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Best Riding Lawn Mowers of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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It is always nice to have a beautifully landscaped and mowed garden that makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature. Though you can rejuvenate and unwind yourself after a hectic week in the garden, maintenance of the garden is quite a task.

Moreover, if you do not keep the garden mowed and tidy, it invites unwanted pests inside your home.

To overcome such a problem, you can either hire the services of professional mowers, or buy a lawn mower to do it yourself. The best riding lawn mower is a great lawn care tool that allows you to mow acres of land without much effort while saving time.

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1. T225 Riding Lawn Mower by Craftsman

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If you want to manicure the lawn while enjoying the breeze, you need to buy this model riding lawnmower. It is the perfect lawn mower, and the 19 HP engine gives it enough power to sway through your lawn.

This ride-on mower is equipped to move in the forward and reverse direction without any hassle. The 46-inch deck with sharp blades will enable you to cut, trim, and clip the grass at one go.

It is operated with foot and has a hydro transmission that makes it easy to handle with ease. The larger wheels will offer better maneuverability.

+ 46 inch deck
+ Padded seat for high comfort
+ Headlights allow for use during night time
+ 19 HP engine providing sufficient power
+ Ride on design

– None so far

Why We Like It – The padded driver seat is highly comfortable to drive throughout the lawn without feeling irritated or annoyed. Ready-to-start technology will give an efficient start. The headlights to this mower allow you to operate it even during the night times.

2. 540cc Riding Lawnmower by Troy-Bilt

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If you are wondering who makes the best riding lawn mower? Then, undoubtedly, it is Troy-Bilt. It is one of the superior quality lawnmowers that are designed to carry heavy-duty mowing work and offer a lot of convenience to the operators.

It comes with an effective 540 cc, 19 HP Briggs and Stratton engine that runs at a speed of 5.2 mph. The deck size of 46 inches is perfect for a large yard.

You can also use this equipment to mow in the reverse direction. This mower is integrated with the deck wash system that lets you easily clean the deck that is stick with the residue of the grass neatly.

You can also cut the grass in different lengths by adjusting the height of the deck in five different positions. The 15*20 wheels are stable and offer durability.

This mower will go the extra mile to provide ample comfort to the rider. The steering wheel is soft and gives enough grip to the operator with a comfortable padded seat.

+ Stable and durable wheels
+ Perfect for a large yard
+ Can mow in reverse direction
+ Easy to clean

– None so far

Why We Like It – The ride-on mower is designed in such a way that it can easily ascend and descend while using on the terrain. It makes the mowing task a breeze. This is found to be the best lawnmower.

3. MZ61 Riding Lawn Mower by Husqvarna

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It is one of the best price on riding lawn mowers that is powerful and ideal for large acres of lawn. The 61-inch deck will allow the professional landscaper to use in the big to small-sized lawns.

This mower is equipped with a 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine that gives an excellent performance. The hydraulic system offers a great mowing experience to the operator.

The deck lift feature allows you to adjust the height of the deck using the pedal to five different levels. This mower is equipped with three differently sized blades which can cut grasses at different levels. These blades make the job of the gardener a breeze.

The tires equipped to the mower offer high durability and strength, and the tube chassis also provides stability while mowing. You can clean the deck belt by detaching the foot pan.

It comes with a high back seat, armrest, and easy to adjust steering lever while cutting longer grass. The powerful motor and wide deck make it comfortable to carry out heavy-duty tasks.

+ High back seat and arm rest
+ Durable strong tires
+ Powerful motor
+ Wide check

– None so far

Why We Like It – It can be used in a large property for mowing. So, if you are looking for a sturdy grass-mowing machine, this is your safe bet.

4. Yth22v46 46 In Hydrostatic Riding Mower By Husqvarna

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If you are looking for the best value riding lawn mower, then YTH22V46 riding mower by Husqvarna is the right choice for you. It comes with 46-inch blades to cut longer grass with hydrostatic transmission to give quality results. The size of this equipment makes it work on the rough terrain.

You can maneuver the equipment around obstacles and in cramped spaces. The size allows you to store it in a little space. The mower comes with the air induction technology that improves the flow of air in the deck and ensures the deck is clean after every use.

The 22 HP Briggs Stratton engine gives the rider an excellent performance. The foot and pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission will allow the operators to change the direction along with the speed of the equipment with their feet.

