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10 Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2020

Adept DIY-ers know how handy a table saw is. It combines the best features of the cabinet and contractor saw, which makes cutting large pieces of wood a breeze. Also, woodworkers get to reduce the cost of investing in two separate machines.

Users, however, need to understand the unique capabilities of each equipment when buying; nobody wants to spend a fortune on a unit that does not meet their expectations. We reviewed numerous customer reviews and brand sites to create a comprehensive and informative table saw review.

A hybrid table saw is an invaluable investment for any woodworker. Being a cross between the affordable contractor saw and a cabinet saw it provides excellent versatility for users. Also, its compact design and portability make it easy to carry it from one job site to another.

View The Best Hybrid Table Saw Below

1. DEWALT DW745S Compact Job Site Table Saw

DEWALT DW745S Compact Job Site Table Saw


What makes Dewalt DW745S the best hybrid table saw is its lightweight nature. Weighing 45 lbs only, it is easy to carry the unit from one job site to another without compromising on its cutting capabilities. Also, it has folding legs that elevate the machine to a comfortable height and makes it easy to store the equipment.

The 15-amp 3850 rpm motors rip through wood pieces and treated lumber with great ease. It also comes with a metal roll cage that holds the machine firmly when ripping wood for cleaner cuts. What’s more, the push stick easily clips on to the fence, so you don’t have to keep on looking for it.

+ Perfect for medium-size jobs and DIY projects
+ Great value for its price range
+ Steel construction that makes the product safe to work with
+ Equipped with a folding stand for easier cutting

Why We Like It – The machine has a base that provides a firm grip and is pretty lightweight in comparison with other tools hence easy to move it around your shop.

2. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw


Equipped with 1-3/4 HP Motor, Powermatic PM1000 is a choice premium table saw. The notable feature about this hybrid table saw is the poly-v belt that enhances the efficiency of the motor and minimizes vibration. Secondly, its exclusive 30’’ Accufence system improves accuracy when cutting wood on its large workspace.

This workspace is made of cast iron to provide more precision. What’s more, the equipment is equipped with a miter gauge that angles 60 degrees to the right and the left. As such, the woodworker can perform smooth, full-range cuts.

With its sturdy fence, you can clamp down any large piece of wood for effective performance. Another notable feature about this hybrid table saw is its tool-less guard assembly that enhances safety when cutting wood.

You will also love its dust collection power, which performs pretty well compared to heavy-duty hybrid table saws from other brands. It has a smart design that enables users to run plywood the size of 4/4 maple without chipping.

+ Adjustable miter gauge for full-range operation
+ Low power consumption
+ Excellent dust collection capabilities
+ Automatic power switch

Why We Like It – Powermatic 179100K table saw has delivered some pretty impressive performance cutting through wood as large as 10/4 without weighing down.

3. SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw

SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw


If shopping on a budget, the Skil 3410-02 is among the best table saws you should buy. It provides excellent value for money without compromising on useful features most woodworkers look for. First, its blade comes with a 28 tooth carbide, which works pretty well when ripping items.

You may need to replace it after some time, and luckily Skil 3410-02 table saw provides for this requirement as it can accept an 8-inch dado blade. The blade is equipped to cut dado up to 13/16 inches, which is pretty impressive for a saw this size. Its maximum depth of cutting at 45 and 90 degrees is 2-1/2 and 3-1/2, respectively.

As with other portable table saws, Skil 3410-02 features a 15-amp brush motor that delivers up to 5000 rpm. The power is adequate for ripping sheet materials and cutting most materials, but you need to upgrade the saw blade to cut thick hardwoods. It also comes fitted with an anti-kickback pawl that prevents the dreaded kickback.

+ Compact build and lightweight (67 pounds)
+ Fast cuts on the sturdy lumber
+ Extremely firm
+ Easy to set up

Why We Liked It – Its motor speed was particularly impressive for its price range as it operates for a long time without jamming.




Laguna is mainly known for making the best hybrid table saws for professional woodworkers. This hybrid table boasts a compact and innovative design that sets apart from other models in this list. What’s more, it comes equipped with a storage area where users can stash some handy woodworking devices.

