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10 Best Hot Glue Guns in 2022

Created in 1954, glue guns were made for shoemakers to bond shoe soles but are now commonly used for a variety of tasks, whether at home or work, for crafts or for larger projects like fixing furniture. There is now such a range of hot glue guns that may look the same, but so many have different features, different sizes, different glue sticks, etc., it can get confusing. Which is the best glue gun for what you want?

To help you to answer this question, we have come up with a list of what we believe to be 10 of the best hot glue guns that are currently available on Amazon. We have also put together a buyer’s guide to tell you all you need to know about hot glue guns and how to choose that one that is best for you.

We hope you find this article interesting and useful for all your needs.

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1. TopElek Hot Glue Gun

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Certainly, one of the best hot glue guns available, the TopElek Hot Glue Gun is easy to use, perfect for crafts and repairs, ideal for the home, office, and DIY projects such as arts and crafts. The glue gun comes with 50 glue sticks with strong adhesiveness, allowing the glue to work on a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, stone, glass, as well as brick, paper, lace, cotton, and other fabrics, with the sticks lasting long periods.

The glue heats up quickly, in around 3-5 minutes, and once reaching the temperature automatically remains constant. Safe and simple to use, the gun has a built-in fuse, which prevents overheating and has an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved plug. The on and off switch on the side of the gun makes it more convenient to use as you don’t need to unplug and plug the gun whenever you leave it for a minute, with an LED light to tell you whether the gun is on or not.

The nozzle is surrounded by rubber, helping protect you from being scalded by the hot glue. Also coming with a flexible, detachable kickstand, the gun is easily stabilized and will easily rest on a surface, with the nozzle facing downwards.

+ fast heat-up time, 3-5 minutes
+ fitted with a fuse that prevents overheating
+ LED light switch
+ UL approved plug

Why We Like It – We chose this hot glue gun as one of the best hot glue guns that you can get. It has many useful features and comes with the assurance that you will end up with a job well done. While a heat-up time of 3-5 minutes is relatively standard, you will usually find it more than quick enough to work with.

2. PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit


A hot glue gun of premium quality, the PROkleber Hot Melt glue gun has flexible usage, suitable for specialized individuals or unprofessional, either at home or work. This glue gun can be used on a range of materials from metal and wood to plastic and paper. Made to meet the German Quality Standards, the easy to use glue gun has a very comfortable grip and design, which is made of reliable plastic and metal and will last you a long time.

The 100-watt power provides a fast-melting time, with a maximum of 3 minutes, heating to a high temperature, supplying rapid and stable usage. The kit not only comes with a glue gun but also 12 glue sticks and three silicone protectors for your fingers, all in a useful travel and storage bag made of top quality materials.

+ meets German Quality Standards
+ gets up to temperature quickly
+ 100-watt power
+ comes with a travel/storage bag

Why We Like It – As a hot glue gun of premium quality, the PROkleber Hot Melt glue gun is one of the best and will meet your needs and be to the heights of your satisfaction. Heating up in just minutes, this powerful gun is perfect to use when completing projects to a high standard, and coming with added extras and a storage bag, it is sure to be more than suitable.

3. AdTech Mini Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun

AdTech Mini Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun


This great value, high-temperature hot glue gun, comes with hot glue sticks that have multi-purpose, working in low, high, multi, and dual temperatures. However, it is recommended that higher temperatures are better used on more absorptive, heavier materials such as metal or glass.

With no harsh chemicals and free of acid, the AdTech Crystal clear glue sticks are ideal for a variety of uses, ranging from work to school to home, perfect for crafting, scrapbooking, and DIY, especially with it’s safer, lower temperature options. The mini glue gun has a durable shell, produced with top-quality, durable plastic and has been created to the highest level of quality.

+ mini
+ produced with top-quality materials
+ glue sticks produced with no harsh chemicals

Why We Like It – We chose this glue gun as the best value glue gun because it has many unique, useful features. The glue gun has an adjustable temperature option to work in different situations, giving it multiple purposes. This makes it suitable for a variety of different projects, ranging from the home to the workplace.

4. Chandler Tool Hot Glue Gun

Chandler Tool Hot Glue Gun


The 60-watt hot glue gun has a rare ‘stand-up’ base, which makes your projects so easy, with no more tipping of the gun or dripping of the glue. It comes with a metal stand for those of you who prefer a gun of a more traditional style. This glue gun is built to last, made of high-quality plastic that is resistant to impact, with an all-metal precision heating element. Fully UL-certified, the top quality gun has a lifetime warranty against defects, whether that be in materials or craft.