Even if you have uneven terrain, the cruise control helps in easy movement. If the operator has missed to cut the grass in the middle and went beyond, then he can use the reverse operating system to go in the reverse direction and cut the grass.

+ 22 HP powerful engine
+ 16 inch turning radius
+ Can be used in reverse too

– None so far

Why We Like It – The backward and forth movement of the mower is controlled by a switch. The operator can mow in the tight spaces using the 16-inch turning radius.

5. Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower By Troy-Bilt

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It is the durable and best ride on lawn mower that is used to mow big lawns quickly without putting much effort. The mower comes with a 420 cc OHV engine and a sturdy cast-iron front axle.

It is equipped with a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission system, which allows you to control the operation of this mower with the feet.

You can operate this equipment in 7 different speed ranges without having to use a clutch to shift the speed. The 42-inch steel deck and dual blades will let you carry out the job of cutting longer grass a breeze.

The 54 inches’ side mulching bags give it enough space to store the mowed grass. To ensure the comfort of the driver, this mower comes with mid-back seat. The OCR can also mow in the reverse direction.

The mower comes with a clean deck system to clean up the deck after every use. This lets you focus on taking care of the lawn rather than the lawn equipment.

+ 7 different speed ranges
+ Hydrostatic transmission
+ Easy to clean deck

– Design could be better

Why We Like It – This is designed exclusively to use for large lawns and fields that need frequent maintenance. This mower is easy to use by the operator and holds good reviews.

6. Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower by Husqvarna

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If you want to complete the task of mowing the lawn quickly, you can switch to this model of lawnmower. It is the best riding lawn mower that has a 61-inch cutting deck that makes it ideal to be used for the maintenance of the residential and commercial lawn.

The 24 HP Kawasaki engine equipped with the heavy-duty steel frame offers excellent performance and durability. The 11-gauge steel cutting deck is efficient to cut grasses.

The deck lifting system allows you to adjust the height of the 61-inch blade as per your lawn mowing needs. The adjustment can be made right from the seat of the operator.

The handgrip and dampeners will allow you to mow the lawn comfortable for hours together. You experience no vibration while mowing.

If you are willing to make the best choice when it comes to the ride-on mower, then this should be your choice.

+ 11 gauge steel cutting deck
+ 61 inch blade
+ Deck lifting system
+ Ample safety features

– Pricing could be better

Why We Like It – The nine-bushel triple bag collection system is used to collect or mulch the grass clippings. You have multiple cutting height options to cut the grass up to your desired height in the lawn.

7. 22-HP V-Twin Gas riding mower by Cub Cadet

22-HP V-Twin Gas riding mower by Cub Cadet


It is another best budget riding lawn mower that is very popular among the gardeners who are maintaining the lawn. It has 22 Horsepower V-Twin OHV Kohler Command PRO engine that offers excellent power and performance to cut the grass professionally.

With this powerful engine, you can easily cut the grasses on the rough terrains. It comes with front and rear anti-scalping wheels and PTO clutch.

You can also adjust the height of the stamped deck in 4 different positions. It is equipped with a comfortable back seat and spring-based deck that can be adjusted in 12 different positions. The 46-inch blade will reduce the time it takes to cut the grass and mow the whole lawn.

The cruise control allows you to maintain a consistent speed while mowing, and the steering system boosts productivity. The high back seat has a 10-degree slide to cut huge areas by taking fewer breaks. The handle that is positioned on the side would be used to raise and lower the deck.

You can also change the height you desired to cut. The operator can increase the deck size to avoid tall roots and other obstacles while driving the mower.

+ Powerful engine
+ Quick connect deck wash system
+ 10 degree slide

– Blades are not as large

Why We Like It – You can move forward and backwards by placing the foot on the pedals. It comes with a quick connect deck wash system which lets high-pressure water to clean the deck. If you are looking for a good and efficient ride-on mower, then this is your bet.

8. YTH24V54 Hydrostatic Riding Mower by Husqvarna

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Due to its high performance, sturdy build, and impressive power; it is the most sought after riding lawn mower by the professional landscapers.

It has a powerful 24 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine and automatic hydrostatic transmission. With this, the operator can move in reverse and forward direction without changing the gears. The 54-inch cutting deck offers a lot of strength to mow the lawn in a short period.

It comes with 16-inch turning radius allowing the driver to move the mower in tighter spaces, thus ensuring better mowing. Cruise control feature will end your worry of maintaining a constant speed and let you pay attention to the steering to mow the entire lawn.