It’s also the most portable table saw thanks to its built-in wheels that help move the equipment from one place to another around your shop, and they come equipped with four leg knobs to allow you to adjust the equipment to your liking. The machine also has an anti-backing system to keep the user safe from any kickback.

You will love the spacious tabletop that accommodates large pieces of wood without creating a safety hazard. The machine also features four-inch dust collecting port for attaching an industrial vacuum to the device, so you don’t need to invest in additional dust-collecting units.

+ Has a storage area
+ Flat working surface
+ Compatible with an industrial vacuum
+ Equipped with wheels to enhance portability around the shop

Why We Like It – A unique feature about this model compared to other equipment is that its trunnion is not attached to the tabletop. Instead, it has been mounted to the top to ensure the table remains flat when cutting wood.

5. Grizzly Industrial Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly Industrial Cabinet Table Saw


This hybrid table saw is suitable for woodworkers working on plywood or cabinets. It resembles its predecessor, the G0690, in every way. For example, it has a 50’’ rip capacity and 3hp motor power, which is more than enough to rip to the center of a regular sheet of plywood.

Secondly, it comes with an extension table equipped with adjustable legs, miter gauge T-slots, solid top, and a square steel tubing frame. What’s more, its riving knife moves up and down and tilts along with the blade. The manufacturer has also included a tall and short riving knife.

This hybrid table saw also features a quick-release system that makes changing the knives a breeze. The table saw also comes with a triple v-belt system that ensures efficient transfer of power for a smoother and more effective performance.

+ Spacious tabletop
+ Easy to adjust
+ Trunnions made of heavy-duty cast iron
+ Makes clean, accurate cuts
+ Adequate power to rip a treated 4×4

Why We Like It – We found this saw notably quiet compared to other models we had reviewed. Also, Grizzly G0691 meets UL 987 standards and is CSA certified. These are two critical certifications for high-quality hybrid table saws.

6. Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw

Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw


The Shop Fox hybrid table saw is ideal for professional woodworkers thanks to its high speed and exceptional power output. Shop Fox table saw is equipped with a 3hp motor, which delivers adequate power to work on large wood pieces within a short time.

It also features a tilting blade that helps woodworkers make angled cuts. At 45 degrees, the saw can make angled cuts of up to 2 3/16, and at 90 degrees, you can make a 3 1/8-inch cut. Tilt hand-wheel to position the blade to the desired angle and loosen the tilt lock to adjust the cutting angle.

Shop Fox table saw also has a rip capacity of 29.5 inches, so cutting large pieces of wood is a breeze. The table extension increases the cutting surface to 27’’ by 53.625’’, thus expanding the rip capacity.

+ Vast cutting surface
+ Has a quick-release blade guard
+ The sloped inner cabinet makes dust collection easy
+ Its magnetic switch is equipped with a thermal overload protection

Why We Like It – Shop Fox miter fence is pretty handy as it is equipped with a flip stop. The flip stop provides ample support to long workpieces compared to when working on the miter gauge alone. Also, the Shop Fox heavy cast iron trunnions show it is built for longevity.

7. SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw

SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw


The manufacturer has integrated its proprietary SawStop technology, which stops the blade when it is in contact with human skin. The saw has 1 ¾ HP wired for 110v, so you can plug it directly to your power outlet without using an adapter. What’s more, it has a poly v-ribbed belt that helps transfer the motor power to the blade.

SawStop contractor table saw uses 10-inch blades that are compatible with 5/8-inch arbors are readily available. It also comes with a riving knife and a low-profile blade guard to keep you safe when making non-through cuts.

The assembly is pretty easy as all the hardware parts are color-coded, and the instructor manual makes the process pretty straightforward.

+ The motor delivers adequate power
+ Large T-glide fence to ensure you make the best cuts
+ Has integrated SawStop technology that enhances safety
+ Provides a job site cart and a mobile base for a smooth relocation

Why We Like It – We loved this saw’s unique safety feature. Its electric system detects when the user’s hands are close to the saw causing it to shut off.

