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9 Best Infrared Heaters in 2022

When the weather is cold and miserable, the last thing you want to do is sit in a cold home. One of the best ways to heat your home is by using an infrared heater.

They come in many shapes, sizes, and even styles and are perfect for any room within your home.

They can efficiently heat a large room space and a smaller room space inside your home. Also, the great news is they are portable so you can move them around to heat any room of your choice sufficiently.

Many infrared heaters come with remote control. This allows you to control the temperature from the comfort of your sofa without having to keep changing the heat settings, whether you want to increase the heat or decrease the heat to your liking.

A portable space heater is a great solution if you don’t have static heaters in your home or a fireplace. The infrared heater can adequately heat any space, although some will have greater warm air coverage than other heaters. If you have a large room space, you will need to make sure that you purchase a heater that can cater to your room size.

Infrared heaters are a great addition to any home space. When they’re not in use, they can be stored away, easily ready for when the weather turns cold again. Also, they can be great to look at on a cold evening, especially if your heater has a 3d flame effect that will create a calming and relaxing feel to any room space.

It can be hard to select the best-infrared heater for your home, as there are so many different types available to purchase. Also, you will want to choose one that has the best safety features for your needs. This guide will help you to discover which infrared heater will suit you the best. We will provide you with key information on each of the infrared heaters to help you make the right decision, so you can enjoy a nice warm home.

View The Best Infrared Heaters Below

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater


This Dr. Infrared heater is one of the best overall infrared heaters due to the many features it has and the ability to heat room spaces that are largely sized. Firstly, this infrared heater has a fantastic double heating system that incorporates PTC and infrared quartz; this will heat your room space very quickly due to the way the heat is distributed. The heater has a wattage of 1,500 watts, but the heat output is far greater than other heaters of similar wattage.

This infrared heater won’t make the air in the room hot and lacking moisture. Instead, it will heat objects to which will hear the space the same way natural sunlight does. It has a fantastic thermostat that allows for 50 to 86 degrees of heat to be emitted into the room by the 7-inch blower that is inside this infrared heater. If you like your heater to have a low noise level, the good news is this heater’s noise output is extremely quite.

This infrared heater has some amazing safety features to make sure the heater is safe to use around children and without you needing to monitor it constantly. The heater has an overheat protection and will automatically shut-off after 12 hours, just in case you forget it’s on. It will cut-off if it’s knocked and falls on its side.

This electric infrared heater comes with a handy remote control to allow you to alter the settings from anywhere in the room, and also you can set the timer function if you want it to heat a room space before you enter it.

+ The heater comes with an infrared remote control
+ This heater can efficiently heat a large room space
+ Built with a double heating system including both PTC and infrared quartz
+ Heater includes safety features including overheat protection and auto cut-off if it falls over
+ This heaters electronic thermostat ranges between 50 to 86 degrees

Why We Like It – This large room infrared heater works perfectly in any home space and will provide a nice warm heat that doesn’t affect the air quality. The Dr. Infrared heater has so many great features, including safety ones that are needed when you have small children or pets around or if you plan to leave the room unattended for a while.

Other features that make this the best overall infrared heater is the long 72-inch power cord; it only weighs 24 lbs, meaning you can move it around easily from one room to another.

2. Lifesmart Easy Large Room Infrared Fireplace

Lifesmart Easy Large Room Infrared Fireplace


This large room infrared heater surely looks the part, with a mantle built around the heater, and flickering flames when it’s switched on. This infrared heater is an eye-pleasing product that looks like a real fireplace. If you would like to create a nice warm and calming effect in your room, then this infrared heater is perfect as it blends in well with other furniture.

The flames are a nice touch. The mantle is made from oak that is strong and sturdy. If you don’t like the color, don’t worry – you can always paint over the oak. However, please keep in mind that by doing so, you will forfeit your 1-year heater warranty. Also, make sure you use the correct paint to go on top. The great aspect of having the oak around the actual heater is that it ensures the infrared heater is not hot to the touch, so it won’t matter if you touch it once it is plugged in.

Also, the same applies to young children. Just like many of the other infrared heaters on this list, the wattage is 1,500 watt, which will adequately heat any room or space you place this heater in. Another best feature is it comes with gliders so that you can move this heat source easily around your home. It will heat up to 150 sq ft of space, so this will be enough for most homes.

