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10 Best TIG Welders in 2022

When it comes to fabrication, TIG welding is one of the hardest parts. Finding the best tig welders for the job at hand will make things less complicated. You do need to gain insight to be able to pick the perfect machine for the job you’re working on.

Not only do you need to meet industry standards and codes, but you also need to make sure that your product is top-notch. This will ensure that your business thrives, and you continue to have plenty of work to keep your finances in life on the right track.

When you start to look through TIG welder advertisements, you will find that they all make themselves out to be the latest and greatest available. However, which ones are you supposed to trust, and which one should you throw to the wayside? To come up with the best tig welders, you would have to spend hours doing research and reading through numerous customer reviews. We have cut this arduous task out and done all of the work for you.

View The Best TIG Welders Below

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200X Tig/Stick Welder

AHP AlphaTIG 200X Tig/Stick Welder


The AHP AlphaTIG 200x welder comes with a 3-year warranty. It can weld aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Additionally, it offers precise welding on materials of a thin gauge. You will have significant control of the AHP AlphaTIG 200x with convenient foot pedal operation. This electric TIG welder is powerful. The 200amp AHP AlphaTIG 200x is designed for use by professionals and hobby welders.

There is a wide range of pulse features, and it offers cleaning controls for AC. The welding process is made more comfortable with a flex hose torch and trigger switch to the torch. You’ll be making a decent investment when you go with this AHP AlphaTIG welder. You’ll be able to use it for years to come, and it’s easy to use compared to other models.

+ 10-200 amperage range
+ IGBT technology
+ 200 amp AC/DC
+ Foot pedal

Why We Liked It – The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is an excellent choice, whether you love to weld as a hobby or whether it’s part of your professional life. You will be able to rely on this to be one of the best TIG welder options, no matter the job you’re facing. With precision and plenty of power, your job will be easier to complete than ever before.

2. Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225,208/230VAC

Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225,208/230VAC


This TIG welder has some of the best amperage range in the business. You can choose an amperage between 5 and 230, making this an extremely versatile TIG machine. A built-in TIG pulsar will help you control how much heat you’re putting into your weld. Additionally, it utilizes a digital meter and well-spaced controls to make it extremely easy to use.

Stick welder attachments are available for this welder. However, they do need to be purchased separately. It has a standard NEMA plug and includes the power cord and receptacle required to plug it into a power source. Consumers are pleased and surprised at how easy to use this powerful TIG and stick welder is.

+ Good for hobbyists & professionals
+ Canvas covers available
+ Excellent choice for beginners
+ Simple controls

Why We Liked It – You will be making a serious investment when you decide to go with this TIG welder. However, the investment will be worth it. This is a trusted brand that makes quality goods that are built to last even with consistent use.

3. Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine

Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine


This high-frequency TIG torch works fantastic with stick welders. Starting arc welding is easy, and this welder will improve tungsten life. The high-frequency TIG torch is easy to use and will start 100% of the time. You’ll be able to see the amperage range easily on the LCD. This TIG welder utilizes IGBT inverter technology.

This makes arc welding more stable. Using this TIG welder is beneficial, whether you’re using it for personal projects or on a professional level. It offers automatic compensation for fluctuation in voltage and provides protection for over-voltage situations. It also covers you when dealing with under-voltage issues, offering current protection, and overload protection.

+ Automatic temperature control
+ Amperage control
+ Dual voltage input
+ Foot pedal

Why We Liked It – This TIG welder is quite versatile. It can handle stainless steel and other metals quite nicely. You’ll be able to weld aluminum with ease and have clean welds. Many are impressed with how easy the welding process is after choosing this model of TIG welder.

4. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG Welder

No products found.

No products found.

The Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC Welder offers an interface that is extremely easy to use. Once you power it, you will simply need to select the material and set the thickness range for that material. This electric TIG welder offers a feature that will make the fan run only when you need it. This will reduce the amount of debris that gets pulled into your welding machine.

It can weld aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals with ease. You won’t have to worry about tungsten or material contamination because of the high-frequency start that allows you a non-contact arc. You will have excellent control with the infinite amperage range control feature on this model.

