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10 Best Nail Guns in 2022

Seasoned carpenters and homegrown workers understand the real value of having the best tool for the job. At present, we are seeing a significant number of carpenters putting away their hammers to adopt the best nail guns, an act that is being seen to be more than trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Among many other things, nail guns are a safer and more practical option for workers than using a hammer. Driving a nail home is not a walk in a park. If you decide to drive nails in your venture, the old-fashioned way, with a hammer and nails, be prepared to spend more time, more energy, and probably get a few smashes on your thumb.

A good nail gun is best when it is easy to use, fast, and precise while driving a large number of nails consistently and accurately without any issues. Nail guns are one of the best time-saving tools to be created for roofers, framers, siders, and other workers. Below are the best nail guns for 2022.

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1. WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer

WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer


The WEN 61721 Pneumatic nail gun is one of the best and most affordable nailers on the market, offering users value for money. Priced at around 25 US dollars, the WEN 61721 offers its users a 100 nail capacity magazine, a 60 to 100 psi operational strength, a genuine rubber handle, and a lightweight aluminum body. This nail gun accepts a variety of nail lengths and is ideal for mid-level jobs.

Its rubber handle ensures you receive the best comfort that you deserve when operating the gun. The rubber acts as a shock absorber that averts the energy that courses up every time the nail gun takes a shot, from getting into your hand. This assists in reducing fatigue while protecting your wrist from injury.

+ Best ergonomic rubber grip
+ High-capacity magazine
+ Best-release
+ Depth adjustment wheel
+ Clears jams quickly

Why We Like It – The WEN 61720 Pneumatic nail gun is one of the best and most reliable brad-firing options in the market, especially for anyone who is on a budget. For a nail gun that goes for about 25 US dollars, the WEN 61720 delivers impressive performance that is perfect for a variety of home and professional applications such as furniture construction, cabinet installation, and picture-frame assembly.

2. PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer Kit


If you are looking for a cordless model, the Porter-Cable nail gun is one of the best pieces of equipment on the market. Thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Porter-cable offers superior performance without the need for a gas cartridge, hose, or a compressor. It is 100 percent battery-operated.

Generally, battery-powered nail guns do not offer the much-needed punch as compared to the ones using air compressors and hoses. However, they are the best for tasks that use softer materials or shallower depths. This is a hassle-free option as it only requires you to simply charge the battery and stick it into the nail gun.

In addition to its cordless feature, the weight of the tool is centered near the handle, ensuring reduced hand fatigue during extended operations.

+ Battery operated
+ Best 20V Max Lithium-ion battery
+ No need for compressor, hose, or cartridge
+ Easy to clear nail jams
+ Dual in-built LED lights for better accuracy

Why We Like It – The PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer Kit has a 100-nail magazine that allows you to switch between 5/8 inch and 2-inch nails easily while offering trigger lock and sequential firing mode.

3. Valu-Air SF5040 2 in 1 Brad Nailer and Stapler

Valu-Air SF5040 2 in 1 Brad Nailer and Stapler


Do you prefer the service of a lightweight and efficient nail gun? If you do, then you should attempt using the Valu-Air SF5040. This nail gun is best for construction work and some light DIY. It can drive crown staples between 5/8 and 1 5/8 inches while also driving standard 18-gauge brad nails between 5/8 and 2 inches.

It is made out of aluminium-alloy and weighs about 1.5 Kgs. As a pneumatic nailer, you will need a 70- 110 PSI air compressor while using this piece of equipment for a seamless experience. It also comes with a 360-degree adjustable exhaust and a rubber tip that are sure to give you smooth delivery during operations.

+ Best ergonomic rubber grip
+ Best tool-free nose latch
+ Quick jam release
+ Lightweight
+ No-mar rubber tip

Why We Like It – Many affordable nailers do not offer such a wide range of usabilities like the Valu-Air. This nail gun is best suited to individuals doing carpentry work in and around the house.

4. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

CRAFTSMAN Cordless Brad Nailer Kit


This review could not have been complete without the CRAFTSMAN Cordless Brad Nailer Kit. This nail gun is designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring you drive adhesive collated 18-gauge brad nails with little hassle. One of the good things about the Craftsman Cordless nail gun is its lightweight attribute that balances correctly in your arm, assisting you to enjoy your work.