+ unique ‘stand-up’ base
+ made of high-quality plastic
+ fully UL-certified

Why We Like It – Unlike many other guns, this glue gun comes with a unique ‘stand up’ base, differing it from the majority of other hot glue guns. This stand, despite being simple, is very effective and makes using the glue gun a lot easier as it avoids unnecessary dripping, keeping your work surface as clear and glue-free as possible.

5. ccbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

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No products found.

With a heat-up time of as little as 3-5 minutes, this glue gun has smart temperature control, enabling the glue to remain at a constant temperature for an extended length of time and has an insulated nozzle. Perfect for home use, the glue sticks are environmentally friendly and bond with materials straight away, cooling down very quickly.

The LED light mode on the power switch makes it very easy to use, and comes with a detachable ABS anti-hot cover, protecting hands and fingers from the hear of the glue. Helping you have more control over the glue flow, the trigger has propulsion, which also allows you to save the number of glue sticks used.

+ LED light switch
+ glue sticks are environmentally friendly
+ trigger propulsion
+ detachable ABS anti-hot cover
+ gets up to temperature quickly

Why We Like It – Although coming with an average heat up time of up to 5 minutes, this glue gun has smart temperature control as well as an insulated nozzle. Being able to control the temperature allows you to use the gun for long periods. With the added safety feature of an insulated nozzle, the high-temperature glue is unlikely to burn you when touching it.

6. TACKLIFE Mini Hot Glue Gun

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No products found.

This brilliant glue gun comes with 30 environmentally friendly glue sticks and is perfect for small crafts such as at home DIY. It has a convenient handle with a lengthened trigger design, making the glue gun more comfortable to hold. The trigger also has a propulsion device that helps to regulate the glue flow, helping you save the number of glue sticks used.

The gun has been produced with protection inside to avoid overheating, promoting safe use, with an insulated, top quality nozzle that will last the guns’ long life. With a short waiting time, this glue gun heats up very quickly.

It automatically continues to preserve the temperature for long periods, making it perfect for quick repairs, but also more significant projects that may take longer to complete. Not only does this glue gun come with 30 glue sticks, but it also comes with a user manual and a warranty card with 24 months warranty.

+ trigger propulsion device
+ 24 months warranty
+ comes with 30 environmentally friendly glue sticks
+ insulated nozzle

Why We Like It – The miniature size of this gun makes it perfect for at-home use such as small DIY projects and at home crafts as it can reach the smaller places and is lightweight. The gun is, however, ideal for large projects, too, as the temperature control maintains the heat of the glue for extended periods, and if there are any issues, the gun also comes with an extended warranty of 24 months.

7. HELI Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

HELI Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit



Unlike other glue guns, this gun has dual temperature and dual power control, with rapid heating of the glue in a minimum of 1 minute, and is not only suitable for odd jobs at home but also professional use. Maintaining the temperature of the glue, this gun is perfect for arts and crafts, as well as for fixing furniture, circuit boards, and shoes.

Helping maintain consistent glue flow, the trigger propulsion helps you economically, reducing the number of glue sticks used up. With a flexible support stand, the glue gun will stand up straight and stable when not in use and comes with 20 environmentally friendly glue sticks, that have strong adhesiveness, perfect for at-home projects as it bonds well with materials such as wood, glass, and metal.

As well as 20 glue sticks, the kit comes with ten rubber finger protectors, a user manual, and utility knife, all in high-quality storage and travel bag. Not only does this glue gun come with an 18-month warranty, but it also has a 100% money-back guarantee.

+ dual power temperature control
+ money-back guarantee
+ comes with ten rubber finger protectors

Why We Like It – Having dual temperature control is a unique but highly desired feature that this gun offers, as well as two power settings – 60 or 100 watts. This handy feature means the glue gun can easily be used at home for arts and crafts, but it is also an industrial glue gun, working on larger projects that require more power.

8. Blusmart Hot Glue Gun

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No products found.

This environmentally friendly mini hot glue gun melts the glue in 2 – 5 minutes, helping you get on with your projects like building, repairing, or DIY projects, as quickly as possible. This gun is made with top quality materials, with an LED light on and off switch as an added safety feature, and also comes with 25 glue sticks that have a very strong adhesive.