+ Has an amazing life-like flame when switched on
+ The heater has a built-in oak mantle for a realistic look
+ This heater is perfectly safe to use around small children and pets
+ A radiant heater that is powered by 1,500 watts
+ The heater has an impressive 150 sq ft heat reach

Why We Like It – This is an infrared heating unit that fits in with existing decoration within your home. It looks like a real fireplace but without the need for all the materials that create a real fire with flames. It comes with a remote control so you can operate this heater from anywhere in the room. Also, if you don’t want the heating element on and just want to see the flame effect, good news – you have the option just to turn this on during warmer days and nights.

3. Duraflame Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater

Duraflame Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater


This is another one of the best infrared heaters that feature on this list that resembles a real-life fireplace. Another thing that makes this one of the best infrared heaters is that you can adjust the light of the flame so that you can brighten it up as and when you like. If you require an infrared heater that is great at heating a large area, then this is an excellent choice.

It will heat up to 1 000 square feet of space so you can enjoy a cozy night when it’s cold outside. If the weather is nice outside, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the aesthetic look of this heater as it will blend in nicely with furniture. Also, you can have the flame switched on without any heat emitting from this product.

As with many of the other infrared heaters within this guide, a remote control is also supplied to give control of the heater from a distance. This is ideal if you’re in the middle of the best TV program and don’t want to move to change the heating. This infrared heater is a lovely cream color, which gives your room a nice freshness. Also, it has a feature where you can open the door at the front of this heater.

+ Amazing feature settings so you can adjust the intensity of the flame light
+ This portable infrared heater is light so can be easily moved around
+ The heater has a great life-like wood feature
+ Impressive heat reach of 1 000 square feet
+ This infrared space heater comes with a remote control

Why We Like It – This infrared portable heater is easy on the eye and looks great with other furniture within your home. It’s ideal for any location, whether it’s a small space or large as it will comfortably heat up to 1 000 sq ft of space. The timber burning feature inside the door makes a great talking point when you have guests over, and they will be amazed at how life-like it is to the real thing.

4. EdenPURE CopperSMART Electric Portable Heater

EdenPURE CopperSMART Electric Portable Heater


Does your family often squabble over the heating in your home, with some wanting it warmer and some wanting it cooler? Well, this infrared heater is an ideal solution. It has a whopping 24 different heat settings for you to choose from. With that amount of settings, you are bound to find the perfect heating temperature to suit everyone.

Also, you can control all this from the comfort of your sofa with the remote control. This infrared space heater also has many great safety features to make sure your home and everyone in it is safe. If the infrared heater falls over, don’t worry as it has a cleaver sensor built-in, which detects this and will automatically stop the heat output.

A cover protects the front, so you don’t have to worry about any burns from touching the copper when in use. Also, any other area on the heater will be cool due to the protective cover. The thermostat on this heater allows you to choose between temperatures of 40 F to 90 F; this is enough to make you warm and cozy.

The heating function on this heater is made from copper, which is 4.5 square feet in area size. The heating from this product will not dry out the air within your home or reduce oxygen, which is perfect for any household.

+ The infrared heater has a 1-year warranty
+ Great safety features on this heater, including a sensor to detect if it has fallen over
+ This infrared heater comes with wheels to transport it from room to room
+ Unique copper heating function that is sized at 4.5 square feet
+ Fantastic heat settings including 24 different heating options to choose from

Why We Like It – The heating ability of this infrared heater allows you to control the thermostat and choose between a temperature of between 40 F and 90 F, to cater to all heat requirements. This infrared heater has wheels attached to the bottom of the unit, so if you want to warm another room, you can push the heater to your desired location with ease. You can choose between a low power setting and a high setting of 1,500 watts.

5. Dyna-Glo IR18NMDG-1 Infrared Wall Heater

Dyna-Glo IR18NMDG-1 Infrared Wall Heater


This is one of the few infrared wall heaters that feature on this list. This wall heater is ideal for any home or space that needs heating without the use of an electrical supply. The majority of heaters within this guide require you to plug the infrared heater into a power source to make it function. This one only requires natural gas to power the heating element, giving your room a nice warm feel.

The best news is that if your electrical supply is interrupted or cut off, you will still be able to heat your room with this wall heater. However, please keep in mind that a battery is needed to ignite this heater, and there is no thermostat, either. The best feature is that this infrared heater can be attached straight to the wall, so you don’t lose any floor space.

But if you prefer it to be mobile, you can purchase a base separately to use with this heater. Also, you can purchase a fan to go with this infrared heater. This is because this heater has a heat reach of up to 700 sq ft, so if you want it to heat a large area, then the fan will help to distribute the heat further. There are three heat settings on this infrared heater to allow you to heat your room to the required temperature.

