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10 Best Lawn Edgers in 2020

You know the feeling, the one where you’ve just finished cutting and mowing your lawn, and you can still see those infernal tuffs hanging over the outside of the flower beds. It’s nearly impossible to get them off with a mower, and the longer you leave them, the bigger and more apparent they get, and the garden just doesn’t look the best it can with them.

It’s frustrating, and the bane of the lives of anyone who cares about their garden and their little slice of heaven. This is precisely why you should look into getting yourself the best lawn edger possible; an investment you can be sure you’re never going to look back on.

With all this in mind, today we’re going to explore the very best lawn edger models out there, detailing what they can offer you and why they are worth your attention. What’s more, we’ll even share our comprehensive buying and comparison guide, so you know you’re choosing the right one for you!

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1. Wolf Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger

Wolf Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger


Starting off our list and coming in as our best overall lawn edger that balances the very best benefits of both functionality and price, we’ve opted for the Wolf Garten Lawn Edger, which is part of the Multi-Change range.

This is an easy-to-use tool that prides itself on the traditional half-moon design that easily cuts through grass and dirt to create pristine edges. It’s also self-sharpening with use, so you won’t have to worry about it going blunt!

If you’re a user of other tools in this line, you’ll know you can easily swap around the handles and connect this end to whichever operator tool you like using the most, ensuring you’re able to carry out your edging work in the best way that suits you.

Of course, even if you don’t use any of the Multi-Range tools, this is still a fantastic lawn edger you can easily use to get the job done, and results in some tremendous looking edges you’re going to be proud of!\

+ Easy to maneuver and create neat edges with
+ A steel blade shaped to the traditional half-moon size
+ Comes with a ten-year guarantee
+ Part of the Multi-Change range

– None! This is considered by many to be one of the best!

Why We Like It – To make sure this is a product you can trust and you know it’s going to last for years to come, this edger comes with a full 10-year warranty and guarantee. For the next ten years, you know you’ve got an edger that will always be there for you!

2. CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer / Edger

CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer / Edger


If you’re on the hunt for the best of the best that a lawn edger can offer, check out this string trimmer from CRAFTSMAN that’s being hailed as one of our best lawn edgers that gives you the most premium experience possible.

A 20-volt string trimmer, you can easily cut your grass or fields using this device with its two-speed settings, and the fully adjustable pole and adjustable blade mean you get complete control over the way you cut your grass.

However, despite being a string trimmer by design, it does come with an integrated lawn edger. With the ability to cut your lawn and edges at the same time, this is a tool that makes life effortless.

+ The device is an electric lawn trimmer and edger in one
+ Fully adjustable for complete ergonomic control
+ Comes with a three=year warranty and unlimited support

– The trimmer is not quite as powerful as gas trimmers

Why We Like It – While every aspect of this electric lawn edger and string trimmer is great, you know you’ll be able to trust it thanks to the three-year warranty that covers every purchase. Any problems, you can get them sorted out straight away for free!

3. Fiskars Long-handle Steel Edger

Fiskars Long-handle Steel Edger


If you want all the benefits that a premium garden edger can bring into your gardening experience, but you don’t want to break the bank while shopping on a budget, look no further than the Fiskars steel blade edger.

Measuring in at 38.5-inches long, this is more than length to have control over every single thrust, and the long shaft makes this the perfect choice if you have trouble being on your knees or bending down.

These edgers come with sharp steel blades and a large foot platform so you can easily cut while applying maximum force; this is an affordable edging experience you can’t afford to miss!

+ Comes with a long shaft making these edgers easy for anybody to use
+ Large foot platform that makes it easy to apply maximum force without missing
+ Ideal for gardens of any size
+ Sharp steel blades that easily cut through dirt and grass

– Availability of this edger can be limited from time to time

Why We Like It – Sold internationally, this edger has an average 4/5-star rating from hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, and this many people simply can’t be wrong!

4. Radius Garden Root Slayer Edger

Radius Garden Root Slayer Edger


Radius is renowned for its high-quality gardening products, but when it comes to their edgers, there are few powerful tools that will shine as bright as this one.

What makes this steel blade edger special is the fact it’s mainly designed as a root smasher, hence the name. Any roots you’re trying to clear in your garden, this is the tool you’re going to want by your side.

This is then backed by the edging tool built into the same part of the device. Ergonomical and easy to use, made from super-strong 13-gauge carbon steel, and backed by a lifetime guarantee, it doesn’t get better than this.