+ Trusted brand
+ Quite affordable
+ Good for professional use

Why We Liked It – When you need to use your TIG welder for professional and hobbyist projects, this one has you covered. It’s one of the best TIG welder options available and will help you make sure that you are producing quality welds every time.

5. Miller Electric MaxStar 161

Miller Electric MaxStar 161


The Miller Electric MaxStar 161 TIG welder is one of the best for a variety of reasons. You can use it for stick welding. It can handle thin gauge materials, so when you need to weld aluminum, this is a good choice. Additionally, it will be able to handle stainless steel, and it can also handle regular steel.

This is the best TIG and stick welder to carry with you. It’s a lighter weight than many others, which makes moving it around much easier. You will be able to use this machine in your home, shop, or wherever you may need it to produce excellent welds. Additionally, it uses slip union connectors on the discharge and inlet ports, which is very convenient.

+ Input voltage range = 120-240VAC
+ Exceptionally versatile

Why We Liked It – Most TIG welders are exceptionally heavy making transport difficult. The Miller Electric TIG and stick welder is a lightweight model. This makes it easy to relocate and use in any given situation. You will also find that this welder is easy to use, making it one of the best welder options out there.

6. Everlast PowerTIG 200DV

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV


The Everlast PowerTIG machine offers dual voltage. It utilizes color-coded controls that will keep things as simple as possible for the welder. The low amperage starts as low as 5 for TIG welds. It goes up to 20amps in AC mode. It has AC/DC settings to make every welder job easy. The Everlast PowerTIG is portable and will connect easily with any generator out there.

It also has a foot pedal. The foot pedal makes using this welder easier than many others. It can handle steel and stainless steel. This TIG welder can also handle aluminum with ease. No matter the thickness, this welder has you covered. You may need to make more than one pass, but at the end of it, you will have clean welds that you can rely on.

+ Good Amperage Range
+ Dual Voltage
+ Low Amperage Settings

Why We Liked It – This is one of the best TIG welders because it’s insanely versatile. You will be able to take it along with you as it doesn’t weigh a whole lot. This makes TIG welding simple, no matter the task you’re facing or where that task is located.

7. Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Welder

Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Welder


This is one of the best TIG welder options when you’re on a budget. It’s also quite versatile and easy to move around. It offers accurate aluminum welding with the square wave inverter. Regardless of the gauge of your material, it will give you precise welding ability. It can be used for TIG welding or stick welding. This TIG welder utilizes an advanced cooling system.

This cooling system will ensure that your plasma cutter is stable and high-performing. Additionally, this cooling system will lengthen your duty cycle. This machine comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty so you can buy it without worrying whether it will be the perfect fit for you.

+ Comes with many accessories
+ Long duty cycle
+ Stable welder

Why We Liked It – No matter what type of welding you need to tackle, this welder is going to be able to handle it. Consumers are really impressed with the arc starting function. They feel that it’s one of the best on the market. Welders are not all created equally, and this one will exceed your expectations.

8. Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one Welder

Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one Welder


When it comes to versatility, this option is one of the best tig welders available. It acts as a stick welder, MIG welder, and a TIG welder. It’s extremely simple to use and can switch the positions quickly, which makes traversing between processes very straightforward. It provides a standard duty cycle, and there are a variety of accessories that you can purchase to go with it.

This TIG welder is a step above the rest and can easily be used for day-to-day welding or on a professional level. You will also be able to move at the perfect speed by utilizing the flow meter. The flow meter supplies perfect regulation of gas while using a single-stage piston.

+ Electric power source
+ Manufacturer’s warranty included
+ Includes MIG and stick welding set-up

Why We Liked It – What’s not to like about a TIG welder that can be used for other things? The fact that you can use this welder for so many different things makes it one of the most versatile and well-regarded options available for whatever type of welding you are trying to accomplish.

9. Lincoln K5126-1 Electric Square Wave TIG Welder

Lincoln K5126-1 Electric Square Wave TIG Welder


The Lincoln K5126-1 is one of the best welders available because it’s simple to use but also offers advanced features. This machine is fantastic when working with aluminum. One power source allows for TIG and stick functionality. Many welder options will require a particular type of plug, but that’s not the case with this one.