+ A perfect wall heat source to warm any home or living space
+ This infrared heater is perfect if you don’t have an electrical supply
+ Great safety features including a grill at the front to protect anyone walking past
+ The infrared heater can heat up to 700 sq ft of space
+ Infrared heater is very easy to operate and requires only one battery to ignite the infrared technology

Why We Like It – This infrared heater’s best feature is that it does not require an electrical source, meaning it’s perfect for living spaces, such as garages or cabins where electric supply isn’t always available. It’s also great if you want a cord-free heater that can be fixed to one location. There is no thermostat on this heater, but you can manually adjust the heat so you can get your ideal temperature.

6. Duraflame 9HM8101-O142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Heater

Duraflame 9HM8101-O142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Heater


This is another Duraflame infrared heater that has made it onto this list. Both of the Duraflame heaters can heat an area of up to 1,000 sq ft, which is great coverage for any home. Unlike the other Duraflame heater, this one is plainer in design, although it does have a great retro look with an oak colored hardwood that protects you from being exposed to the hot infrared quartz heating element that’s inside.

Other safety features on this infrared heater include an automatic cut off if the heater becomes too warm. It includes a safety switch if the heater is knocked onto its side. As with some of the other infrared heaters that feature on this list, this heater also includes a thermostat so you can control the maximum heat that you want the heater to produce to keep your room at optimal temperature when it’s cold outside.

There is an LED display screen on the front of this infrared heater to show you the temperature it is set to both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can then use the press buttons to change the temperature to your liking. If you want to use this infrared heater in a small or large room, it will work great, and you will be pleased with your purchase.

+ There are great safety features, including an automatic cut off to protect the unit from overheating
+ This infrared heater has a lovely wooden design to blend in with furniture around your home
+ Has an amazing heating reach of up to 1,000 sq ft
+ This infrared heater contains a thermostat to keep your room at your desire temperature
+ An ideal solution to heat any room within your home without affected the air quality

Why We Like It – This is a fantastic small or large room infrared heater that can heat up to 1,000 sq ft of space to make you feel snug. The safety functions and thermostat mean you don’t need to worry about safety if you leave the room for a while, as the heater will turn off automatically if any issues arise. The heater has a great old fashioned look and will suit any bohemian decor or even in a modern living space if you want to add a heater with an edge.

7. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop


The Dr. Infrared Heater brand has made it onto the list again with this heavy-duty infrared heater for use in large workspaces such as garages, basements, and building sites. Large space heaters like this one have a great heat output that can warm large spaces that generally have a colder feel to them, like basements. This infrared heater has a no-frill design.

It’s made to get the job done in an environment that can get messy, so it doesn’t need to be fancy. One of the best features is that it has a handle built into the top of the heater to make it easy to move it around quickly and easily. It has a wattage of 5,600 watts, which is more than most of the other infrared heaters on the list. This infrared heater can reach a maximum temperature of 95 degrees and a minimum of 45 degrees.

Also, it has a built-in thermostat so you can set it to your desired room temperature that you require. The noise level of this infrared heater is 45 dB; this is a reasonable amount of volume and won’t distract you from the job you are doing. This infrared heater is made to last and is very sturdy due to the frame that encompasses the heater. Also, the frame includes a grill so your fingers won’t go towards the heater.

+ There are built-in safety features including automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
+ This infrared portable heater is ideal for basements, garages, or worksites
+ The wattage on this heater is 5,600 watts
+ The heater can reach temperatures between 45 to 95 degrees and can be controlled by the thermostat
+ The heater has a convenient handle at the top to allow easy transportation of the heater

Why We Like It – This Dr. Infrared heater is the best heater to use in an industrial setting where it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it can perform and is robust, which it is. It has a high temperature of 95 degrees that will heat even the coldest of garages or basements. The thermostat ensures that your workspace can be kept at your desired heating level.

8. COSTWAY Portable Quartz Heater

COSTWAY Portable Quartz Heater


Are you looking for an infrared heater that is a little bit different from the larger box type ones? Then this is the infrared heater for you. It has a lovely tall slim-line design that will suit a range of locations around your home or even your work office, as it won’t take up much space. Also, it only weighs 8.8 lbs, so anyone will be able to move this infrared heater with ease.

It has some great safety features, just like many of the other infrared heaters on this guide. The features include overheating protection and automatic shut-off if it does get too warm or if it topples over to prevent it from burning a surface or causing a hazard.

This infrared portable heater has controls on the top of the heater so you can change the heat that it emits by moving the thermostat control, and you can also change the output from low at 600 watts to 1,200 watts. If your home is modern in design, this heater will be the perfect product to warm your room when you need it. When this infrared heather works, it does so quietly, so it can be great for a children’s bedroom in the cold months.

