jackets safe?

Cordless heated hoodie

A heated jacket is always safe unless you misuse it. The same can be said for any clothing that uses a battery: you have to take some extra care with your heated jacket and might have to remove the battery before cleaning, but you will never be in danger from simply using the jacket on its own. In fact, many jacket and battery designs are supposed to minimize the amount of danger you can get into by using overload protection and electrically-insulated materials, or even just by keeping the battery away from your body.


Choosing a heated jacket isn’t that easy, but it also isn’t that hard: it all comes down to what you personally look for in a jacket like this. Whether it is battery power, wind and water resistance, or the inclusion of a charging port, there will always be a particular set of features that appeals to you. The hardest part is just filtering out the products that don’t give you what you need.

There are plenty of high-quality jackets out there with excellent battery life ranges and multiple heat setting choices, so don’t hesitate to experiment with your searches and look at products you normally wouldn’t. You never know when a simple change of battery type or a slightly different hood design can be all it takes to win you over, and you don’t always know what the perfect product will look like until you suddenly stumble across it online. Whatever you choose, the best heated jacket for you will be out there somewhere, and it shouldn’t take you very long to get a general idea of where you could start looking!

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