+ It comes with a full lifetime warranty. Buy this tool and never need to buy one again
+ Has a patented ergonomic grip that maximizes control and comfort
+ Made from durable and solid 13-gauge carbon steel
+ Can use for edging and removing tree roots

– Very expensive compared with other edging tools

Why We Like It – While removing roots usually requires the use of saws and blades and other tools, the Root Slayer makes these other tools redundant. Instead, the blade has saw teeth and an inverted ‘V’ built right into it. All you need for root clearing and edging is right here.

5. WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mowe

WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mowe


WORX has and always will be one of our go-to brands when it comes to tools that make your outdoor experiences the best they can be, and this highly-rated grass trimmer and landscape edger is an excellent example of what they’re able to create.

At heart, this is an electric trimmer edger that relies on battery power but is even powerful enough to cut your entire lawn as a mini-mower. That makes this a 3-in-1 tool that saves you money and makes your life easy.

While we could talk for days about all the features this trimmer has, we’ll stick to the edging part that uses two wheels that can glide the blade to ensure you’re cutting in the smoothest lines with minimal-to-no resistance whatsoever.

+ Uses edging wheels to help guide your garden edgers in a straight line
+ A 3-in-1 device to cut your lawn, trim your garden, and edge your flower beds
+ Easy to maneuver and fully adjustable, so the device is comfortable to use
+ Works seamlessly with all WORX battery packs, so you never need to repurchase one!

– Would be nice if it came with a shoulder strap for added comfort

Why We Like It – In true WORX fashion, these electric edgers use the same 20V or 40V WORX battery that all their devices use for power. So, if you use other WORX tools, you won’t need to keep spending money on battery packs; just use the ones you’ve already got! That’s great for money saving!

6. Ryobi P2300A ONE+ Edge

Ryobi P2300A ONE+ Edge


Another electric lawn edger now, this time from Ryobi. With dozens of positive reviews and an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5 stars, you know this is a lawn edger offering you something you’re going to like.

This lawn edger is dedicated and doesn’t come with a string trimmer or mini-mower functions. This makes this lawn edger incredibly lightweight, and easily the lightest electric device on our list today.

You can position and use the device easily and comfortably thanks to the four adjustable settings, and the included front and rear wheels are great for lining up your cuts and making sure the job looks as professional as possible.

Since it also uses a battery, you won’t need to use cables or an extension cord! What more do you need?

+ Four adjustable positions for full control over your cutting
+ Comes with an over-molded handle for outstanding comfort
+ Comes with front and rear wheels for guiding your lawn edger accurately
+ Easy to use and effortless to master

– Doesn’t come with a battery pack or charger and needs to be bought separately

Why We Like It – To ensure your edge cutting results look as pristine as possible, you’ll be happy to know this device comes with a dual 9-inch blade setup. Serrated for a sharp cut, your edges will have never looked so good.

7. Greenworks Electric Corded Edger

Greenworks Electric Corded Edger


Greenworks is another one of our favorite brands that never fails to disappoint when it comes to leading tools and appliances that give you everything you need to get the job done, no matter what that job is.

In this case, this corded electric lawn edger is a punchy 12-amp device that doesn’t require a battery and can keep going as long as you need too. This motor powers the double serrated 7.5-inch blades that are designed to stand the test of time and create edges you’re sure to be proud of.

What’s more, comfort when using this device has been maximized thanks to the auxiliary and adjustable handle and molded grips. It doesn’t matter how long you’re using this device; you know you’re going to be strain and pain-free.

+ Comes with an adjustable handle that can be set anywhere to suit you
+ Adjustable blades to create the cut you want
+ Doesn’t require a battery and can keep going for hours
+ One of the most popular and highly rated of all lawn edgers

– Will need to use an extension cord to reach the far ends of your garden

Why We Like It – To help you have even more control over your cutting, this device comes with a spring-assisted front wheel. When going up hills, over bumps, or onto new beds, the spring makes it easy and ensures you’re never held back.

8. BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger


There’s no way you won’t have heard of Black & Decker and the outstanding reputation they have for tools, so you know you can expect big things from their addition to the edger market.

With this device, the Black & Decker LSTE525, this is a string trimmer that uses the patented Power Drive technology for delivering outstanding speeds and power you simply don’t get with other lawn edgers. The lawn edger feature is then built around this device.

The blade is sharp for easy cutting, and the 20V battery will give you enough power to keep going for hours to come. With variable two-speed control and EASYFEED for rethreading your trimmer edger, it’s no wonder this device has clocked over thousands of five-star reviews over the last few years.