+ This infrared heater includes safety features such as overheat protection and automatic shut-off
+ This infrared heater can be used in a variety of places, including your home and your office space
+ Amazing built-in thermostat to keep your room at a consistent heat
+ It has a handle that is built into the framework to make transporting it easy and comfortable
+ There is an easy to use switch to alter the heat setting on this infrared heater

Why We Like It – This is one of the best infrared heaters due to its slim design and modern look that will suit any home. This heater is great for all ages, including older people who need an easy to transport infrared heater within their homes. It has a built-in handle and doesn’t weigh a lot. Plus, it does not take up a lot of space. This is also good when you don’t need to use it and want to store it away safely.

9. Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater

Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater


This is an uber-modern infrared heater that’s attached to your wall to prevent it from taking up space in your home. It has an amazing heat storm technology built into this heater. This wall space heater has a handy LED display to let you know what temperature it’s operating at. The LED display turns off after a while to stop it from using up energy.

If you have children or pets and worry about the safety of this infrared heater, then you can rest assured that this heater is completely safe. The grill at the front doesn’t get hot, so even if it’s touched, no burns will occur. This heater has an air filter that can be removed and cleaned to ensure you keep your heater in top condition and also to make sure that the heat that is omitted is free from dust as much as possible.

It comes with a 1-year warranty too, which is great just in case there are any faults with it. A remote control is included with this infrared heater so you can alter the heat from a distance without having to walk over to the unit and do this manually. This will save you a lot of time.

+ The infrared heater has some great safety features, including a grill that is safe to touch and won’t get hot
+ This wall space heater does not require a large space only 2 square feet
+ It’s easy to install this infrared heater onto your wall in any location in your home
+ This infrared heater has a 1-year warranty to offer peace of mind
+ Contains the heat storm technology to heat your room comfortably

Why We Like It – This radiant heater for the wall is a great choice for any home that is tight on space. It can be installed in a small space, such as a bathroom, or can be put into your main living area. The heat settings are all controlled by the included remote. This heater has a lovely modern look to it and will blend in nicely with any decor that you have.

Infrared Heaters Buyer’s Guide

How do infrared heaters work

Halogen light heater

Infrared heaters are very clever in the way they work. Many other types of heaters will warm the air. The air then becomes dry and less oxygenated, but infrared heaters are different.

An infrared heater heats static objects within the room it’s placed in. The rays from the infrared will move around until they find an object to connect with. This includes people, too; if the rays connect with a person, it will transfer the heat to the body of that person.

They have many benefits that make them the best option for a lot of homes and people. They don’t affect the air that is within a room, so there’s no reduction in oxygen like with other heat sources. They use air to help them function.

One of the best benefits of an infrared heater is that they can provide instant heat to your home or space they’re put into. This is great news if you want to use one during very cold weather spells or if you’re using one to heat your workspace. You won’t need to wait long until you are warm and cozy.


All of the infrared heaters that feature on this guide have built-in safety functions to ensure your home and occupants are kept safe at all times.

Most of the heaters will automatically shut-off if the unit is toppled over to prevent any hazards, and they will cut-off to prevent overheating. Both are important safety functions.

Some of the heaters will shut-off if they detect they have been running for a long period – around 12-hours. This is great if you have forgotten to turn it off before going to bed.

Design Options

There are many designs for you to choose from, and there is a design style to suit everyone’s needs.

If you like the traditional look of a fireplace, the good news is many infrared heaters are designed to look the same as real fireplaces. These types of infrared heaters include real-looking flames that light up when you switch your heater on. Plus, they can be left on without any heat coming out of the device. One of the best infrared heating fireplaces is the Lifesmart, one that features within this guide.

For a modern styled heater, the COSTWAY portable is the best choice with its tall and slim design. It’s easy to store away in the warmer months when you don’t need heating anymore.

Adjustable Heat Settings

Infrared heater

These heat devices come with heat setting options, which is a great luxury. Sometimes you will require more heat than other times, so this feature makes life a lot easier and comfortable – no one wants to be too warm.

The heat settings will vary depending on which heater you purchase. There’s even one that has 24 different settings to choose from – with that amount, you are sure to find your perfect temperature.

Some of the infrared heating units come with a remote control so you can turn it up or down at your leisure, without having to move from your sofa.

Wall-mounted vs. Portable heaters

This is down to personal preference. If you are short on space or have young children running around your home, then it may be worth purchasing a wall-mounted heater. It can fit onto any wall and won’t take up space in the middle of a room or corner.

