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8 Best Tile Saws in 2020

Whether you are a specialized tile setter or an amateur, planning to revamp the tile work of your premises or home, the best tile saw is a plus in your tool arsenal. Having electric tile cutters is the number one requirement for any application that involves cutting tiles. While the tile saw is the only tool that can be used to cut tiles successfully, the market is full of brands covering all needs and budgets. We have compiled ten tile saws that we believe are the best in 2020.

Tile saws are designed to cut tiles with precise accuracy. They are developed to assist tile cutters in cutting human-made and natural materials precisely into tiles. The best tile saws should be able to cut through hard and brittle materials accurately.

View The Best Tile Saw Below

1. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with Contractor Blade

SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with Contractor Blade


The SKIL Flooring Tile Saw with Contractor Blade is a remarkable tool that can cut through solids and lay the floor with ease. Apart from being portable, this lightweight construction tool can also cut and make miter, cross, and rip cuts on materials with precise accuracy. The SKIL Flooring Tile Saw is best used by professionals who are familiar with the tile flooring profession, as it easily layers and cuts through laminated, engineered, and hardwood floors.

Made of a Die-cast aluminum miter gauge and adjustable rip fence, the SKIL floor tile saw has a built-in cord wrap, an innovative locking system, a dust bag, and a dust port. Its Miter gauge detents at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees. Unlike the SKIL 3550-02, the SKIL 3601-02 offers more durability and performance-oriented results that are unmatched in the industry. The SKIL 3550-02 is heavyweight water saw with a wide aluminum table that makes it easy for users to work.

+ Easy to set up and use
+ Portable
+ Affordable
+ The blade cutter is a better option than buying a table tile saw, or a miter tile saw.
+ It can be used for commercial use.

Why We Like It – The SKIL Flooring Tile Saw with Contractor Blade combines the capabilities of a table tile saw and a standard miter, allowing users to cut flooring right where they wish to install. Apart from this, the tile saw is durable and lightweight.

2. PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw



According to many industry pundits, the PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Saw is a top wet tile cutter as it avails a variety of innovative features to its customers. Its compact design and lightweight nature are some of the things that make this tool a premium quality wet saw.

The PORTER-CABLE has an adjustable splash guard with a side extension that keeps you dry while working, and it’s equipped with a drain plug that ensures water is drained over a bucket quickly to avert spillage. The wet tile saw is equipped side extension, and a roll cage that provides safe transportation and storage of the wet saw, making it easy for users to carry it from one location to another. The cutting cart delivers a 17-inch cutting capacity, allowing you to cut tiles that are of 12” by 12” measurement diagonally.

+ Delivers high precision of 1/16-inch cuts
+ Lockable sliding table
+ Easy transportation
+ Keeps your workspace clean thanks to the drain plug and water basin
+ Adjustable splash guard

Why We Like It – Despite being a bit pricey, the PORTER-CABLE provides high-quality cuts on ceramics, stones, porcelain, and other materials, making it worth every cent. Its efficiency and commitment to ensuring your workspace remains clean makes it stand out in the market.

3. Goplus Manual Tile Cutter

Goplus Manual Tile Cutter


The Goplus Manual Tile Cutter is a professional tile cutter that has a tungsten carbide cutting wheel that ensures smooth cutting and durable performance. Equipped with a deep groove ball bearing and a highly accurate ruler, the Goplus Manual Tile Cutter ensure users enjoy a perfect sliding and a parallel and angled cutting. The 00 to 600 angle stainless steel cutting blade can cut and perform unique designs that suit all kinds of tiles.

The broad aluminum table, the adjustable support feet, and the anti-skid rubber pads give the Goplus Manual Tile Cutter extra stability during cutting with its ergonomic handle minimizes effort.

+ No assembly required
+ Ergonomic design
+ Smooth and precise cutting
+ Heavy-duty Iron frame
+ Can handle all types of tiles.

Why We Like It – The Goplus Manual Tile Cutter is a remarkable tool that’s robust enough to handle bigger jobs effortlessly and efficiently. Its non-slip rubber pad and its telescopic stand make it stand out when it comes to stability.

4. SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw

SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw


Measuring at about 18 inches by 14 inches by 7 inches in dimension and weighing at 8.02 Kgs, the SKIL 3540-02 is one of the most known and powerful tools in the tile market. Utilizing diamond-coated blades, the SKIL 3540-02 is built to be corrosive and rust resistance with its stainless steel top that supports tiles of up to 12 inches by 12 inches.

Its 7-inch cutting blade can cut tiles from 0 to 45 degrees, while its adjustable rip fence and adjustable rip fence offer workers accurate cuts and measurements. Also, the unit is designed with a cooling water reservoir that allows the heated blades to be cooled down during work sessions, catching dust and dumping debris.

+ Affordable
+ Warranty
+ Long-lasting
+ Easy to assemble and use
+ Accurate

Why We Liked It – Nowadays, tiles are coming in a whole array of different shapes and sizes. It’s vital to have a saw that cuts through them accurately and efficiently. SKIL 3540-02 has a higher rip capacity that will ensure you to get the best output for all types of tiles.

5. DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand


The DEWALT d24000s with Stand is designed from the ground up to be the most flexible, portable, and easy to use in the market. The tile saw comprises a smooth conveyor cart system that permits 18 inches diagonal and 24 inches cuts on tiles. The DEWALT d24000s is a consistent tool that cuts precisely, performing angled cuts efficiently with an integrated 45/22.50 miter feature.

Also, the DEWALT d24000s features a plunge-cutting head that quickly adjusts to material height and measurements. Using the 2-position 45 degrees and the edge guide, DEWALT performs corner cuts speedily and with little hustle. Its heavy-duty 1-1/2 HP, 15A motor cuts through hard materials such as marble, granite, and tile with ease.

+ Powerful motor
+ A stainless steel rail system
+ Dual water nozzles
+ Portable
+ Water attachments

Why We Liked It – When cutting small materials such as ceramic, porcelain, and glass, the DEWALT cuts accurately without breakage. The saw can also cut through hard materials such as stone, marble, and masonry with ease. Moreover, it gives you value for your money.

6. DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry Saw

DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry Saw


As its name implies, the DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry is used to cut all types of tiles. Tiles come in different styles, but some of the popular ones include concrete, granite, and porcelain. With the assistance of this saw, you will be able to cut through any type of these tiles in whatever shape and design that you intend to use.

As a low budget masonry tool, the DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry is built to be far more precise than your average handheld saw. It comes with a diamond blade and a powerful motor that makes it easy to get effective cuts and having a masonry blade the saw makes bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. Also, the DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry has an in-built cooling water reservoir that cools and cleans the masonry blade.

+ Powerful motor
+ The blade has a 11500 RPM capability and makes 45 degree bevel cuts
+ Easy to use
+ Durable
+ Portable

Why We Liked It – As a small, powerful tool, the DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry Saw is capable of handling both household and professional tasks. Its simple design and power are extraordinary, making it a good option for handymen and professionals.

7. QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw

QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw


The QEP Torque Master Tile Saw is one of the rare wet cutters that are designed and built from plastic. As odd as it might appear, the QEP Saw’s plastic material ensures the plate is not affected by water rusting and corroding, providing you use the tool for years to come. The QEP Torque Master Saw is the ideal tool for someone who’s just starting in the cutting field and wants to undertake different cutting projects around their premises or home.

The QEP Torque Master Saw is 4-inched in size and portable in nature, making it easy to carry from one place to another. Also, because some of its features are made up of plastic, the QEP Saw is weaker than metal alternatives. The rip fencing is not as durable as other wet saws, hence the need to take it easy when using this cutter.

+ Lightweight
+ Good power draw
+ Anti-rust
+ Ideal for beginners
+ The excellent cutting ability for small household tiles

Why We Liked It – The QEP Torque Master Saw is equipped with a reliable 3/5 HP, high-torque motor and a continuous rim diamond. These two features give maximum cutting performance when cutting all tiles that include stone, marble, porcelain, and slate tiles.

8. MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw

MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw


The MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Saw is definitely on its level as this wet saw offers powerful features that are not found in any other saw in the market. Weighing at 22.2 Kgs, the MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Saw is not heavy as compared to other heavy-duty saws, making it easy to carry from one place to another. Assembling the saw is easy. The tool demands little maintenance due to the nature of the gearbox and the pinion.