Fully cordless, this nailer is built to eliminate the need for extra accessories such as a costly gas cartridge, an air compressor, or a hose. Its powerful motor delivers consistent firing power in various climatic conditions and materials. The CRAFTSMAN Cordless Brad nail gun has a tool-free depth setting that allows users to adjust the nail depth quickly with much ease.

+ Durable
+ No need for additional accessories
+ Best ergonomic handle
+ Adjustable length
+ Cordless

Why We Like It – The CRAFTSMAN Cordless Kit is the best nail gun thanks to its contoured over-molded handle that makes the user work more comfortable, while its lightweight design assists minimize user fatigue during extended operations.

5. Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad Nailer

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad Nailer


The Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad nail gun is another excellent quality cordless piece of equipment. As a fully battery-powered nail gun, the Ryobi P320 will provide you with the adequate power and comfort you need for your day-to-day usage. Its slanted magazine makes this tool stand out, which allows it to give a better-angled nailing experience to its users and a sufficient depth adjustment capability.

On a single charge, the nail gun can drive nails of up to 1700, allowing you to use the same battery for an entire project. It does not require additional accessories such as an air compressor or a cord. It adjusts quickly hence allowing you to drive different nail lengths for your project, making it perfect for use for professional workers. The Ryobi kit comes with a charger, a nailer, and a lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need for an air compressor.

+ Can be used as a roofing nailer
+ Easy to use
+ Affordable
+ Powerful
+ Easy to handle

Why We Like It – The Ryobi is another affordable machine from a reputable global company. It allows you to fire up to 60 nails per minute while in contact mode. Also, its power charger and lithium-ion battery enable it to charge fully from flat in an hour.

6. BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer

BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer


When it comes to making your roofing tasks easier, BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer is the talk of the town. The BOSTITCH roofing nailer is one of the powerful nailers on the market that is made to last. This roofing nailer accepts nails of ¾-inch to 1 ¾-inches, making it one of the most versatile tools when dealing with different types of materials.

The BOSTITCH packs a serious punch, delivering an impressive 410 pound of force with only 100 PSI of pressure and can drive up to 100 nails per minute. When designing this model, the mother company used a magnesium body, which adds years to the lifespan of the tool.

+ Lightweight
+ Zero nail lock feature that avoids the dry firing
+ A magazine can hold 120 coil nails
+ Over-molded grip for better grip and comfort
+ You can adjust nails to desired depth easily and quickly

Why We Like It – The BOSTITCH has a zero-nail lockout feature that disables firing when the nailer is empty. This avoids overheating and exhaustion. Also, people who are not able to use heavy tools, especially women, will find the BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer a perfect fit; it is light enough to handle challenging tasks.

7. DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit


DEWALT is a famous manufacturing company that is known for its quality pieces of equipment, and that is how this nailer made it to this review. The DeWalt Kit comes with a powerful 18-volt punch that drives home your ¾-inch to 1 ¾-inch nail accurately and consistently. It uses an air compressor for its functionality and has a low dBA that ensures a quiet work environment.

This nail gun has an over-molded grip that makes it comfortable to hold and a joy to use. It has a compact design, and controlling it from nail to nail is a breeze. However, when compared to other nail guns, this nailer has a little more weight, with 6.25 pounds of heft.

+ Best ergonomic handle
+ Durable build construction
+ Magazine capacity of 120 nails
+ Large non-skid nose
+ Zero Nail Lock-Out

Why We Like It – Overall, we like the three-year warranty, performance, ease of use of this model. It has a very reasonable price tag to performance ratio offering its users good value for money. It is also ideal for professional woodworkers and amateurs alike.

8. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Full Round Head Nail Gun

NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Full Round Head Nail Gun


If you are running out of choices on an excellent pneumatic nailer, then this NuMax SFR2190 is the right fit for you. It features a durable magnesium body that allows you to age with it as you enjoy its services.

The NuMax SFR2190 can be used for a variety of applications such as framing, wall sheathing, fencing, siding, and many more projects. It can shoot 2 to 3 ½ inch nails, firing even when there are only five nails in the magazine. Its ergonomic, secure handle ensures you work uninterruptedly without experiencing any strain or fatigue. The make-up of this tool ensures you finish your work faster by minimizing unnecessary delays.