Portable heaters are great if you want to move your heater around. Many are light enough to push around, and some come with gliders or wheels to make it a bit easier to transport.

Both types of heaters have their benefits, and it depends on what your living space is like and how frequently you want to use your heater.

If you have a modern styled home, the best wall heater would be the Heat Storm Deluxe. It has a great sleek look and will fit in with any decor that you have in your home. They are also safe for use around children as there’s a safety grill at the front where the heat is omitted.

Are infrared heaters worth it?

Infrared heater

They are worth the investment. This is because, in the long run, you will save on your heating bills. You also only need to turn them on when you require the heating, and turn them off when your room is warm enough for your liking. If your heater has a thermostat, it will monitor the temperature in the room automatically.

What is the best infrared heater?

It’s hard to say what the best infrared heater is as they are all great. It depends on what your needs are. Dr. Infrared heaters are a good choice, and two of their heaters feature on this guide. The Dr. Infrared portable space heater is perfect for all homes. It has a high-temperature setting of 86 degrees, which can comfortably heat large spaces. It’s great for bedrooms and living spaces like lounges. The other Dr. Infrared heater that features on this list is for industrial use, such as a working garage, basement, or building sites. It’s sturdy and can be moved easily as it has a built-in handle on the top.

Are infrared heaters expensive to run?

Not really. They can be a lot cheaper than other types of heating that are common within homes. The majority of heaters on this list are powered by electricity. Still, if you prefer not to use electricity or you don’t have an electric supply in the area you need heating, you can choose to go for the Dyna-Glo infrared wall heater instead. This is powered by natural gas. It requires a battery to enable the gas to be ignited to switch on this infrared heater.

Can infrared heaters be left on all the time?

You can leave your heater on for as long as you require it. However, many heaters will have an automatic cut-off after a while. For example, the Dr. Infrared space heater will cut-out after 12 hours. This is a good feature as you may accidentally leave it on at night. If you need it on again, you can always switch it back on.

Are ceramic or infrared heaters better?

Heating devices.

If you suffer from any medical issues such as asthma, then an infrared heater is the best option over a ceramic heater. This is because of the way the infrared heater works. Instead of creating warm air and reducing the oxygen within your home, it warms surround objects and doesn’t affect the air quality like ceramic heaters can do. Also, if you leave a ceramic heater on for a long time, even someone without medical issues will feel the effect of reduced oxygen. It may make them feel tired.

Is infrared heating adequate for a basement?

Yes, as long as you choose a heater that can best heat a large space. The ideal heater for a basement is the Dr. Infrared garage heater. It has a large wattage of 5,600 watts but can reach a temperature of 95 degrees, which is higher than most of the heaters on this guide. It’s also designed for this type of setting. It has a no-frill design but still includes safety functions, such as an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating.


There is a wide range of infrared heaters available for you to purchase and warm your home when it’s cold outside. Many infrared heaters have a variety of heat settings so that you can find your preferred amount of heat to warm your room to an optimal temperature.

If you like your room ultra-warm, some infrared heaters can provide temperatures up to 95 degrees. The great thing about infrared heaters is that they allow you to choose the heat that you want it to produce. This is good if you live with others, and you all like different levels of warmth.

Many heaters include thermostats so you can keep the heater on. It will keep your room at your selected temperature, turning on when it needs to, and turning up when the room temperature drops.

Infrared heaters come in a variety of shapes and also sizes, so you can choose one that fits into your living space the best. You may want to keep as much floor space free as possible; In that case, a wall heater would be a good choice. They look modern in style and have great built-in safety functions.

If you need your heater portable, then there are many options to select from. A portable infrared heater is a good choice if you move around your home a lot, require heating in different areas, and only want to heat spaces that you’re using. This will also save you on your energy bills. Some of the heaters come with wheels or gliders, so you can easily push it around. This is a must if you find it hard to bend and apply force.

There are many styles of heaters to choose from; also, you can buy ones that will fit in with your current furniture. Many have a wood effect. This keeps them safe to touch, as the wood doesn’t get hot. There are many modern-looking heaters too to blend in with a contemporary styled home, such as the slim and tall designed heaters.

If you like the look of a burning fire, you can purchase a heater that has a flickering flame look. The good news about these heaters is that you can operate the flame without having the heating on. This is perfect for a summer night when you want to create a nice, calming ambiance.

Infrared heaters are a perfect way to heat your home or work environment. It will save you money on your heating bills. Simply turn it on and enjoy a warm home.

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