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10 Best Sawhorses in 2022

Whether you’re a construction professional or a handyperson doing DIY at home, your project can be made easier and safer by using a sawhorse that is both reliable and stable (no pun intended). Uneven work surfaces can lead to working materials like wood, plastics or metals being pushed away during cutting or shaping.

This means either your end product will be of lesser quality or you’ll have to spend more money on new resources to get the job done right. In the absolute worst scenarios, you may be putting you or your co-worker’s safety at risk if you haven’t got your wood beams or panels secured or clamped.

Sawhorses are one of the best ways to make sure your cutting, measuring, and any other DIY task is completed with accuracy and safety. There are several styles of sawhorse to choose from. Some are a simple set of supports designed to allow a raised work area, while others are multi-functional and offer use as a full workbench or clamping station. To help you figure out which are the best saw horses for you, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best saw horses available from amazon.com.

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1. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse


The table surface of this saw horse can be folded up and down effortlessly like the wings of a pegasus. Honestly, the name use and design department of WORX hit a home run with this. When extended, the worktable can support 300 lbs of weight capacity and an impressive 1000 lbs when folded into its saw horse form. It’s made from ABS thermoplastic polymer, which means it weighs less than 30 lbs and can fold away into an easy store and transport size.

The WORX Pegasus comes with two quick clamps and additional table surface clamps known as “clamp dogs.” You can use these to keep a firm hold of your materials as you work, no matter the size or shape. It also has built-in measurement markings, so you get absolute accuracy with every cut.

If you need to use even more workspace, the Pegasus is fully compatible with other WORX sawhorses, such as the Sidekick and Clamping saw horse. You can clip any of these three sawhorses together to form as broad a workspace as you need as they are all built to the same height.

+ Highly versatile and multi-functional
+ Designed to use with duplicate Pegasus or other WORX models.
+ It includes clamps and fixtures.

Why We Like It –  The conceptual imagery of this versatile and highly useful saw horse is nothing short of breathtaking. The Worx Pegasus will ensure that you fly through your work, making it one of the best saw horses you can get.

2. Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse

Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse


This set of two heavy-duty steel saw horses are the absolute best for workers on the go. The ergonomic handle allows for easy carrying, and with a single click of a switch, the non-sequential fast-folding legs release in seconds for the most straightforward set up of any saw horse.

Both saw horses come with pre-drilled holes in the metal frame so you can attach a sacrificial 2×4 buffer that will protect your working materials, your tools, and the sawhorse from wear and tear damage. The Bora Portamate sawhorse also features two side slots for additional 2x4s so you can transform your sawhorses into a stable and durable work table.

Between the two saw horse supports, they can hold up to 1500 lbs of weight capacity, and when you consider that they weigh less than 18lbs per saw horse, this is most impressive. The sleek and streamlined design announces professionalism and competence from both the tool and from the worker using it. This tool is one of the best saw horses that will carry your project over the finish line in record time.

+ Lightweight and highly durable
+ Legs fold away in any non-sequential order
+ Huge supporting weight capacity.

Why We Like It – The smooth manner with which the folding legs extend is like watching Optimus Prime transform. This is a seriously cool looking and reliable piece of equipment.

3. 2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Sawhorse

2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Sawhorse


This saw horse is a unique design and requires the most amount of set up to use. The actual product itself only consists of two heavy-duty plastic brackets and eight plastic foot tips. When combined with your selected lumber 2×4 materials, you can easily create a set of saw horses at any desired height or length. 2X4Basics offer a range of products that allow you to dictate your measurements and requirements.

So while this is one of the most basic use saw horses on our list, it’s also one of the most versatile and customizable. Once your 2×4 supports are cut to length, the rest of the assembly only requires a screwdriver to complete, so it’s nothing too strenuous. Plus, once your saw horses are completed, they can support up to 1000lbs per horse.

+ Make the saw horse to any height or length you desire.
+ High supporting weight capacity.
+ It assembles with just a screwdriver.

Why We Like It – There is an elegance in simplicity, and the 2X4 custom pro brackets are an excellent example of a simple design that can be used for multiple different jobs and situations. This makes it one of the best saw horses you can get.

4. Kreg KWS500 Track Horse Tool

Kreg KWS500 Track Horse Tool


It took a great amount of restraint for us not to make a dozen jokes about how the track horse is the best saw horse on the track. This steel and aluminum made saw horse features a grooved track across its work surface that allows the use of an included Kreg clamp to grip your building materials from any angle. The track allows full movement or removal of the clamp while ensuring it always keeps a firm grip when closed.