The miniature size of the gun is perfect for getting to the harder to reach places as it is lighter than other options available. The gun also comes with the traditional metal stand, keeping the tip of the gun protected and off any surfaces. This gun is ideal for purchase as it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

+ LED switch
+ mini
+ money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – This miniature hot glue gun is certainly one of the best hot glue guns on this list as it heats up in a minimum of just two minutes, making it fast, easy, and convenient to use. The glue gun is ideal for at-home use as it is lightweight and small, and has a traditional metal stand that keeps your surfaces protected from any hot glue.

9. Manelord Glue Gun

Manelord Glue Gun


With a premium thermal heating system and a PTC heating chip of top quality, this hot glue gun heats up to temperature in a fast 3 minutes, ready for use. The convenient design of the gun gives a comfortable handle. It is made of high-quality plastic that has been produced to endure high temperatures and pressures without losing shape itself.

With an independent power switch, a status indicator, an anti-drip nozzle with protective cover, and a stable stand and inbuilt safety features that help prevent overheating, this heavy-duty gun are exceptionally safe to use. Perfect for any user, the gun comes with ten glue sticks that have a powerful adhesive that can be used on a variety of materials such as wood and metal, plastic, and paper, making ideal for home and office use. This glue gun has the guarantee of a return, with quality assurance and technical support.

+ anti-drip nozzle with protective cover
+ premium thermal heating system
+ inbuilt safety features that prevent overheating
+ returns guarantee
+ gets up to temperature quickly

Why We Like It – With a superior thermal heating system, this hot glue gun comes this an independent power switch and status indicator, making it one of the safest glue guns on this list. In addition to this, the glue gun has inbuilt safety features that prevent overheating, enduring high temperatures without losing the shape.

10. SLDL Hot Glue Gun

SLDL Hot Glue Gun


This mini hot glue gun heats up in a fast 1.5 – 3 minutes, and has intelligent temperature control – an unusual added safety feature. Coming with 50 environmentally friendly glue sticks, the glue gun is perfect for crafts and DIYs as they work well on wood, plastic, brick, and paper, as well as a variety of other materials including foam and cotton. The gun also comes with a propulsion device, helping you to control the flow of glue and giving it a drip-free performance, which helps you economically, saving on glue sticks.

The gun is made of high-quality plastic, which can cope in high temperatures keeping your hands safe and avoiding deformation of the shape of the gun. It’s easy, on and off LED switch shows the tool is heating up without you having to feel for yourself, putting your safety at risk. With a rubber handle and trigger, the gun is comfortable, lightweight, and easily portable.

+ comes with 50 environmentally friendly glue sticks
+ heats up very quickly
+ made of high-quality plastic
+ has a propulsion device

Why We Like It – This hot glue gun is made of high quality, durable plastic, meaning it keeps its shape, even in high temperatures, which keeps your hands safe from burning. Being made with high-quality materials also means that the gun has a comfortable grip, with a rubber handle and trigger – ideal for anyone to use.

Hot Glue Guns Buyer’s Guide

Which is the Best Hot Glue Gun?

The best hot glue gun from this list is the TOPELEK 20 W Hot Glue Gun for a variety of reasons, starting with the size. As a minigun, you can use it in many different ways and positions without worrying about whether or not the gun will fit into or around the area you are working with.

Closeup of glue gun on wooden table


It heats up relatively quickly and comes with 50 glue sticks – this amount is certainly enough to last you for many small DIY projects that you might have to work on. These glue sticks are also the standard size of 0.28 inches (7 mm) in diameter – this is important because it means you will be easily able to find replacements when the hefty initial stock is eventually depleted.

While we consider the TOPELEK hot glue gun the best for all-round use, if you are looking for the best hot glue gun in terms of the one that features the highest quality, we would suggest looking into the PROkleber Hot Melt glue gun kit, as listed in our ten products above.

With 100 Watts of power, this hot glue gun heats the glue-up much faster than most standard hot glue guns available on the market. Of course, with this added heat comes the increased possibility of burning yourself accidentally. To counter this, PROkleber will provide you with silicone protectors for your fingers – this makes sure you will not hurt yourself when using this gun (provided the silicone guards are used correctly).

So, which is the best hot glue gun? Well, as always, it depends on you. What do you need it for? What materials will you be working with? Does the job need to be completed with the best quality possible, or is it not so important? How much glue will you need to be using? All of these questions and more will influence which hot glue gun will be most effective at meeting your needs.