You will be able to use and utilize it anywhere you go. You will also have all the welding power you need no matter how big the task is that you are facing. This welder machine is excellent for hobbyists, artisans, and small Fabricators. It may not be well suited for large jobs, but it can handle most things.

+ Excellent while learning welding
+ Additional features for more advanced welders
+ Great duty cycle

Why We Liked It – When you first start welding, the duty cycle can cause some problems with your timeline. Consumers are very pleased with the duty cycle that this TIG welder has to offer. Welding can be time-consuming, and this one can handle the job.

10. EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH TIG Stick IGBT Welder



This portable and lightweight TIG welder is one of the best. Not only will you be able to take it with you for a variety of jobs, but you can also fit it into the budget with relative ease. You will get a dual input voltage, and it offers the ability to be used as a TIG or a stick welder. This welding machine is DC only. Due to the fact that it is DC, you won’t be able to weld aluminum with this machine.

It offers low amperage and straightforward use. Also, this option does not come with a foot pedal. However, a foot pedal can be purchased separately if you prefer to have one. This small welder is perfect for hobbyists and craftsmen. It has the capability of a 35% duty cycle and is more portable than most other options on the market.

+ Low power consumption
+ Auto-regulated arc force control
+ Impact resistant carrying case

Why We Liked It – This welding machine is lighter than many others. Coming in at less than 40 lb, you will be able to take it wherever you may need it to go. This is extremely convenient and makes this welder more versatile when it comes to using it.

TIG Welders Buyer’s Guide

When you start to consider buying a TIG welding machine, it is vital that you understand the things that you need to look for. This is especially true if you tend to work with thin metals. You will want to look for designs that are simple and user-friendly. This would include accessible controls and a foot pedal for controlling and branch. These types of features make completing projects more uncomplicated and more straightforward – thus, easier to do.

You will also need to look at the amperage range of the TIG welder that you are thinking about purchasing. The more extensive the range, the more scope of materials you will be able to handle while welding. Low amperage welders are great when you are looking for arc stability and crater filling.

If you are trying to weld a broad spectrum of metal types, you should look for a TIG welder that uses both AC and DC out cuts. Additionally, many consumers find that AC balance control is essential. It allows you more versatility when it comes to application.

When you are working with thinner metals, you also need to consider heat control. Better heat control will be more practical. You should also look for a TIG welder that offers a high duty cycle as this will allow the welder the ability to maintain output in a small time frame.

Considerations When Buying a TIG Welding Machine

If you are into welding at any level be at hobbyist or professional, you need to make sure that you buy a TIG welding unit that offers the specifications and performance that’s required for the task you want to do. Buying a machine that is perfect for you will require you to consider a variety of things. Let us peer at the different considerations you should make before deciding what’s going to be the most suitable TIG welder for you to use.

Appearance of Welding

Yellow welding machine

If you are a welder, you know that quality and speed are mutually exclusive when it comes to welding. If you want precision manufacturing or you work on high-end jobs, you will want to find tig welders that offer AC capabilities. These will give you the best quality and appearance in your welding jobs.

Metal Thickness

When you are going to use a TIG machine, you need to think about the thickness of the metal that you will be working with. Most of the time, metals that are welded will be thin and somewhat delicate. Using a high-performance TIG machine with low amperage is going to give you the best weld available.

When you use your TIG machine for metals with a thickness more substantial than a half an inch, you should likely go for one that has MIG or stick welding capabilities. They will be able to handle thicker metals more easily. They will also leave you with cleaner lines after welding is complete.

When you are dealing with truly thin pieces of metal, you want to make sure that you use a welder with low amperage. Lower amperage machines are going to give you clean lines and better welds. You can find the amperage listed on pretty much every welder’s specs.

Input Power

Inverter electric welding machine

Input power or input voltage needs to be considered because it is what will determine the type of jobs your TIG welding machine will be able to handle. If you are doing heavy-duty welding, you will want a TIG welding machine that has a high input power. Most TIG machines have automatic DC and AC adjustability. You must realize that they will not exceed their maximum power input.

Getting to know the power phases that your TIG welder can work within will ensure that you don’t have any mishaps. Considering the type of material will also guide you in the right direction when trying to figure out the best input power.