The mower comes with the feature of height adjustment, which lets you control the height of the seat as per your comfort.

+ Built with durability in mind
+ Efficient mower
+ Height adjustment feature

– Comfort could be a bit better

Why We Like It – The headlights will enable you to mow the lawn even in the poor lighting conditions. This can withstand for a long time as it is built with durable materials. YTH24V54 mower is a good choice if you want an efficient mower for your garden.

9. Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower By Troy-Bilt

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If you want to mow the complete lawn neatly for the curb appeal of your home, then you need to buy this Troy-Bilt lawnmower. Its high rear wheels will help mow the grass even in the terrain region. This mower is equipped with a heavy-duty frame to improve performance.

This zero turning lawnmower is equipped with the 452 cc engine and hydrostatic transmission pack that supplies enough power to mow the rough grass in a large area. It comes with 34 inches cutting deck for effective cutting.

The mow in reverse capability will allow the operator to access this mower in the reverse direction and cut the leftover grass behind.

+ Heavy duty frame
+ Great comfortable ride
+ Ample leg space

– Basic design

Why We Like It – It offers a great ride and comfortable padding seat with ample leg space. You can adjust the height of the cutting deck in 8 positions. It is an easy to use and efficient mower that makes it the best riding lawn mower.

10. YTH24V48 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower By Husqvarna

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This is another best and powerful mower equipped with 24 HP engine that allows you to start the equipment quickly. The high-powered engine assures high performance while carrying out haulage work and heavy-duty mowing.

The speed and direction of the mower can be controlled by using the foot pedal hydrostatic transmission system. It is also equipped with cruise control to maintain the same speed, whether you are mowing on the uneven ground or on the rough area.

It reduces the time you spend on mowing the difficult areas and make the mowing process merely enjoyable. The electric deck engagement system enables the driver to control the mower with a switch.

The 16-inch turning radius will enable you to mow even in the hard to reach areas and around the obstacles. The 4 anti-scalp wheels will ensure that the lawn is not cut unevenly.

The air induction technology will let the air pass from top to the bottom of the deck for improving the grass lift. The high back seat is well padded besides offering you ample leg space and back support.

+ Air induction technology
+ High back seat
+ Ease of use even at higher speed

– Not as rugged as some other options

Why We Like It – You can comfortably mow at high speed, even in rough areas. So, consider buying this mower if you are looking for an efficient machine.

11. LTH1738 Riding Lawn Mower By Husqvarna

LTH1738 Riding Lawn Mower By Husqvarna


This is the mower that can be used on any surface to cut and clear the unwanted grass. It assures excellent performance and makes the job of the lawn owner easy. The unbreakable cutting deck offers high durability for years to come.

The pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission offers high performance and allows you to control the speed and direction by keeping your feet on the pedal. It comes with the air induction technology that lifts the grass and ensures precise cutting.

The ergonomic wheel allows you to steady handle the equipment while riding. To ensure that the driver doesn’t face any hassle while driving the mower for longer hours, it comes with padded and comfortable seats.

The machine is perfect for use for small to large-sized lawns. The solidly built cutting deck will endure everything and give a remarkable performance.

+ Ergonomic wheel
+ Great for small or large sized lawns
+ Solidly built

– Not the most feature rich option here

Why We Like It – You can also operate the mower in the reverse direction with its reverse operating system. So, consider this option if you are looking for an efficient mowing machine.

12. TB2246 Riding Lawn Tractor By Troy-Bilt

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It is a powerful riding lawn mower from Troy-Bilt that comes with 46-inch mowing deck and a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission to move from forward to reverse direction smoothly without using any clutch. You can also switch from one speed range to another with ease.

The engine of 547 cc is powerful to ensure faster mowing. It gives access to the operator to get on to the tractor from the space between the seat and the control panel. The maximum speed of this mower is 5.2 MPH, and it comes with a manual transmission which gives you complete control over mowing.

There is also ample leg space for the operator. It comes with a comfortable seat that lets you easily operate the mower. The soft-touch steering wheel will make it a breeze for the operator to steer the wheel while driving and offers a comfortable ride.

+ Ample leg space
+ Fairly powerful machine
+ Soft touch steering

– Design could be better

Why We Like It – If you are looking for a powerful engine that can ensure effective cutting of the grass, then you must check this machine.