+ Never run out of power thanks to the two batteries included with this purchase
+ Features EASYFEED technology for threading your trimmer effortlessly
+ Variable two-speed controls for more power and control over your cutting
+ One of the most popular lawn edger models available today

– None! This trimmer edger tool is considered by many customers and critics to be one of the best

Why We Like It – To make your life easy and to make sure you get whatever you need to get done, done, this Black & Decker tool comes with two battery packs ready to go without being held back. Just plugin and get started, and when one battery dies, stick it on charge and carry on with the other!

9. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher


Heading back over to WORX now, this time drawing your attention over to the electric trencher and lawn edger. We’ve covered their trimmer and mini-mower device, but these lawn edgers take a different approach.

The 7.5-inch edger blade spins at an incredible 4700 per minute, which is faster and deeper than most requirements you’ll need when creating edges and will mean most jobs will only take a fraction of the amount of time.

With an adjustable blade handle and grips so you can guarantee you’re working comfortably and even thousands of five-star customer reviews, this is the best lawn edger where you really can’t go wrong.

+ Adjustable blade and handles for ultimate levels of control
+ Backed by thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied customers around the world
+ The dual-blade system spins at speeds up to 4700RPM
+ Comes with a cutting line indicator for optimal accuracy

Why We Like It – To give you even more control over your cutting, these best lawn edgers come with adjustable blades. You can set these within three increments, so you can accurately cut whatever you need to cut!

10. BLACK+DECKER LE750 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher

BLACK+DECKER LE750 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher


Last, but certainly not least, we mention our last best lawn edger from the prestigious Black & Decker company that once again pushes the boat out with what you’d expect a 2-in-1 lawn edger to bring into your life.

A lawn edger and trencher device, this 12-amp electric device is ideal for tackling large jobs like digging out trenches and clearing large areas of undergrown, or for detailed and precise jobs like cutting edges with the utmost level of accuracy.

With a three-setting pole for comfort control, an adjustable blade setting that you can set in one of any three positions at a time for depth control, and the suitability to take advantage of these lawn edgers anywhere in your garden, this is the ultimate garden tool you’re going to be left wondering what you ever did without it.

+ Hailed as one of the best lawn edger models in the world by both critics and customers alike
+ Incredibly powerful with a motor producing up to 150-pounds of torque
+ To be used throughout your garden for any purchase requiring an edger and trencher
+ Bothe blade setup and handles can be adjustable for optimal control while being used

– You need a mains outlet to power this device; you cannot run on a battery

Why We Like It – Just how powerful this device is is what makes it one of the best lawn edgers there is. Offering over 150-pounds of torque and blade power speeds of up to 4700rpm, it doesn’t matter what garden job you’re facing; this is the power tool that will help you get it done.

Lawn Edger Buyer’s Guide

Looking at the list above, the chances are you’ve fallen in love with one of the lawn edgers we’ve listed that have always been considered the best of the best. However, if you’re still on the fence about which lawn edger is best for you, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’re going to talk about some of the key features you need to know about, so you can decide what kind of experience you want, and what kind of lawn edger will best perform to fulfill your requirements.

Power Supply

mowing trimmer - worker cutting grass in green yard at sunset.

How you power your lawn edger is of the utmost importance. With a manual device, you simply need your hands and feet; no problems there. However, with an electric power lawn edger, so you’ll have two options.

The first is a battery power lawn edger that you can utilize anywhere and everywhere, but you’ll be restricted to how long the battery is going to last, and then you’ll need to charge it.

You can also power your lawn edger using a corded device that gives you unlimited power, but you’ll be restricted by how far your power cable can reach, and you’ll need an extension cord to go further.

With this point, simply think about your garden and the space you’re going to be using your lawn edger in, and then how much freedom of movement you’re going to need.

Blade Quality & Controls

halfmoon lawn edger

When any edgers you may be using, you’re going to need to think about the blade on the device and how well they’re going to perform for you. If you’re using little blunt blades, this isn’t going to create edges you’ll be proud of.

When choosing a lawn edger for yourself, think about how big the blade is, and what kind of settings you have to control it, such as the available depth of the blade and how fast it spins.

At the top of the range of lawn edger models, you’ll find the blade can be set in several different positions and heights and will rotate at speeds of around 4700rpm, or revolutions per minute. However, lawn edger models with this kind of control will be the most expensive, so that it will depend on your budget.

Ergonomic Comfort

When using a lawn edger, it’s important to make sure it’s comfortable. You could be using your device for hours, and if the model is not designed to match your body or allows you to adjustable the handles and size of the device to suit your body type, you’re going to be causing your aches and pains every time it’s used.

Look for adjustable handle settings, molded grips, and shoulder straps, especially with string trimmers that come with edgers, to alleviate any stress put on your body while using the edger, and to help you stay well now and in the future.

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