More often than not, when you are welding, you’ll be working with steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Each of these Metals will have different gauges and thicknesses. Buying a TIG machine that provides enough power for use on thick or dense metals may be advantageous.

When you are working with materials like magnesium, you must understand that they have a low density. So, using a low input power welder will be suitable. When dealing with a lower density material, you will want to have a TIG welder that functions in AC or alternative current.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of your machine is its ability to operate continuously. More often than not, this is shown as a percentage or a ratio of the active time. Conventionally this is 10 minutes for most welder machine options. If you are using your welder commercially and working on dense metals, you will want to find a welder with a high duty cycle. A longer than average duty cycle improves time management and gives the welder plenty of time to cool down after use.

Most welder options will have some sort of cooling system. The cooling system is what will determine the duty cycle. If you are using your welder at home, you can purchase a machine that offers a lower duty cycle, but if working on a professional level, you’ll want to find one with a higher-than-average duty cycle.

Inexpensive welder machines may only offer a duty cycle of 20%. This is going to make them suitable for soft metals or small tasks. If you are going to use your welder for more than five or six minutes, you will need to find one that offers a cycle of 60% or better.


Welding machine and accessories

There are a variety of accessories that may come with your welder or may require you to purchase them along with it. Some standard accessories are foot pedals and also TIG torch options. You will also find that there are other gadgets that you can connect to your welder to make welding more convenient. It does depend on the manufacture when it comes to what accessories will be available to you.

A foot pedal is often included. The foot pedal is included because both hands will be needed to control your welder as you use it. You will keep one hand on the TIG torch and the other on the filler rod. With the use of a foot pedal, you’ll be able to control the welder even when you’re unable to touch it. Having the ability to have total control over your TIG torch and the filler Rod will leave you with better welds that will be longer-lasting.

Sometimes, you will have access to different power accessories that can be utilized. Power accessories are fantastic when you are trying to convert the way that your welder plugs in. Many welders will require a generator to power them. Others will get their power by simply plugging them in. If you can purchase a welder that can use multiple power sources, it will improve the versatility of your machine.

Power is obviously required to ensure that your welder functions appropriately. Knowing the power type that it requires is an excellent step in making an informed decision about the best welder for you. Buying a welder that you can’t power is only going to slow your progress down and cause frustration.

Cooling Systems

There are two different cooling systems that are utilized by tig welders. They will be air-cooled, or they will be water-cooled. Your welder is going to reach extremely high temperatures, and it is necessary for it to be able to cool down.

Air-cooled models will use surrounding air to cool the machine, and this is sometimes not very effective. If you are working in tight spaces, heat will penetrate your welder quickly, and an air-cooled system may not be good enough to allow you to continue working.

Water-cooled welders handle high temperatures much better. Many people who purchase welders that are air-cooled end up wishing they would have spent the extra money for a water-cooled option. Water-cooled options will allow you to reduce temperatures more effectively and quickly. This will enable you to get back to work in a speedy fashion.

Pulse Rate


When you are going to be working on post welding, you will need to check out the pulse rate of the machine you intend to buy. Older machines tend to pulse between 4000 and 4500 times per second. The newest machines can pull up to 5000 times each second.

If you find yourself working with metal that breaks easily during standard welding, you will want to use pulsed welding. The heat that touches the metal is reduced, which helps to stop it from breaking. Many TIG welders will provide you with high pulse rates, and this offers more control, as well as a more durable weld once you are finished.


Regardless of if you love hobby welding or you do it on a professional level, knowing what you’re looking for will make or break whether or not you like your machine. There are tons of welding machine options on the market today, and sorting through them can be a bit difficult.

Knowing what to look for and the type of weld that you will be doing can help make the decision much more straightforward. Versatile machines that can handle numerous types of metals are going to cost a bit more money but will give you the best bang for your buck in the long run.

There are a substantial number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before you decide which welding machine is going to suit your lifestyle the best. Talking with your fellow welders can also give you some insight into what you are looking for and what you should avoid when purchasing a new TIG welder. You should be ready to spend a decent amount of money to ensure that you are buying an option that will last for an extended amount of time and provide you with fantastic welds time and time again.

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