13. Super Bronco Riding Lawn Mower By Troy-Bilt

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It is the best and most widely used lawn mower that is equipped with a 679cc OHV engine to mow the larger area filled with grass. With 50-inch deck, you are assured effective mowing on a wider path. It also comes with a reverse capability feature to mow in the reverse direction.

This mower comes with a comfortable high back seat that offers the right posture for the operator to mow the lawn throughout the day without hurting their back. There is ample leg space to sit comfortably. The soft-touch steering wheel allows you to have a smooth mowing experience.

There is a fuel tank that can store up to 3 gallons of fuel. You would need to refill the fuel in the tank rarely. The mower is long-lasting and assures high performance.

+ Powerful engine
+ Stores upto 3 gallons of fuel
+ Does not occupy a lot of space

– Fuel efficiency could be better

Why We Like It – This mower occupies a less storage space and is perfect to be used on uneven terrain. Adding this to your garden accessories will ensure a better-looking garden.

14. Horse Hydrostatic 547cc Riding Mower By Troy-Bilt

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What is the best riding lawn mower for the money? The answer would be Horse Hydrostatic riding mower by Troy-Bilt .

This mower comes with a powerful 579cc engine. It is equipped with a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission that allows you to switch from forward to reverse direction with ease and without having to use clutching between various ranges of the speed.

The step-thru frame allows the operator to get in and out of the mower with ease. Comfortable back seat allows the driver to sit comfortably and use the mower for longer hours.

The cutting deck height allows you to adjust to 6 different cutting lengths to meet the lawn needs. It is also integrated into the deck wash system to easily clean up the tractor every time after you mow it.

+ Step thru frame
+ Comfortable back seat

– Capacity not very large

Why We Like It – The mower comes with a capacity of 1.36 gallons. If you are looking for a good and efficient ride-on mower, then this mower is a good option.

15. YTH18542 Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower By Husqvarna

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If you want to improve the appeal of your garden, you can buy Husqvarna riding lawnmower. This best priced riding lawn mower has a hydrostatic transmission system that offers a smooth ride and excellent results.

It allows you to adjust the height of the cutting deck and seat. The steering wheel is easy for the operator to use while mowing the lawn for a long time without affecting their back.

The compact size allows you to store the mower safely by occupying a little space. You can mow the grass on the lawn even in the cramped spaces and around the obstacles.

The cutting deck is made of quality steel and is designed ergonomically. The deck lifting system allows you to adjust the 42-inch blade, and one can control the system while sitting on the seat.

The high back seat is easy to adjust with the ergonomic steering wheel that is comfortable and easy to operate. The 18.5 engine assures powerful performance.

+ Adjustable cutting deck and seat
+ Steering wheel designed with ease of use in mind

– Blades not the biggest in this range

Why We Like It – The foot-operated hydrostatic transmission will allow you to change the direction and speed of the mower with ease, allowing easy mowing of grasses.

Riding Lawn Mowers Buyers Guide

Before you know about the factors to consider while buying the best riding lawn mower, you need to learn what is a riding lawn mower and various types of riding lawn mowers that are available in the market.

What Is Riding Lawn Mower?

Riding lawnmower, also known as a ride-on mower, is used as a gardening tool to mow the lawn. It can help to cut acres of grass with ease. Good mowers also save a lot of time that is spent by the owner to push the manual mowers.

More importantly, you don’t need to exert yourself physically, and they allow you to mow a larger area in less time. This is used for the lawns that are half an acre or beyond this.

A riding lawn mower is a safer option as compared to other types of lawnmowers. It is ideal for mowing the land in humid areas too. It is used to cut, bag, and mulch neatly and mow around the obstacles to promote professional landscaping.

Moreover, if you have a large yard, then ride-on mower certainly helps to tidy the grasses without taking long.

How A Riding Lawn Mower Works

Most of the lawn mowers work on a rotating belt that is used to cut the grass. This device is attached to the bag to collect the waste grass. The collected waste can be disposed of safely later or can be used as manure for the garden.

When the debris is collected in a bag, it keeps the garden neat and avoids the waste from spreading across the lawn.

The operator can use the brake pedals along with levers to kick start this tool. The pedals and levers are easily accessible to the operator for quick operation.

You can adjust the height of the cutting blade based on the height of the grass in the lawn. Also, you can accelerate the device and stop whenever you want.

Every model of riding lawn mower is equipped with a steering wheel, which allows you to drive the mower like a car. Consequently, it reduces the effort required in cutting the overgrown grass in the garden.

