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10 Best Work Gloves in 2022

Working hard in the garden or doing construction? Having the right pair of work gloves is essential for any man or woman. Protection is always key when it comes to any manual labor, and wearing gloves is one step to having just that. We put together a list of ten of the best work gloves in the market to help you find the right pair for you!

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1. Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves


The Mechanix wear gloves come in two colors: black and brown. They also come in various sizes, ranging from small to XX-Large, which is a great variety for women or men who want a pair of work gloves. The Durahide leatherwork on these gloves helps to relieve calloused hands, which allows your skin to breathe and be comfortable when doing any kind of hard work.

+Flexible TPR closure for a secure fit of the wrist
+Pinched fingertip construction
+Machine washable leather

Why We Like It – The flexible Durahide leather allows for a wide range of movement and comfort, making it perfect for everyday work.

2. SHOWA Atlas Rubber-Coated Gloves

SHOWA Atlas Rubber-Coated Gloves


If leather isn’t your cup of tea, then how about rubber gloves? The SHOWA Atlas Rubber Coated Gloves replicate the hand’s natural curvature. This kind of technology prevents hand fatigue, allowing for a more comfortable experience with work gloves. The rubber part of these workman gloves is found around the palm of the gloves, as well as on the fingertips. The rubber will help provide a more secure and sturdy grip when at work.

+Ergonommic design to reduce hand fatigue
+Abrasion resistance to tearing and bending

Why We Like It – The ergonomic design is extremely helpful for those who have any hand pain when they use work gloves. The ergonomic design and natural curvature will be of great assistance to those who tend to experience more pain.

3. G & F Knit Work Gloves

G & F Knit Work Gloves


Similar to the SHOWA Atlas Rubber Gloves, the G & F Knit Work working gloves also have a rubber coat surrounding the fingertips and the palm of the hands. What makes the G & F different – and also earns it a spot on our list as one of the best work gloves – is the durable knit.

The knit of these gloves is strong and durable for standard everyday work, such as building, gardening, or welding. It’s not strong enough to handle work for rough or sharp materials. This product also comes in various packages. You can get a ten pack, which includes 120 pairs of any size you need!

+All purpose handling
+Latex coating providing extra durabilit
+Knit Work

Why We Like It – As it can come in a set, you can purchase multiple to save up on gloves for work. The knitwork on the gloves also helps to make the glove more sturdy and secure for your hands.

4. ATG 3 Pack MaxiFlex Endurance Work Glove

ATG 3 Pack MaxiFlex Endurance Work Glove


While the G & F knitwork gloves offer packs of ten, the MaxiFlex automatically offers a pack of three for a much more cost-effective rate. It also comes in all of the standard sizes: small, medium, large, and X-large. These gloves are knit seamlessly using nylon material, which is a lot different than the other gloves we’ve mentioned previously. The material, along with Micro-Foam grip on the palm, is supposed to make for a breathable glove and cushion when working. The grip work also helps to reduce any abrasions that may occur when using the gloves.

+Micro Dots on palm for excellent grip
+Cooling and Comfortable
+Designed to produce minimal lint and dust

Why We Like It – The nylon material helps reduce lint and dust, which can be a big problem when working in any environment. This also makes it last a lot longer, meaning they’re more durable.

5. OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves

OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves


These work gloves stand out with its golden leather. Compared to the Mechanix gloves, the OZERO Flex Grip gloves are made out of full cowhide leather for a flexible and durable experience. The cowhide is 100% genuine grain, which makes it shrink resistant. It’s considered the best leather for abrasion-resistant work gloves. These gloves are perfect for keeping your hands protected from heavy-duty work, repair work, woodworking, and more.

+Shrink resistant
+Gunn cut and Keystone thumb for durability and anti-stiffness
+Elastic and tape wrists closure for a perfect fit

Why We Like It – Work gloves can get dirty pretty easily, and being able to put them in the wash without worrying about them shrinking is one of the best features a glove can have.

6. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves


As mentioned in its name, the Ironclad work gloves are the perfect gloves for general utility activities, such as delivery, construction, rigging, the yard, clean up, and more. These gloves are meant to fit anyone with its secure fit hook and loop closure. It’s an adjustable hook and loop, making it ideal for anyone’s performance. These also come in various sizes, ranging from extra small to XX-large.

+Adjustable hook and loop closure
+Sweat Management Feature
+Thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection

Why We Like It – The sweat management feature is very useful for days where you have to work in hot weather. Most gloves can cause uncomfortable residue, but the feature on the Ironclad is convenient and allows you to stay focused on the job.

7. KAYGO Safety Work Gloves

KAYGO Safety Work Gloves


The KAYGO safety work gloves allow you to have a comfortable and breathable workday with its 13 gauge seamless knit shell. These gloves are best used for general handling, parts assembly, and DIY projects. It comes in two colors: black and gray.

+Polyurethane coated palm and fingertips
+Multiple applications

Why We Like It – The polyurethane-coated palm and fingertips give your hands a secure grip in both dry and slightly wet or oily conditions.

8. ACKTRA Nylon Safety work gloves

ACKTRA Nylon Safety work gloves


As mentioned in its name, these gloves are made out of nylon. It is also made with polyester material. The nylon shell adds maximum durability since it’s a lot stronger than cotton. These gloves are best to wear when you want more comfort and flexibility with your work. It’s also coated with nitrile for the best grip possible. The coat covers the palm and finger parts of the gloves and is not permeable for dust or fluids.

+Flexibile with hands
+Strong material to prevent less abrasion

Why We Like It – The use of nylon and polyester makes for a comfortable, yet sturdy, fit. It will allow more security when you do light, handy work.

9. DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves

DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves


Unlike the other gloves mentioned on this list, these DEX Fit Nitrile work gloves come in various colors! This can help brighten up your workday with your favorite color on your hands. These gloves are made with 15-gauge nylon and spandex for a delicate and professional performance. Its material also allows for non-slip technology in light oil and underwater. Preventing slippage on the pipe and minimizing hand fatigue is always important!

+Smartphone touchscreen convenience
+Ergonomic snug

Why We Like It – It comes in different colors and is also smartphone friendly. Never worry about taking your gloves on and off to use your phone again.

10. CLC Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves


These gloves can be compared to that of the Ironclad. They are very similar, but these have snag-proof technology. Gloves can easily get attached to wood or sharp objects because of knitting material, or any thin material at that. However, these gloves are made out of synthetic leather, which is thicker and will prevent any snagging during work. Although it is made out of synthetic leather, it’s still flexible and has stretchable spandex embedded into the material as well.

+Cold weather insulation to keep your hands warm in winter.
+Snag Proof
+Wing closing strap to prevent gloves from slipping off when wet or sweaty

Why We Like It – The snag-proof adds extra protection for your hands when at work.

Work Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best work gloves, whether it be for men or women, requires looking into which glove is more suitable for the kind of work that you’re doing. Work gloves are also not just mens working gloves. While they may market that way, they can be used for women as well. This is why it also helps that certain products come in various sizes.

If you’re are thinking about buying gloves for gardening or light construction, getting gloves that have thinner material is much more useful and worth buying than buying leather work gloves. This is because they are handier in situations such as heavy-duty construction and welding. These are not items to purchase for aesthetic, but for protection during work.

Manual labor can do a lot to one’s body, especially to the hands. Work gloves provide some sort of protection from staining, strain, and blockage from any objects to a certain extent. Finding the right pair for heavy-duty protection, or even just gardening is important.They’ll have a lot of features that need to be considered. Let’s look into the different features to consider.

Abrasion Resistance

Man putting on gloves

Abrasion resistance is a vital feature that offers protection. When you wear gloves, you should feel like you have the most secure protection. Even if it’s for gardening, each material of gloves can make it or break it when finding the best one. Some of the best gloves that offer abrasion resistance are leather gloves, such as Mechanix wear, OZERO, or the CLC pair. Leather is pretty durable and stiff, allowing for better abrasion resistance.

There are different types of leather used in gloves. There are the Mechanix wear leather gloves, made out of Durahide, and the OZERO leather gloves made of cowhide. Grain leather is also a kind of leather where hides have not been sanded or buffed. The grains remain on some kind of gloves for fiber strength and durability.

There is also synthetic leather, which is what the CLC Handyman Flex gloves use. Synthetic leather may be the best option if you want a cruelty-free option. Synthetic leather will usually wear down a lot less than real leather. It’s more cost-effective and also doesn’t stain easily.


work gloves and rake

While there are many different types of leather, that may not be to your liking. Maybe you don’t like the way leather feels on your hands after a long day of work. It can be sweaty and sticky after a while. There are gloves made out of other materials as well. Take, for example, the DEX Fit and the ACKTRA gloves. They’re both made out of a type of nylon. Nylon material is a lot lighter and easier on the hands. Not to mention, it can be sturdier and cost-efficient.

These kinds of gloves aren’t just made out of nylon, however, It’s usually also made with another kind of material to add more dexterity and convenience for the consumer. The DEX Fit has spandex aligned with the nylon to add flexibility and comfort. This allows the consumer to have more wiggle room and control with the gloves. The ACKTRA has polyester embedded into the gloves to add more durability, preventing any mishaps.

There is also cotton, which is mainly found in gloves with some kind of knitwork. The G & F knitwork gloves are the perfect example of this. The glove itself is made of some kind of soft material to allow for a more delicate feel. This makes it lighter and easier to use, especially since it usually has some kind of rubber embedded onto the fingers and the palm. It really gives you the feel of what you’re holding.

The kind of material each glove has caters to what you think is more comfortable and suitable for work. Some may like leather because it’s hefty, suggesting that it’s more sturdy, providing you more protection. Maybe others want something lighter because heavy-duty material like leather can make them feel worn out. Figuring out which material you want can be helpful when trying to buy work gloves, as each material can also be catered to a specific kind of job you want to do.


work gloves

Not all gloves have a sturdy grip feature. For example, Mechanix Wear is all leather, so it has no kind of grip feature. The CLC Handyman Flex grip, however, has some kind of grip feature to keep your hands from dropping the gloves, or other objects you may be holding. Many grip features on gloves can be found with rubber gloves. Having a grip on a glove can be the best work gloves, especially if you find yourself being a little more clumsy.

The Maxiflex is a perfect example of one of the best gloves with a grip because it features microdots on the palm. This gives it an excellent grip. These kinds of features can also be found around the index finger. Our index finger is usually the finger we use the most. So having a secure grip around the index finger can help secure holds.

Having a grip may not seem like an important factor, but it’s a very useful feature to have. Many mishaps can happen when on the job. This is more suitable if you’re looking for work gloves that have to do with any heavy-duty activities like construction or welding.


Work gloves are not just meant to wear. They need to provide some sort of protection to ensure your safety during work. Finding the right pair to wear can mean looking into the kind of material it’s made out of, if it has a grip, and if you think it will be comfortable when working. While protection is always important, comfort is also key when working. You don’t want to strain yourself when you’re already doing a lot of labor.

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