Additional clamps can be purchased and added to the track if required. It features side clamps to allow for two 2×4 beams to be inserted and connected to another saw horse to create a sturdy work table if needed. Storage is easy with fully folding leg supports that can be left retracted to provide a means to work at ground-level. It also features height-adjustable leg pins and weighs as little as 23 lbs. It should be noted however, that the Kreg is sold as one single saw horse, so if you do intend to use it as a work table, you will need to purchase an additional horse from amazon.com.

+ Includes versatile Kreg clamp
+ It can be used at ground-level.
+ Adjustable height.

Why We Like It – No other saw horse on our list offers the option to work at ground level, which is ideal if you need a workspace in a confined or difficult construction area.

5. Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse

Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse



This sawhorse features supporting arms on either side, which allows you to insert 2×4 or 4×4 planks to transform it into a work table. Most other sawhorses will only accommodate 2×4 planks, which means that the Toughbuilt has the potential to give you a much sturdier and, therefore, safer workspace. The 100% steel legs are entirely height adjustable and have pivoting feet to ensure the flattest and more secure placement in any construction area.

This might be the best saw horse to use for commercial construction. Each sawhorse can support up to 1300 lbs of weight capacity and is coated with a protective powder and zinc plating to ensure long life and lasting performance. Each set of one sawhorse weighs 22.9 lbs and is effortlessly transported thanks to the easy carry handle.

+ Powder coating and zinc plating for best protection
+ Height adjustable legs
+ Support arms accommodate a range of wood beam sizes.

Why We Like It – The Toughbuilt really comes across as a sawhorse designed by builders, for builders. The inclusion of something as simple as pivoted feet makes all the difference when trying to get a flat work surface in a chaotic or uneven environment.

6. Trojan TS-35 Tall Sawhorse

Trojan TS-35 Tall Sawhorse


This Trojan sawhorse sneaks its way on to our list by being such a simple and easy to use design. There is little in the way of general customization as the Trojan promotes itself as a taller spec sawhorse at 3.5 feet high. What customization you do get is through the length of 2×4 lumber used to connect to two ⅛ inch thick steel legs. Assembly requires no tools, thanks to the gripping tooth hinge design. This works by placing each end of your 2×4 into the toothed clamp at the top and pressing down on a hinge with your foot.

Doing this simultaneously extends the legs of the sawhorse and closes the clamp around the 2×4. The more weight the sawhorse supports, the tighter the clamps will grip the 2×4 and provide a reliable and durable hold. A pack of the TS-35s comes with two legs to make one sawhorse that can be easily folded away for easy storage and transportation.

+ Simple heavy duty design
+ Easy tool-free setup
+ Stands higher than most standard saw horses

Why We Like It – The gripping tooth clamp design is innovative and simple, allowing for quick replacement of the 2×4 beam in the event of damage or requirement to make the sawhorse longer.

7. Toughbuilt TB-C500 Sawhorse

Toughbuilt TB-C500 Sawhorse


This sawhorse is the second one on our list from the Toughbuilt brand, and it certainly proves that they know how to build some of the best sawhorses. The C500 comes with the same powder coating and zinc plating as the C700 we looked at previously. This gives it added protection and longer use life in rough construction environments and against most corrosive materials.

The C500 comes with two arm supports to turn a pair of sawhorses into a work table of which you can decide the length of. It differs from the C700 sawhorse, as it can only accommodate 2×4 sized beams as opposed to 4×4. However, this is reflected in the lower price.

You still get the stability and safety of a Toughbuilt sawhorse, and with a low weight of 12.5 lbs, easy carry handle and folding legs. This is an excellent choice of sawhorse for your next DIY project. This model is sold as a single sawhorse and has a weight capacity of up to 1100lbs.

+ Protective powder coating and zinc plating
+ Light carry weight
+ Made from 100% durable steel

Why We Like It – This saw horse is solid and a great value for money. The steel structure gives excellent support while still remaining light and versatile.

8. TOMAX Portable Folding Sawhorses

TOMAX Portable Folding Sawhorses


This pair of sawhorses have a much lower weight capacity than a lot of the other models on our list. While each sawhorse can only support up to 275 lbs (approx 500 lbs across both), the TOMAX sawhorses make up for this lesser weight with many other features that other models lack. They come with an anti-slip work surface to provide a better grip on your building materials. Both sawhorses have pre-drilled holes to allow assembly into a workbench with two 2×4 beams. The workbench can be as long as you like, depending on the length of your 2x4s. The folding legs and light weight allow for easy transport and storage. This is despite the fact being made from durable steel. Both sawhorses are also height adjustable and come ready to out of the box with no assembly required.

+ Comes a pair to assemble into a work table
Anti-slip surfaces
Lightweight and compact

Why We Like It – With zero assembly and fast set up, these are the best pair of sawhorses for when you need a work surface in a hurry.