In a few models, you can control the steering with the help of levers. If you are planning to buy a mower, the best place to buy riding lawn mower is a reliable physical store, or you can also opt for online purchase.

Different Types Of Riding Lawn Mowers

There are a few types of riding lawn mowers that are reducing the dreaded job of mowing the lawn. These mowers will make the job of gardeners enjoyable and a breeze.

1. Rear Engine Riding Mowers

There are many rear engine riding mower models available in the market. The best part of this type of best rated riding lawn mower is that it offers a smooth and comfortable mowing experience. It comprises of small cutting decks with the cutting widths that are too narrow. The compact size makes storage easy.

It is an affordable option for garden owners who have small to medium-sized lawns. However, the horsepower of a rear engine lawn mower is low as compared to other types. It does not have pull attachments like bags to hold the cut grass.

Moreover, it is perfect for small to medium ones. If you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience while mowing, you need to buy this one.

2. Lawn Tractors

It is a tractor kind of model that is known for its speed and durability. The lawn tractors are equipped with the most powerful engine and heavy-duty transmissions.

It can also be used to cut the overgrown grass around the obstacles and in the tight corners. There are different attachments available to mow, tow, plough, and haul.

You can see the cutting desk that is placed between the rear and front axles. Though you need to spend a huge amount of money on this tractor, it is worth it.

It comes with various attachments that allow you to clean the lawn neatly in a short period. It is perfect to be used for large areas of yards.

3. Zero Radius Or Zero Turn Mowers

It happens to be the best riding lawn mower and high-performance mower that is used in commercial landscapers. It is a perfect lawn maintenance tool that can be used by the garden owners.

The 360-degrees turning and four-wheel steering system will let the person who is operating the mower to cut the grass in the tight corners and closer to the obstacles with ease.

It allows you to increase the cutting width and better maneuverability. You can mow at a speed of 8mph using this machine. This mower is also equipped with a bag to collect the mulched grass. It is ideal for a flat garden.

4. Garden Tractors

If you are looking for the best riding lawn mower for big yards, then this is the right mower for you. It is very comfortable to drive and is equipped with a powerful engine. It is used to carry out various gardening tasks. This lawn tractor can handle five acres of land or more easily.

Moreover, this mower comes with a sturdy axle, heavy-duty frames, and big wheels that allow carrying out yard duties quickly.

A few handful tasks that you can carry out with this type of riding lawn mower include cutting the grass, preparing the soil, removing snow, and refurbishing the lawn. If you have many acres of land to maintain, you need to invest in this best riding lawn tractor.

5. Mulching Mowers

These are eco-friendly, powerful, and comprise of waste collection units. It is perfect to be used when the height of the grass is not too high. The blades equipped to this device will cut the grass into small pieces, and this grass will be decomposed into the soil.

You can use this compost as fertilizer for your garden. You do not need bag clipping to collect the waste grass that is cut.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Riding Lawn Mower

Riders are ideal to be used in the small or large yards to cut the grass and unwanted shrubs with ease. One of the reasons which make ride-on mower to be the best is that with minimum effort, you will get the best result.

However, before buying the best riding lawn mower for the money, you would need to consider a few factors.

The factors discussed here will help you to choose the right mower/tractor that is perfect for your lawn rather than ending up buying the one that does not meet your lawn maintenance needs.

1. Engine

Since the engine is the main component of ride-on mower, you must focus on the efficiency and power of the engine. The horsepower of the engine will decide its power output.

However, the output depends on the components that are used in the mower. You need to check the parts that are used, such as drive transmission and the cutting blades while buying.

If the engine has a high horsepower, there would be a lot of power that is distributed to perform the mowing tasks to mow the vehicle across the hill and between the obstacles. In addition, when there is high horsepower, you can cut the heavy grass at a brisk pace without much effort.

If you want to perform the mowing task in 5 acres or above, then you need to buy the mower having 20HP power. This engine offers more power and lasts for an extended period.

2. Cutting Width

The cutting width of the mower will decide the wideness of the grass that it can cut in one go. There are a few small and compact mowers that can cut the grass up to 30 inches, whereas the large mowers will cut the grass up to 50 inches or more.

Before checking the cutting width, you need to consider the size of your yard. Based on the lawn size, you need to buy the mower with the cutting width that is perfect for cutting the grass in the lawn.