We will look at this in more detail in the “How Do I Choose a Glue Gun?” section later on in this buyer’s guide.

What is the Best Hot Glue Gun for Crafts?

Woman glues pasta with a hot glue gun during the manufacture of crafts

For basic crafts, the best hot glue guns will probably be the smaller, lightweight models. If you are just after something for a basic crafts hobby, you aren’t likely to be looking for quite the same level of adhesive quality as a product such as an industrial glue gun. Most hot glue guns will be ready to melt the glue in 5 minutes or less, so as long as you get your gun ready in advance, you shouldn’t have a problem.

In terms of crafts, the mini hot glue guns allow you to get into the small areas and apply small amounts of hot glue in more precise locations. This makes them useful for when you are doing little jobs like applying sequins or fine edges and lines with the glue.

What is the Strongest Hot Glue Stick?

Hot glue for glue gun. Tool for gluing materials.

Different hot glue variations often have different formulas, with different amounts of “stickiness”. While there are many, many different ways, you can purchase a glue stick, if you are looking for a particularly strong one we would recommend getting a Surebonder 739 Hot Melt glue stick. Although it is specifically designed for bonding with wood, this glue stick will help you stick just about anything to just about anything else, including, for example, ceramics, metals, and plastics.

How Do I Choose a Glue Gun?

Young man choosing new glue gun in houseware store

When choosing a hot glue gun, there are many different things you should consider, ranging from safety aspects to practicalities. In this section of the buyer’s guide, we will go through just a couple of these questions.

  • What projects are you working on? – as we mentioned previously, we feel that mini hot glue guns are the best choice for when you are working with arts and crafts, but if you are working on a bigger, more important job, then industrial glue guns might be better for your needs. Sometimes you just need a hot glue gun with a good-quality heating element that will get up to a high temperature in just minutes, with the capacity to process a large quantity of hot glue per minute. And sometimes, you don’t. It’s all up to you and what is best for your projects.
  • What materials will you be working with? – whilst this doesn’t necessarily make a great deal of difference to the hot glue gun itself; you can use this thought process to decide what kind of glue sticks you should be looking into. One glue stick will bond to certain surfaces better than another glue stick.
  • What kind of quality do you need to complete the project(s) with? – for this, you should look at two things: the reliability of the glue gun (perhaps exploring customer reviews would be a good idea here, as well as checking out returns policies and warranties) and the width of the nozzle.
  • How much glue will you be using? – this, again, mainly speaks as to the reliability of the glue gun you are purchasing. If the projects you are working on are likely to require large quantities of glue, you are going to need a hot glue gun that can maintain a high temperature for an extended period without breaking. You should also consider the diameter of the nozzle and that of the glue sticks you will be feeding into the glue gun.
  • Battery-powered or mains-operated? – perhaps the main consideration when deciding whether batteries or mains power will be best for you is to think about where you are planning to use your hot glue gun and whether or not that place is within easy reach of a mains plug socket. In general, there is very little difference between hot glue guns that plug into the wall and those that run using batteries, aside from the obvious. When using battery-operated hot glue guns, you will not have to pause to charge them or own 2 or 3 separate batteries to keep a constant charge at all times. Where this problem doesn’t exist if you’re plugging into the wall, you are instead restricted in terms of where you can use the glue gun or to using lengthy extension cables.
  • Are there any safety considerations to make? – glue guns work by using a heating element to melt a stick of glue. These guns can reach high temperatures in reasonably short periods, and therefore you should always be careful when using them, in particular around children. Always take precautions against getting hot, melted glue on your skin. Careful use of the hot glue gun should be protection enough for you, but just in case, we recommend wearing gloves that won’t melt under the temperatures that the glue gun produces while using a glue gun. Alternatively, use finger protectors that are often provided with the best hot glue guns. These are often made of silicone. Coveralls and goggles can also protect your arms, clothes, and eyes. When you have finished using the hot glue gun, make sure to turn it off and set it down on a non-flammable surface, away from all hazards and curious children and pets. Making sure to place something underneath the nozzle, as even the best hot glue guns are likely to ooze melted glue for a short while, as the temperature within the gun is being reduced.


In conclusion, there are many different glue guns available. Although many of them are similar and work using a similar method, many subtle differences should be taken note of.

In our list of products above, we have gone through 10 of the best hot glue guns that you can get at the moment. But as for which is the best glue gun for you? That is up to you to decide. We hope that this brief buyer’s guide will help you with your decision.

As always, thank you for reading.

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