+ Extremely low-cost
+ Best ergonomic handle
+ Anti-dry fire
+ No-mar tip
+ Adjustable air exhaust

Why We Like It – As a fuel-driven nail gun, the NuMax SFR2190 provides a 360-degree exhaust, which effectively removes irritating gases from your workspace. Also, it is fashioned from hardened steel, magnesium, and heat-treated, making it ideal for the toughest jobs.

9. Metabo HPT Brad Nailer

Metabo HPT Brad Nailer


Metabo HPT, formerly known as Hitachi, is proving to be a game-changer in the cordless framing nailing arena. Professional woodworkers see the significance of pneumatic function in decking, framing, and other wood construction projects. However, they do not like the interruption of messy cables and noisy air compressors. Remember, Metabo HPT is a cordless framing nailer that comes with a unique spring drive system that provides compressed air without you coming in contact with hoses.

Also, the Metabo HPT nail gun can drive up to 1,650 nails per charge, driving nails from 5/8 inches to 2 inches in length. The nailer’s magazine has a yellow reload indicator, that gives you visual alerts whenever the gun has low nail quantities. This avoids dry firing and time wastage.

+ Different from noisy air compressors
+ No firing delays
+ Quick nail driving
+ 3.0 Ah battery
+ Best ergonomic handle

Why We Like It – The Metabo HPT has the best integrated air duster that ensures you can easily blow away inconvenient fragments providing you with a clean finish. It also has a 360-degree adjustable air exhaust attached to it that allows you to sweep debris away from you and the nailer.

10. Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit

Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit


If you are an avid DIYer or a professional looking to boost your framing game, the Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit might be worth checking out. This combo kit avails to you all you need for your finishing and framing tasks, whether it’s crown molding, mounting sub-flooring, or anything in-between.

The Freeman kit comes with four heavy-duty pneumatic nailers that include a brad nail gun, framing, finishing, as well as a narrow crown stapler. All these pieces of equipment are sturdy and dependable, ensuring you will be able to make good use of them for a long time.

+ Quick jam release
+ Finger depth adjustment
+ Single and sequential firing option
+ Best ergonomic handle
+ Full head farming nailing option

Why We Like It – The Freeman P4FRFNCB combo kit is more than just a framing nailer; it is a great option that delivers top quality and excellent value.

Nail Guns Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to effective ways of connecting wood, there is no doubt about it; nail guns save vast amounts of time and energy. Nail guns are one of the best and most original pieces of equipment we have around. Commonly seen on most home build projects and construction sites, they make life simple when it comes to fixing what need to be in place.

You should already have one in your toolbox; however, we understand it is not easy for a beginner to select one. You will have to do your homework well for you to get the best nail gun.

What to Look for When Buying a Nail Gun


Ease of Use

Man collects furniture details in the carpentry shop. Toned image. Uses a professional stapler or nail gun. close up view

One of the first things to consider when looking for a nail gun is how comfortable the tool you choose is to use. You do not want to find yourself with a nail gun that will become uncomfortable shortly after commencing nailing duties.

The prime concern of this point is how heavy the nail gun is. When you have spotted the best nail gun for your duties, make sure it is not too heavy when you carry it in your hand. It should feel stable, and its trigger mechanism should favor your grip.


Like everything else, money also has a part to play. While you naturally want to settle for the best nail gun in the market, it is always worth checking for the best value. More often than not, you will find some superior nail guns at reasonable prices. All you need to do is do your research thoroughly.

Ease of Loading

It is always a good idea to make sure that loading a nail gun is not a pain in the neck when shopping for one. Many people prefer spending time nailing stuff in place rather than taking time loading coils of nails, especially when it comes to roofing. When working at height, you do not have the luxury to pick something up when you drop it. It will be ideal for you to use a roofing nailing gun to cut time and the hassle associated with loading.

Firing Methods

Black and grey air compressed nail gun used to install white wood crown moulding in own vintage home renovation

Different nail guns have different kinds of firing modes, such as single-actuation, full-sequential, and single-sequential. The full-sequential requires you to activate the trigger before you fire a nail.

The single-actuation trigger fires the first nail only, and the last category, single-sequential averts you from bump firing the pin.