If you have a small lawn or many tight spaces with obstacles, such as trees or shrubs, you need to maneuver around. For this, you would need to buy a mower that is equipped with a smaller cutting width.

For a bigger property with an open layout, you need to pick the best lawn tractors for the money that you will be spending. It must come with good cutting width to carry out the job of cutting unwanted grass in a short time and with less effort.

3. Capacity Of The Fuel Tank

It is important to have a mower with good fuel capacity; a mower with a smaller fuel capacity would require frequent refilling. So, it is wise to buy a mower model that has a large fuel capacity to carry out the mowing tasks on the terrain.

It is frustrating to stop the mowing job in the middle to refill the fuel tank. Mowers with small fuel capacity are ideal to be used in medium-sized lawns. However, mowers with a large fuel tank is perfect to be used in large lawns.

4. Transmission

The transmission transfers the power from the engine to the wheels of the mowers. It allows the equipment to drive either in the forward or reverse direction. There are three different types of transmissions available. These include manual, hydrostatic, and automatic.

The manual transmission can be set to different speeds. There are a few old models that allow you to switch from one speed to another using a clutch.

So, when you are buying a new model that has a manual transmission, you need to buy one that allows you to switch without using the clutch while the tractor is on the move.

The automatic transmission in the mower will allow you to control the speed with the help of a gas pedal. It is the best riding lawn mower option for people who have lawns full of obstacles. It lets them slow down when there are obstacles and increase the speed on the flat yard.

A hydrostatic transmission is similar to that of the automatic one. However, the hydrostatic one will use fluids rather than belts to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels of the equipment.

The best part of buying a mower with the hydrostatic transmission is that it offers you a smooth ride and requires less maintenance.

5. Maneuverability

There are different types of mowers available, and each of them will let you mow around cramped areas and the obstacles. There are separate control levers available to steer the device. If you have more obstructions in your lawn, you need to buy a mower that has a small cutting deck.

When the cutting deck is small, it offers high maneuverability. The big size riding lawn mower is expensive and cannot maneuver in the cramped spaces. The mowers equipped with small decks are perfect for yards that have many trees, flower beds, and obstacles.

6. Cost

It is an essential factor to consider when buying a mower. Every individual has a budget when he considers buying a mower. The costing of the mower would change based on the kind of model, size of the mower, engine power, features, deck size, etc.

If you are looking for buying the best riding lawn mower under 1000 dollars or above, you can explore online stores. Besides, you must take into consideration all these factors, shortlist a few of them and then choose the best-priced mower.

7. Wheelbase

The wheelbase is the distance between the rear and the front axles. Though, this is often overlooked by the professional landscapers while buying the mower but is a critical factor to consider. The wheelbase is what determines the placement of the engine and the driver seat.

Many will like to buy the mower that is equipped with a large engine to carry out the mowing tasks on the lawn while giving a better view without any obstruction. If you want a clear view, you need to buy the mower with a long wheelbase.

When the wheelbase is long, it will have a negative impact on the seat position thus making it tough to move around the cramped spaces. If you are looking for a mower that allows you to turn around the lawn and move in tight spaces, you must avoid buying the mower with a long wheelbase.

8. Reverse Capability

The riding lawn mowers are equipped with reverse capability. Though it is not a must-have trait in the riding lawn mower, many older models do not have this feature.

This feature of ride-on mower allows you to use the same on uneven surfaces. Thus it reduces the effort which would otherwise be required to move around on complex terrain. It saves a lot of time and money in landscaping of the garden by a professional. Moreover, this consumes less fuel.

9. Traction Control

You need to buy the mower that has excellent traction control ability. However, the traction control is dependent on the size and style of the lawnmower.

The best riding lawn mower will make sure that you can mow straight and safe. It also saves a lot of time, fuel, and stress that is put on the operator.

10. Attachments

Many small riding lawn mowers do not have any attachments. However, there are a few lawn mowers that have several attachments. The mowers equipped with versatile attachments will add to its functionality.

If the model you are going to purchase has no attachments, you can buy them separately.

First, you need to be clear about the tasks you will need to perform using a mower. It will help you buy a mower with attachments you would actually use to mow and carry out other landscaping tasks.

For example, there are a few mowers that come with baggers. These can be used to collect the grass and leaves. You can use these leaves and grasses for preparing compost.

