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What is a Cordless Impact Driver Used For?

It can be overwhelming when you’re confronted with a huge range of power tools that look similar and seem to do similar jobs, but as a non-expert, you don’t know what to buy. That’s especially true with a cordless impact driver, as it seems to be very similar to a cordless drill. They aren’t the same, though. And depending on what sort of DIY you’ve got lined up, you’ll want to buy one or the other.

We’re going to have a look at what cordless impact drivers are, what they’re used for, who uses them, and how they’re different from cordless drills. Let’s get going.

What is a Cordless Impact Driver?

Impact driver

A cordless impact driver is a power tool. It runs on battery power, which is why it can be operated without a cord. The lack of a cord also allows users of these drivers to be able to get into tight spaces and to avoid being near a power supply.

The main job of a cordless impact driver is to drive in screws. But it can also be used for turning bolts and nuts. A cordless impact driver is especially good for long screws, and they tend to be used when a screw needs to be driven into a very tough or hard material.

The reason why a cordless drill driver can carry out each of these tasks is that it produces a very high amount of torque.

When it comes to putting bits inside the cordless impact driver, they need to have a ¼” hex shank. It’s not possible to put any other bits inside a cordless impact driver.

Cordless impact drivers tend to be lightweight power tools. And they’re handy for some tasks. Let’s have a look at those tasks where a cordless impact driver comes into its own.

What are Cordless Impact Drivers Used For?

Technician man hands using wireless drill driver to fix the scre

As we’ve learned, cordless impact drivers are primarily used for driving screws into tough materials. They’re especially good when you’re caught in a tight space.

This tool will be very useful if you’re planning on building some decking.

Also, if you want to attach plywood to a floor or wall, then you’ll want to use an impact driver, too.

When it comes to home DIY, then you can use a cordless impact driver for lots of jobs around the house where you’ll need to drive a screw into hard materials, such as a wall. If you’re putting up new shelves, for example, then you’ll find a cordless impact driver to be a handy tool.

What is the Difference Between a Cordless Impact Driver and a Cordless Drill?

Cordless screwdrivers with a drill isolated on white background.

Many people get confused between cordless impact drivers and cordless drills. They look the same. And there are some tasks that you can use both for.

The biggest difference, however, is that a drill is primarily used for boring holes into things, such as walls or ceilings. A cordless drill will also have a battery pack to power it, and it may also offer you different torque settings so that you can alter it for your different purposes.

A cordless drill can also be used to drive in screws. But a cordless drill lacks the same torque as a cordless impact driver. So, you may be able to use it for small screws, but longer screws will not be able to be driven as easily and successfully into hard materials, as they would be if you use a cordless impact driver. Also, the higher amount of torque that a cordless impact driver is capable of producing means that it functions a lot quicker than a cordless drill can, even when doing the same task.

Can a Cordless Impact Driver Be Used for Drilling?

Electric driller on wooden plank

So, we know now that a cordless drill can be used for driving some screws and for tightening some nuts, but can a cordless impact driver be used for drilling?

Yes and no. Basically, it is possible to use a cordless impact driver to bore holes into things. You would need to find a drill-bit that will fit inside the chuck. And even then, you might find that the higher amount of torque that an impact driver produces is just too much for drilling, causing the material you’re drilling to split, crack, or completely break. You might also be more likely to lose control over a cordless impact driver when you use it as a drill, causing a lot more damage again. These tools are a lot lighter than drills, so they’re not as easy to keep control of sometimes.


Now you know what a cordless impact driver is and what it does. The main job is to drive screws into tough materials, or in tight places, or to tighten nuts.

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