8. DEWALT DW745 Table Saw

DEWALT DW745 Table Saw


These hybrid table saws make an excellent buy for amateur woodworkers and pros working on flooring projects. It is lightweight (45 pounds) and compact, making it easy to move it from one job site to another. The saw features a 15-amp torque motor that delivers ample power for splitting hardwood, processing beams, and cutting pressure-treated planks of wood.

Its 10-inch blade delivers a speed of 3850 rpm, which is pretty useful in making clean cuts for small and medium-sized projects. The blade tilts 45 degrees to make cuts of up to 2.25 inches in depth and 90 degrees to make 3.13-inch deep cuts.

+ Extremely lightweight
+ Durable components
+ Equipped with a pusher stick for cutting long wood pieces
+ Adjustable rip fence to enhance speed and accuracy

Why We Like It – Its fence is located on the rack and pinion, making it easy for the user to make adjustments and move the workpiece on the surface without shifting. This feature enhances accuracy and parallelism.

9. Bosch Power Tools Tablesaw

Bosch Power Tools Tablesaw


The hybrid table saw is an upgrade from its predecessor, 4100-09. As such, it presents a range of new features to enhance accuracy and portability. The most notable is the use of a 24-tooth blade instead of the 40-tooth blade to increase its rip-cutting ability.

Its 4 hp motor delivers a speed of 3650 RPM, ideal for seasoned and entry-level woodworkers alike. The motor has a soft-start circuitry that ramps up the machine within minutes. The feature also reduces the probability of tripping the circuit breaker.

+ Adjustable wheelbase
+ Square lock rip fence to keep the tool well-clamped
+ Equipped with on-board storage area
+ Load speed maintained through constant response circuitry

Why We Like It – The hybrid table saw is equipped with a lighter Gravity-Rise wheeled stand. It is an upgrade from the stand used on 4100-09 hybrid table saw as it enhances mobility. Also, its powder-coat finish keeps it corrosion-resistant.

10. Bosch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Bosch Portable Jobsite Table Saw


This 15-amp hybrid table saw has been designed to provide maximum portability. It is a lot smaller than the Bosch 4100-10 unit weighing 52 pounds only. Despite its lightweight nature, it delivers as much oomph as other models.

It uses a 10-inch blade that can make right-angled cuts of 3 1/8 in-depth, and 45 degree cuts up to a depth of 2.2 inches. The rip fence enhances quick and easy movement and clamps on both sides to maintain the ideal square alignment without making additional adjustments.

The hybrid table saw also comes with a riving knife to prevent kickback as well as anti-kickback pawls to enable the wood to slide in one direction only.

+ Extremely lightweight
+ Equipped with a firm steel base
+ Ramps up 5000RPM no-load speed

Why We Like It – This hybrid table saw ramps up 5000 RPM no-load speed, which is pretty impressive for its size. We also loved the fact that it is compatible with a ½-inch dado set.

Hybrid Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best hybrid table saw is not a walk in the park. The market has numerous offerings that make it challenging for buyers to pick the right one. We found the following features useful when making a purchasing decision:


The efficiency of hybrid table saws solely relies on its horsepower. A hybrid table saw with low horsepower does not cut through materials efficiently and delays the overall process. However, a machine with more power than required destabilizes the process and may cause accidents. As such, it is essential to examine your woodworking needs and choose equipment tailored to them.

Safety Features

Tile worker cutting ceramic tiles with a table saw. Shallow depth of field with focus on hands and blade.

The most common problem associated with hybrid table saws is kickback. Buying a table saw equipped with a riving knife eliminates the problem. You also need to examine the curve of a riving knife to ensure it is uniform with that of the blade.

Another essential safety feature is the blade guard, which prevents accidental contact with the equipment when cutting. Also, some machines are equipped with conductivity safety features to help detect when they are cutting against the skin.

Size and Portability

This is a critical factor if you are looking for a portable hybrid table saw. You want a machine you can carry from one place to another with great ease. Once the device is set up in your workshop, it will be pretty challenging to reposition the product. Dewalt 745S hybrid table saw is an excellent buy if looking for lightweight equipment. Also, look for additional features like folding legs or a wheeled base as they enhance portability.

Ease of Adjustment

Carpenter working with Industrial tool

Woodworking projects have different requirements when it comes to cutting wood. Therefore, it is essential to look for hybrid table saws that allow you to adjust the blade alignment to achieve more accurate cuts.

