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Karcher K3 Pressure Washer Review

Whether you’re cleaning your patio, car, windows, walls, decking, or any part of your house or garden, the best way to get the job done is by using a pressure washer, and they don’t come much better than the Karcher K3.

Compact, mighty, powerful, and loved by domestic and commercial users alike, Karcher has always been a household name for hardware and appliances, and the K3 is an excellent example of what they can achieve.

Karcher K3 Pressure Washer

Karcher k3 Pressure Washer full


Jumping right into the stats of this Karcher pressure washer, this power spray washer delivers up to 1800 psi of pressure, which totals around 1.3gpm (gallons per minute). This is a ton of power through the high-pressure hose and makes cleaning any difficult dirt or grime you may be facing easy.

Included with your purchase, and hand in hand with this level of power, you get access to the patented Karcher K3 Vario power spray hose. This is a specially designed hose that allows you to point and spray water in any direction and at any angle you want, all with easy and effortless twists and turns. In short, these Karcher k3 pressure washers give you full control over any job you face.

With a built-in 15ft of high-pressure hose, an onboard detergent tank you can fill with whatever product you like using best. A 35ft GFCI power cable, and also a Dirtblaster spray wand worth $30 for free, this is a complete pressure washing kit that it’s safe to say comes with everything you could want or need.

Also, it’s important to note that this is the only four-wheeled pressure cleaner in today’s market. Gone are the days where you need to lug around your cleaning appliance of choice, trying to get it to the other side of your garden, or having it fall over at the slightest breeze.

Instead, use the handle to pull your cleaning machine over any terrain thanks to the durable, rigid wheels, and you won’t have to worry about any of the problems you get with traditional cleaners. There’s even an extendable handle where you can pull the machine up on the back wheels, and then put it down whenever you’re ready to start work.

Finally, to make sure this is the Kärcher pressure washer for you, and you won’t be left out of pocket. This is because every model comes with a two-year free warranty that ensures every aspect of the unique pressure washers Karcher produces is covered, and you know you can trust it to work. If it doesn’t, you’ll get a refund or a replacement in no time.

Backed by literally hundreds of positive reviews, and an average customer satisfaction rating of 4/5-stars, sure, this isn’t the most powerful pressure washer in the world. Still, it’s sure to be a machine you can rely on, trust to handle pretty much any cleaning job you need to tackle.


+ A 1800psi electric pressure model that makes it easy to clean dirt and grime at home or work
+ Easy to use and clean and you can learn how to use the design in no time at all
+ Comes with a two-year warranty and a rapid, hassle-free exchange program
+ Easy to connect water to the tank using 15ft high-pressure hose
+ Can clean dirt and grime at any angle using the Vario power cleaning wand


– Less maximum pressure than competitors (110 PSI compared to 125 – 130 + PSI of similar models)
– Quite a noisy piece of kit

Why We Like It

No matter what attachments you like to use during your cleaning tasks, Karcher has made life easy. Every aspect of this cleaning device has been made using the Quick Connect System.

This means less time faffing around trying to connect up your hose or wand, and more time working on cleaning dirt and getting everything finished up quickly and with minimal effort.

Karcher has outdone themselves when it comes to making your life easy.


When you put every aspect of this unique k3 design together, all these design features and functions, you’re left with one excellent pressure washer you can use for cleaning at home or at work. A pressure washer that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help you get things done.

Alternative product

Karcher 13246440 K 5 Premium Full Control Plus Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher 13246440 K 5 Premium Full Control Plus Electric Pressure Washer


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