Its 7-inch in diameter and 0.05 inches thick diamond blade can realize 6,000 revolutions per minute, ensuring consistency performance on hard materials like ceramic, pavers, and porcelain. Its cutting head can be adjusted to 45-degrees providing you an accurate miter gauge and plunge cuts while its hinged blade guard allows you to change the blades without much effort.

+ Rust resistant
+ Strong and durable
+ Adjustable cutting head ensuring different plunge cuts
+ Affordable and portable
+ Has a submersible pump

Why We Liked It – The MK-370EXP Wet Cutting Tile Saw offers users advanced features that you will not find in other saws. This powerful tool can rip through 24 inches in length, 13 inches diagonally, and 2.5 inches in depth, delivering high-quality results, chip-free cuts each time.

Tile Saw Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a Tile Saw, there are several questions you need to ask yourself concerning your saw needs. As a professional or handyman, you are probably always searching the market for the best tool. Therefore, when buying a saw, you will need to ensure the equipment you buy is the best option for you. It should make your job easier and more efficient. In your search for the best saw, you probably have come across a seemingly endless list of tools you can use, but how do you choose the best?

Buying a saw that fits your description should not be as hard as pundits might want you to believe. Having the right equipment in your toolbox is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and success in the implementation of each project. The right tool is a game-changer, but with so many choices available, it can prove cumbersome to distinguish between a useful piece of equipment and ‘stubborn’ equipment.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Contractor cutting ceramic tile with water cooled saw, updating customers flooring, getting ready to sell home

Precision and Versatility

At present, many tools guarantee a higher level of accuracy but do not pay much attention to versatility. What most people need in their workshops and their toolbox is a piece of equipment that successfully cuts through different types of materials, allowing users to make different shapes without worry. As a tile cutter, you should have equipment that will enable you to create different shapes such as U-cuts and L-cuts easily without the concern of your tool being pulled through.

Cutting Capacity

Every Saw has a cutting capacity. Considering that some saws are built for simple Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, others are also designed to perform longer and heavier tasks aimed towards professionals. It’s essential to know your project specifications and the desired cut finish to assist you in choosing your saw. Selecting the wrong saw might lead to cutting inconsistencies and, in the worst-case scenario, damage the tile material.


A capable saw must have the appropriate speed and torque that will allow you to cut a tile with little or no difficulty quickly. If a saw does not possess the necessary power, the user is likely to crack or shatter the tile; enough power and speed are vital in ensuring clean and robust cuts that result in satisfactory end products.


When it comes to choosing the best picks in regards to portable saws, Score or Snap cutters and handheld saws are the best pieces of equipment on the market. However, when it comes to performance, these saws cannot compare to tabletop and overhead saws due to their small size and smaller capacity. Many individuals prefer these handheld types of tiles saws due to their portability and their easiness in transportation.

Blade Capacity

As the proverbial phrase says, a tool is only as useful as its blade. An efficient and effective tile saw is not of value if it’s using a blunt and uneven blade. Tile cutters should strive to use a wet tile saw that has a sharp circular blade that promises to cut through ceramic tiles with little or no effort, with precision.

A sharp circular blade ensures workers achieve clean and professional results. We advise our reader to settle for tile saws that have diamond-tipped circular blades as they tend to last longer, stay sharper, and they don’t leave any burrs or kinks on your products.

Beveling Capacity

At present, many top tiles saw brands offer beveling features to its customers ensuring they enjoy cutting different tile shapes on various tile materials with little or no effort. It’s essential to read the product specifications and reviews before buying an order to assist you in your decision making.

Water Splash and Dust Collection

Dust is a serious health risk and can be of great concern to many users. For instance, ceramic powder usually possesses long-term severe health effects when inhaled, exposing individuals to asthma, emphysema, and other grave respiratory conditions.

If you are a regular tile cutter, your health comes first, hence the need to settle on wet tile saws when it comes to dust control. The water that flows into the blade significantly reduces the dust that’s emitted on the air, reducing the risk of health complications for a small price to pay. Water systems in these tile saws should also be well regulated to avoid water wastage and time from refilling the water reservoir from time to time.