A few of the attachments that come with best-rated lawn tractors include garden carts, seed spreaders, snow blower attachment and so on. When these attachments are built inside the mower, it saves a lot of your money.

11. Warranty

Whether you are buying a lawn mower for residential or commercial use, you must check the warranty of the mower. The warranty could be for a few years or just a few months. Buy a mowers that offer a good warranty.

12. Brand

When you are planning to buy a riding lawn mower, you need to check the reputation of the manufacturer or brand to ensure quality.

If you want to invest in a superior quality mower, you need to choose a reliable brand that has positive customer reviews. To get the best deals on riding lawn mowers, you must check online stores.

13. Deck size

The size of the deck will decide the path it would be able to cut. You must check the size of the deck and whether it will be able to efficient mow the yard. So the deck size must be big if you have a bigger yard, but for a smaller one, you would need a smaller deck size.

If you are buying the riding lawn mower for home purposes, it is recommended to buy the deck size of 30 or 60 inches. The bigger decks are ideal to use in the lawns that have many obstacles wherein the smaller decks can be used to mow around the trees or in the garden beds.

14. Power Source

Many lawn owners are confused about the type of power source they must select for a lawnmower. The lawnmowers run either on gas or electricity. When compared to the electric best lawn tractors, the gas mowers are more powerful but require a lot of maintenance.

Also, this is not eco-friendly and produces a lot of noise. On the flip side, the electric mower is less powerful, but it is easy to start and promote a better environment.

15. Grass Clipping

Go for the best riding lawn mower brands that can handle various sizes of grass clippings. There are a few mowers that will cut the grass and throw it in the garden as compost while a few will collect the grass clippings in the bag or mulch the grass that is cut into pieces.

16. Weight

You also need to check the weight of the riding lawn mower before buying. A heavier machine would be difficult to handle and move around on uneven terrain. So, don’t forget to check the weight of the mower.

17. Lawn Size

Whether you want to buy a small lawnmower or a big one; it all depends on the size of your lawn. If you have the lawn that is on the rough terrains with curves and bends, you need to go for zero-turn mowers as they offer better maneuverability. Besides, for a larger yard, you would need a large deck size.

18. Comfort and Seating

Many lawnmowers come with adjustable seats that allow the operator to adjust the height as per their comfort. You need to buy the one that is ergonomically-designed. It also allows the operator to reach the controls and levers with ease.

19. Mulch Bag

You need to buy the mower that can collect and mulch the grass that you have cut. It saves a lot of time by letting you carry out both cutting and mulching simultaneously. You do not need to spend time spreading the cut grass across the yard for biodegradation. It also helps you to save disposal time. Therefore, look for the mower equipped with this attachment.

20. Quick To Start

You must buy a ride-on mower that is easy to start without any hassle.

21. Safety

If you are buying a mower, you need to check to make sure that the mower has a sitting deck with safety belts that reduces the risk of you getting prone to injuries. The mower should also have headlights to work safely in low light conditions.

Tips For Maintaining A Riding Lawn Mower

Even if you have one of the best riding lawn mowers but are not maintaining it well, it is going to become a scrap soon. Therefore, you need to maintain your lawnmower regularly to improve its life and make it work optimally. Here are a few pointers:

  • Clean the mower every time after mowing: Although most of the mowing machines come with a self-cleaning mechanism, you need to use the air or the leaf blower to blow off the grass, debris, or other minuscule dust particles stuck in the mower. You need to follow this practice before and after using the mower in all seasons. The waste will have an impact on the mowing operations; therefore, you need to clean the mower before using it.
  • Replace fuel with clean fuel: If you are using a gas-powered riding lawn mower, you need to remove the old gas and fill it with new gas by strictly following all the hazardous waste disposal rules.
  • Change the oil and the filter regularly: You need to periodically change the oil, especially if you are staying in the area where there is a lot of dust. It is also important that you check the oil before using the mower. After filling the oil in the engine, you need to wipe off the spillage on the engine to avoid putting yourself at risk.
  • Clean the air filter regularly: When you buy a mower, the manufacturer will provide you with its user manual. You need to read the manual to learn how often you need to change its filter. If you are reusing the same filter, you must clean it with foam water. However, ensure to fix the filter after it is dried properly. You need to replace the filter when it gets dirty.
  • Change spark plugs: The best way to promote the smooth functioning of the mower is to change the spark plugs when it starts showing problems. However, you can take the help of the technician who can safely replace the spark plug from your mower.
  • Keep a tab on the tires: You need to inflate the tires while using the best residential riding lawn mower to have an excellent mowing experience.
  • Sharpen the blades: By regularly using the cutting blades equipped to the mower, they get blunt. You need to sharpen the blades to cut the grass quickly. When sharpening the blades, you need to wear eye protection and gloves. Ensure that the blade is balanced.
  • Prepare a maintenance schedule: After using the mower for 25 to 50 hours, you must clean it and ensure its upkeep so that it works well.