9. WORX Clamping Sawhorse

WORX Clamping Sawhorse


WORX is certainly one of the frontrunners when it comes to sawhorse innovation. This clamping sawhorse is fully compatible with our best overall choice; the WORX Pegasus saw horse. Where it differs and even complements the Pegasus is with its fantastic range of features. This set of two sawhorses includes two fully detachable bar clamps, capable of up to 300 lbs of clamping force.

It features a built-in shelf to keep your tools safe and off the ground during your work. The cord hooks ensure no tangles or tripping over power tool cables. Both sawhorses are made from a durable thermoplastic polymer and can support up to 1000lbs across the two horses. The quick folding design makes easy storage a breeze.

+ Cord hook to keep cables out the way
+ Attachable and compatible with the WORX Pegasus sawhorse
+ It includes two bar clamps.

Why We Like It – The WORX brand has a firm design style that is functional, versatile, and comes through with every sawhorse they create. This is no exception as the light weight, and massive application of functions make this one of the best and must-have pieces of DIY equipment.

10. Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses

Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses


Metabo HPT is the new name for Hitachi Power Tools (HTP) as with this new branding, they wanted to make sure their line of folding sawhorses got off to a great start. This set of two sawhorses is made from heavy duty plastic, and between them can support weights up to 1200 lbs. They feature built-in shelves to keep your power tools and building materials off the ground and cord hooks to keep cables tied up safely.

A unique feature of the Metabo HPT folding sawhorses is the four sawbucks that attach to the top of them. These pre-molded plastic bucks are shaped perfectly to hold a 2×4 beam either flat or upright, giving you the option to favor strength or stability when using the sawhorses as a working table. Both saw horses fold away with ease and weight very little, thanks to the heavy duty plastic material.

+ Comes with four sawbucks
+ Includes shelving and cord hooks
+ Lightweight and folding make for easy storage.

Why We Like It – The sawbucks are a unique and original feature that offers an alternative means of transforming your sawhorses into a workbench without having to use tools or screws.

Sawhorses Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things you should always bear in mind when purchasing a new sawhorse. DIY and construction can be dangerous if not carried with the correct tools and safety precautions, so it’s important to read all assembly instructions and limitations regarding your sawhorse before you start using it.


Folding sawhorses

If you do have any difficulties with the assembly or usage, many sawhorse brands offer an online affiliate advertising program designed to provide guidance from the moment you open the box to the first task of your project. Furthermore, you can contact any of the amazon services LLC associates through amazon.com in case of any queries not covered. To save you some trouble, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you find the best sawhorse for you.

Sawhorse quantity

Make sure to check if the sawhorse or sawhorses you want to purchase comes as a single horse or part of a pack. It will save you much time and frustration if you check this first rather than having your sawhorse delivered and finding out you ordered too few.

Sawhorse height

Two orange seahorses

Check to see what the max and minimum height of your sawhorse is. If you’re going to be using your sawhorses for extended periods of time, particularly as a workbench, it’s of the utmost importance that they are set to a proper working height. We recommend this to be around waist-high, as leaning over the table repetitively can lead to back or other muscle pains. Setting the correct height will also keep you safe from any tool errors or faults.

Sawhorse supporting strength


Two wooden sawhorses

Never put your full weight onto a sawhorse. They are designed for holding or propping up for materials while you work on them, not for sitting or resting on. Furthermore, you should consider what materials you will be using on your sawhorses. When using light woods like pine, chipboard, or MDF, then lighter sawhorse loads should suffice. However, for heavier woods such as mahogany, walnut, or any kind of metal you want to work with, it’s much safer to invest in a heavier duty sawhorse.


What are the benefits of using a sawhorse?

Using a sawhorse is the best way to keep your materials and tools off the ground and protect them and yourself from damage. It also provides a level and safe working area that will enable you to get the best accuracy with measurements and yield the best result for your work.

Why do I have to provide my own lumber for some sawhorses?

The lumber you use with your sawhorses to assemble a work table or surface is sometimes referred to as a sacrificial piece. This means that when working with saws, routers, or other cutting tools, if the blade of your tool should overreach or you make an error in cutting, it will only damage the sacrificial lumber and not your sawhorse, power tool or yourself. It’s a small price to pay to ensure safety.

How do I assemble a workbench using my sawhorses and lumber?

Each sawhorse design is slightly different, so you should always check the instructions or use the company website for guidance before you begin. Our basic tips to follow are always to make sure your lumber beams are the same length and always make sure they are firmly secured with no movement in their respective slots, clamps, or chucks before beginning any kind of DIY work.

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