Also, the fence position and the angle should be adjustable to improve the overall quality of your work. The parts should also be easy to lubricate to minimize friction. The DEWALT DW745 Table Saw is an excellent example of hybrid table saws that provide a means of adjustment. This is because its fence is fitted on the rack and pinion. Also, look at the equipment’s ability to increase the cutting area. Shop Fox table saw, for example, allows users to extend the table to the desired length.


Hybrid table saws either have a direct drive system or a belt drive. Machines with direct drive systems have the motor connected to the blade while the belt drive uses a pulley system.

Belt drive systems are more efficient as they prevent sawdust from entering the motor and produce more torque. However, they need to be replaced after a few years and are noisier.

Adjustment of the Drive Belt

Buyers also need to ensure the drive belt is adjustable. This is because the drive belt causes vibration if not well-adjusted, which can interfere with the accuracy of the hybrid table saw when cutting wood. Professional woodworkers prefer a hybrid table saw equipped with poly-v belts as they produce fewer vibrations than their counterparts, the wedge, and V-belts.

Dust Collection Port

The feature comes in handy for hybrid saws because they are enclosed units. Look at the diameter of the port to determine the amount of material it can accommodate. Machines whose ports have a small diameter can only collect a limited amount of waste.


Carpenter cutting wood

Most blades are designed to tilt 90 degrees. However, to achieve accurate results when making angle and bevel cuts, blades have been fine-tuned to tilt several angles. Pros find a left-tilting blade more efficient as it produces less kickback. The Shop Fox table saw is an excellent buy for woodworkers looking for blades that allow more tilts as it features 45 and 90-degree tilts.

User Reviews

Check out the user reviews to find out what other buyers are saying about your choice hybrid table saw. They are quite reliable as they provide first-hand information. Compare the reviews with the factors we have stated above to make the ideal choice about the equipment to purchase.

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

Table saw woodwork shop

A hybrid saw is a stationary table saw with a stand that has been fully enclosed. It will also have a motor fitted inside instead of on the back. It is similar to an old contractor only that it uses an inboard belt drive induction motor. A hybrid table saw is also equipped with an open leg stand, but some models have full enclosures.

What is the best table saw for DIY?

The DW 745S is the most suitable for DIY projects. Its lightweight nature and the high-power motor provides just the cutting depth and cutting performance any DIY woodworker needs. We used the table saw to make a double cupboard and found that the machine-made enough cuts to make the item without overworking the motor.

What is the best cabinet table saw on the market?

The Grizzly G0690 with a riving knife makes an excellent hybrid table saw for woodworkers looking for a cabinet table saw. The riving knife switches into action following the set tilts for optimal performance. What’s more, the camlock T-fence feature enhances accuracy and precision when cutting. This is because the fence system glides against knurled knobs to adjust the fence using nylon runners.

Its 3 hp motor makes it perfect for cutting maple, 8/4 padauk, and purple wood while the cast iron build makes it durable. Shop Fox hybrid table saw is also an excellent hybrid table saw for professionals looking for cabinet table saws with additional safety features. Its flip stop design provides a means for woodworkers to cut large pieces of wood.

Where are Jet table saws made?

Jet table saws are primarily made in the US. The company started as a metalworking venture but launched the woodworking product category after five years. Today Jet imports not only high-quality tools and machines but also designs and manufactures its products. It has two product lines for table saws: Deluxe and the Pro shop.


The review has detailed everything you need to know about buying the best hybrid table saw. We have provided you with our three best picks: the Dewalt 745s, Powermatic PM1000, and the Skil 3410 table saw for those shopping on a budget.

The Dewalt 745S is impressively light and functions just as well as other powerful table saws, while Skil 3410, provides excellent value for your money. Powermatic PM1000 is a superb pick for woodworkers looking for a premium saw for heavy-duty applications.

Be sure to look out for other essential features like the horsepower if performing heavy-duty woodworking projects. Also, safety features like the availability of the riving knife and ability to extend the cutting surface like on Shop Fox table saw play a critical role when choosing the ideal hybrid table saw.

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