Safety Tips To Follow While Using Riding Lawn Mower To Mow The Garden Or Yard

To avoid injuries while mowing using the riding lawn mower, you need to follow these safety tips.

  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly: Most of the mower manufacturing companies ensure that the ride-on mowers they make are safe to use and do not pose any threat to the user. But, it is always good to read the instruction manual before using the same.
  • Prepare your lawn for mowing: Many people will throw debris, rocks, and holiday decoration on their lawns during holidays. Therefore, before starting to mow, you need to check and remove the things that would stand as an obstacle for mowing. If anything gets stuck in the machine, it not only causes damage to the machine but also causes severe injuries to the operator.
  • Dress appropriately: One can get injured if one’s clothes get stuck in the machine that is at a speed. It is therefore recommended to wear proper footwear and clothing while mowing. You must wear long pants to protect your legs. If you do not want to hear the annoying noise made by the mower, you must also wear ear protection.
  • Operate safely: Kids who are under the age of 16 should not operate the ride-on mower. You should not carry passengers on the mower since there are high chances of falling off.
  • Be cautious of the burns: Many people are not aware of the heat produced by the engine while mowing. If the skin gets in contact with the engine that is heated up, it results in burns. Also, when you are adding fuel into the fuel tank, make sure that the engine is not hot, and there are no ignition sources that would ignite fuel.
  • Clear spectators from the lawn: If you are mowing the lawn, make sure that there is nobody except you working on the lawn. There are high chances of the flying debris to hit the people standing in the garden. You also need to keep the kids away from the mower, especially when you are using the mower in the garden.
  • Handle the equipment carefully: One of the key things that you need to remember is to keep your hands and feet safe and away from the blades. When you are taking the mower on the terrain or hill, you need to be extra cautious so that the mower does not tip off and slide down. When it slides, it gets in touch with your feet and hands and that can be risky.
  • Know about the stored energy: The motors in the mower are very powerful. So, when the mower is stopped suddenly or gets jammed, it sometimes causes the blades to move suddenly. If you are removing debris and the blades move, it causes a serious injury.

Benefits Of A Riding Lawn Mower

If you are considering buying a lawn mower, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Enjoy high speed: A branded and powerful mower will have a good engine. Though mowers look small, they will help complete the work in a short period. When you look for engines, you also need to consider the speed at which the mower can be operated. If you buy a high-speed riding mower, you first need to learn about the levers before operating it and enjoying a great mowing experience.
  • Offer high maneuverability: Best riding lawnmowers will turn around to mow the leftover patches with ease. You do not need to struggle with the mower to mow in different directions with its high flexibility.
  • Save time in mowing the yard: If you have bought the best lawn mower, then you can surely save a lot of time by ensuring faster mowing work. You can also save a lot of time cutting the unwanted grass in the garden. This also cuts the grass and mulches. Many residential and commercial landscapers use this.
  • Energy-efficient: The big chunk of the land can be mowed in a short time span with the help of a fast riding lawnmower. It also consumes less fuel. On top of this, it keeps your engine sturdy and reliable.
  • Last for a long time: If you buy a reliable riding lawn mower, it stays with you for a long time with minimal maintenance. A right mower will add a lot of value for the money you spent.

The best riding lawn mowers for the money are those that are efficient, reduce your effort, and fit your wallet. You can easily find a mower that works well and is in your budget. There are different models available in the market to mow medium or large size lawns while offering better maneuverability.

Furthermore, several mowers also help cut the grass and flower beds with ease. They come equipped with many attachments, such as adjustable seats, cruise control, and automatic transmission. Check the reviews and ratings to get best rated riding lawn mowers.

From cutting deck to the engine and seating, you need to consider everything while buying one. If you are still wondering what is the best riding lawn mower, you can explore the list of top 15 riding lawn mowers discussed above.

To get the best inexpensive riding lawn mower, you must check online portals like Amazon. Do check its features and reviews carefully before buying one.

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