If a nailgun is not highly accurate, then it is as good as nothing. At present, almost all modern nail guns offer high accuracy, as they do not hammer nails in a curved manner. However, it is still prudent to know about the skill before settling on any product.

Ideally, the nail gun should always drive the nail precisely where the tip of the nail is. By doing so, it will improve the quality of your craftsmanship, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Type of Nail Magazine

pneumatic air nail gun wood background table

There are many divergent views on this topic, as different individuals have different preferences. The stick-style magazine is an economical product that holds long strips of nails.

On the other hand, a coil-style magazine is an expensive option that carries a lot more nails compared to the stick-style, holding the nails in long, flexible strips.

Power Source

The power source of a nail gun also plays a significant role. At present, there are fuel-driven guns and battery-powered guns. In fuel-driven nail guns, petrol runs from a gas cartridge into a combustion chamber, which fuels the nail guns to drive large fasteners into wood material. This type of power source does not typically have cords or hoses.

On the other hand, there are battery-powered nail guns that give users a quick start-up time, delivering greater flexibility during large roofing projects.

What is a Nail Gun?

hand of a worker is using a nail gun on a piece of work carefully

Nail guns are special tools that are designed for one specific purpose; drive nails in hard surfaces such as wood. This simple tool has revolutionized carpentry by replacing the hammer and nails technique. It drives nails much faster and easier than its traditional counterpart.

Those who do not have any experience with nailers may feel a little overwhelmed when shopping in the market. As it turns out, there are several different types of nail guns in stores, and each one has its unique use.

What are the Different Types of Nail Guns?

As it turns out, the market is flooded by several different types of nail guns. Users should know what they are looking for in a nail gun as each type has its unique purpose.

  • Pneumatic nailers
  • Cordless nailers

What are Pneumatic Nail Guns?

Pneumatic air nail gun wood background table

Pneumatic nail guns are powered by air. Usually, they are connected to an air compressor by a cord that propels it to work. Most people prefer them over cordless nail guns due to the extra power they provide over an extended period.

What are Cordless Nail Guns?

The power source of a cordless nail gun is batteries or flammable gases such as propane and butane. The gasoline is fed into the chamber where it is triggered and made to push a piston that then fires nails out of the gun. According to some market pundits, cordless nailers are the best nail guns to use thanks to its mobility and versatility.

What are Roofing Nail Guns?

Just as the name implies, a roofing nail gun is the best nail gun for roofing projects. When compared to a framing nailer, they are not as powerful as they are geared towards depth adjustment of how far the nail goes in. You will find pneumatic and cordless roofing nail guns in stores.

What is a Flooring Nail Gun?

The flooring nailer is the best nail gun for specialized projects for full skill workers. You would not want to attach your flooring close to the frame because if you did, you are probably going to encounter some problems when the structure starts to expand and contract with weather changes. They also come in manual, pneumatic and cordless versions.

What is a Finish Nailer?

Air Nailer, Stapler pneumatic work with hand controls. Carpenter fix clapboard.

On the smaller side of nail guns, we have the finish nailer. They are the best nail guns for tiny nails and are designed for pretty small jobs. So, if you have such projects as putting together large cabinets, crown molding, or building furniture, the finish nailer is your to-go tool.

What is Brad Nailer?

In the nailing industry, brad nailers are the best tools for firing the smallest nails. The brad nailer is the best nail gun in the market for cabinet, light furniture construction, and carpet.

What is a Staple Gun?

Staple guns are the smallest nail guns in the market. Unlike other nailing tools, these guns fire staples rather than nails. They are used to install light carpet and upholster furniture. Many users agree that they have certain landscaping qualities that come in handy when doing some finishing projects.


As we stated earlier, purchasing the right nailer depends on what tasks you are going to be doing. A framing nailer would be the wrong choice for a trim job, just like a palm nailer would be an awful choice for delicate roofing jobs.

There is a wide range of tasks that nailers are essential for, but you have to be able to distinguish the best nail gun for use. Once you have figured out the features of the nailer you need, use the information compiled to assist you in understanding all the different elements.

Also, ensure your nail gun has a belt hook to protect it from damaging falls and for additional safety, especially if you are working above ground.

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