Water Drains

A wet tile saw that has a drain proves to be incredibly convenient as it means you only have to plug or release a pipe to drain the water out from your saw rather than pouring it manually.

Availability of Accessories

An excellent tile saw should have room for an arsenal of accessories to add on its versatility, accuracy, cleanup, and visibility characteristics, among other things. For instance, you can have a tile saw fitted with LED lights to assist you with visibility concerns when cutting or pumping the water to keep the blade nice and cool.


Tile saws work in harsh working conditions as they are subject to constant movement, water, flying shard, debris, and dirt, among other factors. A typical day at work for a tile saw includes cutting stone, brick, glass, or even porcelain. Any equipment subjected to such situations would have a tough time, but tile saws are made for such conditions.

Despite being designed to weather the storm, it’s essential to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. A good warranty plan can save you time, money, and much peace from going down the drain should an issue arise.

What is a Tile Saw?

A tile saw is one of the most significant equipments for anyone planning on venturing into the tile business, using it as their secret weapon when the situation demands they cut a bunch of tiles.

What are the Different Types of Tile Saws?

Cutting tile A circular saw. A builder performs a tile cut. Finishing work. Circular saw with water supply. Work at the machine.

At present, on the market, there are four types of tile saw, namely:

  • Snap or Rail Cutters
  • Overhead Motor Wet Tile Saws
  • Handheld Wet Tile Saws
  • Tabletop Wet Tile Saws

Each of these Tile Saws is designed and built differently from each other, having unique features that make them stand out.

What is Snap or Rail Cutters?

This saw is one of the first and most straightforward saws with the lowest cost. Snap or Rail cutters are best for amateur cutters due to its small, manually operated nature that does not make specialty cuts. Snap or Rail cutters are generally categorized by the size of the tile they can handle.

Although these saws cannot make clean straight lines, they produce smooth scores, thanks to its titanium-coated cutting wheels and chrome-plated stainless steel rails.

What are Overhead Motor Wet Tile Saws?

The Overhead Motor Saw works by bringing the tile to the blade. Unlike other tools such as the tabletop saw, the Overhead Motor Saw does not require the user to push the tile through on themselves. Instead, it works on a rail system that brings the tile to the blade and cuts it.

As a wet saw, the Overhead Motor Saw either has submersible pumps or freshwater delivery systems, ensuring optimum performance. The Overhead Motor Saw is recommended for specialized cuts. Many models have LED lights or laser to assist you and guide you during cutting.

What are Handheld Wet Tile Saws?

Tools for cutting tile, male using cutter.

For people who wish to have specialized cuts or touch-ups, the handheld saw might be the best fit for your description. The Handheld saw is just as durable as an overhead motor saw, having the capability to make clean cuts on any natural or human-made tile materials.

What are Table Top Wet Tile Saws?

Unlike the handheld wet saw, the Table Top Saw slides the tile through the blade rather than bringing the blade down onto the tile. Like other wet tile cutters, this saw keeps tile dust from flying around during work sessions while making a cut by submerging the wheel of the blade in water. Despite being durable and practical, the Table Top Saw is not the most accurate and precise on the market.


Considering that tile cutters are better and much more practical than table ones, they are a true reflection of modern practices where endurance, flexibility, and speed are the vital aspects of any job. The smoothness of the cut measures quality. The best tile saw should be able to endure and complete jobs in harsh conditions, be fast, be able to reduce waste, and use water efficiently.

That’s quite a lot of requirements, and after careful review of the ten best tile saws on the market today, it’s clear to us that the DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand is the winner on the list. Its superior cutting ability, thanks to its powerful motor, allows it to cut through the most robust tile material with ease. Also, we were impressed with the plunge feature that makes cutting spots a walk in the park for users.

Another functionality that caught our eye was how compact, portable, water efficient it is, as well as the stand that comes with it. There is no shortage of tile saws on the market, so we’re sure you will not have problems finding the right saw for your specifications.

Research the market and remember to keep in mind the type of roles you expect the saw to be performing and the tile cut you anticipate. You should also practice safety measures to avoid being cut. Do this by putting first aid kits close by. A cut from a tile cutter electric or electric tile cutter can prove fatal and life-threatening.

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